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It's Raining Bottles at Griffith Stadium: The Music Battle of 1942

Griffith Stadium hosted hundreds of historic baseball and football games over the years. It was also the venue of a “Battle of Music” between jazz artists Louis Armstrong and Charlie Barnet in the summer of 1942. (Photo source: Wikipedia)On July 23, 1942 Washingtonians packed Griffith Stadium to the gills for a special “Battle of Music” between African American jazz legend Louis Armstrong and white saxophonist Charlie Barnet. In segregated Washington of the 1940s, such an organized interracial competition was a big event and few people – especially in the black community that surrounded the stadium – wanted to miss the “musical fisticuffs.”[1]

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When Women Marched and Men Rioted

Florence F. Noyes dressed as Liberty in 1913 Women's Suffrage march in Washington, D.C. (Photo source: Library of Congress)March is the time of year when we celebrate Women’s History, and the Smithsonian has scheduled several special events at its museums. In March 2013, the National Museum of American History opened a special exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Women’s Suffrage Parade held in D.C.

It was quite a memorable occasion and not all for good reasons.

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Local History on Stage: A Conversation with Jacqueline E. Lawton, Playwright of OUR MAN BEVERLY SNOW

Playwright Jacqueline Lawton. (Source: Jacqueline Lawton)Local history isn't just for authors and documentary filmmakers. It's great fodder for artists, too!

Just ask playwright Jacqueline Lawton who is currently working on a drama production entitled OUR MAN BEVERLY SNOW, inspired by the 1835 race riot in Washington, D.C.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Jacqueline about the project and how she melds history and art on stage. Check out our conversation after the jump.

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