Marissa Dever

Marissa Dever is a journalism and mass communications major at the George Washington University—and George Washington even has a tie to some of her earliest experiences with history. Her family would stop at historic spots (especially presidents' homes) on the way to their family vacations, and one of her favorite stops was Mount Vernon. She loved visiting the small local museum in Beaver, PA, her hometown, or the bigger museums in Pittsburgh. (It was a seminal moment for her to learn about her favorite condiment, Heinz Ketchup.) She can and will drag you along for a free walking tour—or better yet, a ghost tour. She loves finding the strange, specific, and often untold stories—no matter where she is currently calling home.

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Thawing the Cold War with Theatre

The cast of Inherit the Wind and the audience giving each other a standing ovation in Moscow (Source: Arena Stage)

In the middle of the Cold War the United States and the U.S.S.R. managed to find one thing they could agree on: culture. In 1958, the two countries reached an agreement which allowed each to send students, scientists and performers to the other country to exchange new ideas and technologies. The initial agreement, made during the space race and just a few years before the Cuban Missile Crisis, would eventually facilitate an exchange of 1,700 individuals. Arena Stage became a part of that exchange in 1973 when they traveled to Moscow and Leningrad.