This Week on WETA UK: November 11-17

Monday at 9:00pm new episodes of Midsomer Murders begin with the episode: The Green Man. Troy receives his promotion to Inspector and is ready to leave the Midsomer team but has to tackle one last case before he leaves. Then on the episode, Bad Tidings, Barnaby's new sergeant DS Dan Scott arrives from London jumping right into the murder case of a woman found stabbed in a field with a red rose in her mouth.

Tuesday at 8:00pm on Rumpole of the Bailey, the Timson's daughter is found wearing a devil's mask in the school playground and she's accused of Satanism. Horace Rumpole must help prove this family friend innocent.

Wednesday at 9:00am tune in for A Very Ormston Christmas, Born and Bred's very festive episode set in the Lancashire Village of Ormston. Thieves disguised as Santa and an Elf put a damper on the holiday spirit as Len and Wilf decide to dress in drag to try and catch them. Deborah endures Arthur’s childish pranks on Tom while trying to look forward at a fresh start in the New Year after losing her baby. Meanwhile Eddie and Jean want to bump their relationship up a level.

Thursday at 7:30pm on the new episode of My Family, problems arise as Ben and Susan begin to sleep in separate rooms due to his excessive snoring. Putting the whole house under pressure, the separation threatens to drive Ben and Susan apart.

Friday at 10:30pm Doc Martin is struggling with fatherhood while learning that Joan has died. He now has to stay a week longer for her funeral during which he finds himself having to treat all the patients that Diana, his nervous replacement, has misdiagnosed.

Saturday at 8:00am catch the new episode of Robin Hood! The Sheriff Nottingham holds an archery competition hoping to flush out Robin. Then at 9:00am on a new Primeval, an eerie fog rolls in on the local office block and carrying with it giant carnivorous worms leaving Cutter and his team to deal with the problem.

Sunday at 8:00pm tune in for the WETA UK special: Secrets of Scotland Yard. In the headquarters of one of the oldest police forces in the world, 33,000 police officers guard one of the largest cities in Europe. Secrets of Scotland Yard breaks down the walls of the most famous police headquarters in the world showing us a centuries worth of dark secrets. From the conviction of first Railway Murderer to the hunt for the notorious Jack the Ripper, Secrets of Scotland Yard filters through archives and sheds light on the earliest days of modern policing.