New PBS Sherlock Game!


Tonight is the last night for Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock season 2 with the final episode The Reichenbach Fall beginning at 9:00 on WETA TV26 and WETA HD. For those who are already missing the modern detective, check out this PBS online Sherlock Observation Game. Test your skills in this interactive game to see how you stack up against Sherlock Holmes!
We tried this game here in the WETA TV Programming and Creative Services department and below are our reviews! What did you think?
Esty: It is fun because it’s difficult but not to the point of infuriation. The Sherlock and Watson quotes that appear in between images remarking on your success or failure actually made me laugh so that was a nice, unexpected touch! Definitely worth a shot if you have a few minutes and a lot of patience.
Colette: Fun, but frustrating! I could never find more than three differences and I'm obsessed with finding the rest. I want Sherlock status!
Rimas: I'm not sure what's more fun; trying to find the differences or reading the snarky comments by Sherlock & Co. after each round.  Personally I hate timed games, as if I don't have enough stress already, but it sure sharpens your skills.  The final score is great so you can compare to others in a competitive spirit!  This is a fun way to do what is more commonly done with a pen on a magazine photo, and it's always great to see stills from this great show!
Kevin: Wow!  I really like the game because it is more difficult to find the differences than I ever thought possible.  I played three straight times and still couldn't find all five correct choices.  It's easy to start and play play the game but it's almost impossible to win.  Where's Waldo? - no problem.  The Sherlock observation game is a stunner.  Great fun with a lot of frustration thrown in for good measure.