June 2012

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It’s a Big Big Weekend on WETA!


WETA is the place to be this weekend for an incredible selection of programming and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you!


We begin the weekend by bringing back our favorite grumpy, hemophobic, doctor for an encore presentation of the fifth series of Doc Martin on WETA TV26 and WETA HD.  Join us on Saturday nights at 8:00 beginning tomorrow for two back-to-back season five episodes as Doc Martin and his partner Louisa Glasson begin to face the challenges of parenting with the recent birth of their son.  Doc Martin is torn between the demands of fatherhood and his duties as Portwenn’s General Practitioner.  Will the new bouncing baby boy soften Doc’s heart? Or, will Doc remain short-tempered and as seemingly cold as ever before?  Someone order this man a dose of sunshine!

Check out this interview with Martin Clunes as he shares what’s in store for season 5 with British daytime talk show hosts from “DayBreak.”


Martin Clunes Interview - September 2011



After Doc Martin beginning at 9:30pm, join us for a classic romantic comedy starring old time 

Hollywood favorites, Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper in Love in the Afternoon (1957) on the WETA Saturday Night Movie. Ariane, (Hepburn) a young student musician gets wind of a murder plot against notorious bachelor, Frank Flannagan (Cooper) and sets out to warn him.  She soon becomes quite taken with the ladies’ man who generally steers away from any sort of a committed relationship.  She tells Flannagan make-believe tales of men she’s entertained in the past which make him jealous but also suspicious of her intentions.  Flannagan resorts to hiring a detective to investigate Ariane’s background only to find that the detective is her father. Her tales of numerous romantic escapades are proven false and all she has left to show is her true love for him.  Just as they prepare to part ways perhaps forever, Flannagan can’t help but discover his love for Ariane in return realizing that her feelings for him were sincere all along.  Nominated for several Golden Globes including Best Motion Picture, Musical/Comedy and Best Motion Picture Actress, Musical/Comedy, Love in the Afternoon celebrates love’s ability to happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.




From celebrating a 60 year reign with a larger-than-life Diamond Jubilee to opening the 2012 Summer Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II and the city of London are receiving lots of attention this year. But how much do you really know about the Queen and her royal city? Beginning tonight at 8:00 this Sunday on WETA 26 and WETA HD, take a peek into the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the elaborate traditions of the British Monarchy in Trevor McDonald’s Queen and Country. This four part series begins tonight with London: Royal City, which introduces us to Princess Elizabeth during her coronation at the young age of 26.  Royal City will also explain the origins behind some of the British Monarchy’s oldest customs, such as the Scots Guards of Buckingham Palace, the Grenadier Guards, and the opening of the Parliament by the Queen. Tune into Queen and Country every Sunday night at 8:00 to learn more about the rich history behind Queen Elizabeth’s reign and London’s rich history as the seat of the British Monarchy.


Queen and Country | London: Royal City


If you’re interested in learning more about the British monarchy & England’s history, be sure to also check out Michael Wood’s Story of England and The Queen’s Palaces on WETA TV26 and WETA HD coming up this week!



Stick around after Queen and Country for more Morse! Masterpiece Mystery’s Inspector Morse was one of the most beloved mystery shows during its 13 year-run. All the while, the secret of Morse’s name was the mystery among investigations that fans loved to guess at. Now, to commemorate the great series on its 25th anniversary and the revelation of the inspector’s name, Masterpiece Mystery presents Endeavour, Morse’s namesake and the title of the prologue to the Inspector Morse series.

Meet the man you think you know—before he was crowned “Inspector Morse!” He seems to be up to the same old tricks, with his affinity to opera and puzzles, but Constable Morse is far more unassuming than the Inspector. In Endeavour, you’ll get a glimpse of the making of the icon.

Tune in to WETA TV26 and WETA HD this Sunday at 9:00pm to watch Shaun Evans take on the role of a young Inspector Endeavour Morse in the single-episode tribute of Masterpiece Mystery! Endeavour.

Here’s some behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew to learn more about the Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour.


Masterpiece Mystery! Endeavour


Want even more good news about Endeavour? It has been picked up as a four-part series on ITV. Could this mean Masterpiece will follow suit? It’s a mystery…





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“All the World’s A Stage!”: Celebrate Art, Music, and Theatre with the PBS Summer Arts Festival

Watch some of the finest talent in art, music, and theatre during the PBS Summer Arts Festival. Friday nights at 10:00 during the month of July, WETA 26 and WETA HD will air arts related documentaries and performances to showcase the diversity of arts programming on PBS .

June 29—10:00 PM

The Festival kicks off tonight with Mariachi High, a documentary that follows Mariachi Halcon, the championship winning high school mariachi band from Zapata High School in Zapata, Texas. The film shows a year in the life of the band’s members as they prepare to compete at Mariachi Vargas Extravanganza, the nation’s premier mariachi competition in San Antonio, Texas. The film captures the students’ passion for music and their bravery in the face of adversity and intense competition. If you want to hear beautiful music and see strong musicianship then Mariachi High should not be missed!



JULY 6—10:00 PM

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

An exploration of the complex artistic and structural elements of Islamic art and architecture, Islamic Art strives to illustrate the similar histories of Western and Islamic societies. Narrated by Academy Award Winning actress Susan Sarandon, the film features commentary from some of the world’s leading art scholars and surveys works from over nine countries and 1,400 years of cultural history. If you’re interested in how societal beliefs and aspirations are manifest in art and architecture, Islamic Art will not disappoint.


Check out this clip about the use of color in Islamic art. 

Color in Islamic Art - "Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World"


JULY 13—10:00 PM

Tales from a Ghetto Klown

Follow veteran actor and comedian John Leguizamo as he makes an exciting return to Broadway in Tales from a Ghetto Klown. This documentary focuses on Leguizamo as he shares his unusual path to success and produces his one man show Ghetto Klown for audiences in New York City and his hometown of Bogota, Colombia. Get into the head of this master storyteller as he attempts to turn his life experiences into a resonant stage production.


Ghetto Klown Trailer


Watch John Leguizamo perform part of Ghetto Klown at the Tony Awards.

65th Tony Awards: "John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown"


JULY 20—10:00 PM

Homecoming-Kansas City Symphony presents Joyce DiDonato

Grammy Award winning mezzo soprano Joyce DiDonato and the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra team up for an unforgettable performance in Homecoming—Kansas City Symphony presents Joyce DiDonato. Filmed in the architecturally stunning, Moshe Safdie designed Kauffman Center for the Arts, Homecoming will not only showcase the immense talent of both acts, but also document DiDonato’s triumphant return to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Awe inspiring in both sound and physicality, Homecoming will certainly satisfy fans of classical and opera music.  

Watch the trailer on PBS.org!

Listen to Moshe Safdie talk about the importance of the Kauffman center: 

Moshe Safdie on the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Building Site


JULY 27—10:00 PM

Havana, Havana

Journey to Cuba with musicians Kelvis Ochoa, David Torrens, Descemer Bueno, and Raul Paz, as they return to their home country for a concert in Havana. This documentary not only captures the first time all four artists have performed together, but also highlights the evolution of Cuban music in the 21st century. Lose yourself in the rhythm of guajira guitarists and Afro-Cuban drummers and join these four music superstars as they attempt to bring a new energy to the Cuban music that they love.   


Listen to “Quedate” by Descemer Bueno and Kelvis Ochoa:

"Quedate" de Descemer Bueno y Kelvis Ochoa


AUGUST 3—10:00 PM

The Barnes Collection­­

Physician. Chemist. Businessman. Art Collector. These are just a few of the titles Albert Barnes acquired during his long rich life as an academic and art patron. The Barnes Collection chronicles the ascent of Albert Barnes from his origins in working class Philadelphia to becoming one of the most renowned figures in the international art community. This documentary not only shows Barnes’s rise to prominence, but also explores the controversy surrounding his vast art acquisitions.

Watch the trailer at PBS.org!



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Tuning into WETA Mystery Thursday is Easy as ABC

Put on your thinking cap (preferably tweed) and embark on a night of mystery and deceit with some of English literature’s greatest detectives in Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and Miss Marple. Beginning tonight at 8:00 on WETA 26 and WETA HD, watch Jeremy Brett in The Abbey Grange, where Sherlock and his trusty assistant Dr. Watson investigate the brutal murder of a county lord and the assault of his wife. 

Just in case Sherlock Holmes only whets your appetite for intrigue, stick around for Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Starting at 9:00, watch one of Agatha Christie’s most famous detectives use his “little grey cells” to solve yet another mind-boggling case. Played by David Suchet, Hercule Poirot will uncover the identity of an elusive serial killer in The ABC Murders. 
And if that still isn’t enough sleuthing for you, stay tuned in for Miss Marple, Agatha Christie’s elderly amateur detective who specializes in solving crimes over tea and knitting. Beginning at 10:30, Julia McKenzie takes on the role of Ms. Marple as she travels to the village of Wychwood and attempts to discover the truth behind a string of allegedly accidental murders in Murder is Easy. 
Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and Miss Marple are part of Mystery Thursday on WETA26 and WETA HD. Be sure to catch these master detectives every Thursday night beginning at 8:00. 

Mystery Thursdays: Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple

Also, if you enjoy modern British mysteries, check out Prime Suspect starring Helen Mirren on WETA UK. 

WETA UK | Prime Suspect

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WETA Around Town Events for June 28 – July 1, 2012


Experience an artist’s meteoric rise to fame in the film Basquiat  (1996). Directed by critically acclaimed director Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), the biopic follows Jean-Michael Basquiat’s rapid journey from vagabond graffiti tagger to one of the most revered neo-expressionist painters of his generation. With performances from Jeffrey Wright as Jean-Michel Basquiat, and David Bowie as his mentor, Andy Warhol, the film provides a compelling commentary on the inner workings of the art world. Basquiat plays at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Portrait Gallery on Thursday, June 28 at 6:30 pm. Tickets: Free. 
Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play
Can you imagine living in a post-apocalyptic world? Only a fraction of the population remains, no cell phones or computers, no electricity—and, more importantly, no Simpsons? Woolly Mammoth Theatre presents its world premiere play, Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play. A group of Armageddon survivors come together and attempt recreate life and pop-culture from the good ol’ days. In order to do this, they set out to form a theatre troupe and reassemble their favorite Simpsons episodes. The last performance is July 1, so get your tickets now! The end is near… Performances: Thursday and Friday at 8:00pm, Saturday at 3:00pm and 8:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm and 7:00pm. Tickets: $20 - $72.50. 

Paradise Imagined: The Garden in the Islamic and Christian World

The Walters Art Museum invites you to experience the majesty of nature in the exhibition, Paradise Imagined: The Garden in the Islamic and Christian World.  The display features over thirty literary and visual works all inspired by the influence of gardens on Islamic and Christian culture.  For centuries gardens were considered forms of paradise where dwellers could interact with others, explore their imaginations, and even communicate with higher beings. The exhibition blossoms this Saturday, June 30 and continues through the summer until September 23. Tickets: Free.
Lesole’s Dance Project
Come out to celebrate the 6th annual South Africa’s Youth Day at the Montgomery College Performing Arts Center with a dynamic and entertaining performance by Lesole’s Dance Project. Highlighting the unique qualities of Afro-Fusion dance, the presentation will feature Khoba, a dance from the Batswana people, in addition to the traditional African songs and dances. Friday, June 29. Tickets: $15 (kids, students, and seniors) - $20 (general admission). 
New Films Opening Friday, June 29, 2012:
John Bennett’s (Mark Wahlberg) best friend is his teddy bear that came to life after a childhood wish came true. The situation is less than cuddly when the toy, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, gets in the way of John’s attempts to finally grow up. 
To Rome with Love
Told in four vignettes, Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love tells the stories of the romances, adventures, and predicaments that occur between visitors and locals in Italy.
People Like Us
Upon settling the estates of his estranged father after the funeral, Sam (Chris Pine) discovers the truth about a long lost sister (Elizabeth Banks).
I Heart Shakey
After moving to Chicago, 35-year-old widower J.T. O’Neal finds that he must split up the family and find a new home for Shakey, the dog. Daughter and pooch hatch a plan to keep the family together. 


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Camel? That’s Hot!

Could you weather the scorching desert without a drop of water for over six months? Investigate with biologists why camels have such a knack for surviving and thriving in the harshest conditions on the planet in Inside Natures Giants: The Camel tonight at 9:00 on WETA 26 and WETA HD.  We may laugh at camels’ awkwardly shaped humps, but dissections of these mighty animals reveal secrets to their resilience and unique behavior in the wild.  Discover how the camel came to be known as a spitting master among other fascinating characteristics that make it simply unbeatable under the intensely hot desert sun.

Find out what lies under a camel’s big ol’ hump.  Viewer’s discretion advised



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Watch and Do: Cookies!

Looking for something entertaining, hands-on for you and the kids this week? We have a two-part activity that will engage, teach, and make you drool! Tune into WETA TV26 and WETA KIDS for Clifford’s Cookie Craving; It's the day of the Birdwell Island fair and Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone are there hoping to snag some loose food when Mr. Bleakman wheels in a giant cookie. The moment Clifford sets eyes on that cookie, he knows he’s going to get a Clifford-size bite. Relax and enjoy the episode with your kids then head to the kitchen to prepare your very own cookies! Use this Mister Roger’s “Get Out the Mad” Oatmeal Cookie recipe or this PBS Peanut Butter cookie recipe, read the recipe aloud and have your kids help you measure the ingredients and set the timer. This duel activity allows your children to relate what they see on television to a real-life productive and rewarding activity.


Clifford’s Cookie Craving airs:

WETA Kids – Thursday June 28, 2012 at 6:30am & Friday June 29, 2012 at 3:00am

WETA TV26 – Friday June 29, 2012 at 6:00am


If you can’t watch live, be sure to record the episode using your DVR!


WETA Kids (Antenna 26.3, Cox 801, Comcast 266, FiOS 472, RCN 36)

WETA TV26 (Antenna 26.4, Cox 26, Comcast 26/267, FiOS 26/471, Dish 8076, RCN 26)



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I’ll Have The Squid


You know what they say, “It’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s inside that counts.” Tonight at 10:00 on WETA TV26 and WETA HD, get an exclusive look at one of the earth’s slimiest yet most impressive sea creatures on Inside Nature’s Giants: Giant Squid. A team of biologists dissect and analyze these large predators, exploring their size and unique anatomy,  which make them such quick and powerful forces in the deep blue sea. Calamari may never taste the same again! 
Check out why squids have superb eyesight! Graphic images ahead!


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Her Majesty, The Queen


She was the longest reigning British monarch of all time and barely stood five feet tall.  Her rule saw the birth of the modern world with developments of industrial and cultural advancement. Britain would never be the same again. Tonight at 8:00 on WETA TV 26 and WETA HD join us for an exclusive look at one of the world’s most extraordinary rulers in part one of the series, Queen Victoria’s Empire. Meet the woman under the crown and jewels and explore the elements that made her reign so memorable throughout history. Her 63 years on the throne celebrated British prosperity, but suffered periods of mourning as well. Discover that even a queen must face the realities and events of everyday life. Tune in for the conclusion of Queen Victoria’s Empire next Tuesday at 8:00pm.  

Could you travel the British Empire and keep its secrets safe? Test out your skills with this PBS interactive online game created specially for Queen Victoria's Empire.
Check out this PBS interview with Queen Victoria’s Empire director Paul Burgess, series line producer Sarah Sapper, art director Charlotte Malik, and series producer Paul Bryers as they discuss their journey with this incredible series.
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Edward & Wallis: A Story of Love and Destiny

Would you trade a royal crown for the love of your life? Many princes, born to be kings, have 

vowed to be true to their lady loves, yet in over a thousand years of the British monarchy only one has dared to do so. Tonight at 9:00 on WETA TV26 and WETA HD, catch Edward & Wallis: A Story of Love and Destiny. This documentary tells the story of Edward, who fell in love with a twice-divorced American mistress, Wallis Simpson, and from a fascinating new perspective explores Edward’s early years of rebellion that ultimately led to years of scandal and controversy in the 20th century British monarchy.


Edward & Wallis: A Story of Love and Destiny

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Lions & Tigers & DINOSAURS, Oh My!


In an effort to provide the same caliber of wholesome, educational programming that goes on during the week, every Saturday and Sunday on the WETA Kids channel we have blocks of kids’ programs covering your children's favorite episodes from earlier that week, all back-to-back in one spot. The time slots depend on the age group of the target audience, making the progression of the programs align with how old the expected viewers are. The best part about this is that after your kids have caught up with their favorite shows, they can go outside and connect what they have learned to what they are about to play! For this weekend, we suggest a Dinosaur Train influenced exploration for you and your 3-6 year olds…
In the prehistoric world of Dinosaur Train, there’s no telling what kind of footprints Buddy and his friends might find (or create!). But you also never know what’s hiding in the leaves and mud in your own backyard and local parks! This Saturday, grab the kids and watch the Dinosaur Train gang on WETA Kids from 12:30 - 3:00 pm and then set out on your own expedition, comparing the tracks Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don make to the ones you find on your adventure. Bring along some friends and a camera to take pictures and make guesses as to what wildlife is leaving its mark in your neighborhood. Once you return home, try to match the footprints to the creatures from your region. Who knows what kinds of interesting animals roam the forest when you’re not looking—they might be more like your friends on Dinosaur Train than you think! 
Check out this PBS.org page for more about mystery footprints! 
Watch Dinosaur Train and all your favorite kids’ shows on WETA Kids!Antenna 26.3, Cox 801, Comcast 266, FiOS 472, RCN 38

"Dinosaur Train"

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LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

This Saturday and Sunday at 10:00pm on WETA TV26 and WETA HD, go back in time with one of the very best of television’s comedies, Laugh-InThe Best of Laugh-In is a documentary which explores the successes of the late 1960s hit show Laugh-In and how it was able to merge comedy, musical performance, and drama into an eccentric and hilarious series. See how historic events and the unique culture of the late 60s and early 70s fueled the creative minds of comedy’s brightest stars. Laugh-In’s performers reminisce and share their most memorable and funny moments while filming.  

Catch up with Goldie in this clip from Laugh-In.

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Clip #6 Goldie explains it all.

Also, don’t miss the 60s cover band Rain in the special, Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles tonight at 9:00.

RAIN - NBC Vignettes Part 1

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Around Town Events for June 14 – June 17, 2012


Pay tribute this weekend to one of the most influential American composers and song-writers, George Gershwin. The Levine Jazz Quintet from the Levine School of Music will play a selection of his best works to celebrate his contribution to the American Songbook. Thursday, June 14, 7:00pm at Washington DCJCC 1529 16th Street NW. Tickets: Name your price donation. 


Catch the last performances of fantasy and truth in the Tony Kushner production of “The 

Illusion”. Adapted from Pierre Corneille’s “L’illusion Comique”, Kushner takes the audience through a confusion of romance, intrigue, conspiracy, and murder as a father asks a sorcerer to reveal his long-lost son. The final performances are on Friday, June 15, 8:00pm and Saturday, June 16, 2:00pm and 8:00pm, at Forum Theatre. Tickets: $15 - $25. 



Eight bands, eight fifteen-minute sets, only one winner—and all of them in high school. Artisphere presents a Battle of the Bands, part of a teen work experience program by and for teens. High school students from around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area will compete for the lucrative opportunity to have 32 hours of professional recording time in a studio, and the audience will decide who will take the prize. Come out to the Artisphere’s Dome Theatre this Saturday at 6:00pm to see the area’s brightest burgeoning talents. Tickets: $5. 


Commemorate the abolition of slavery in the United States at the celebration of Juneteenth

 festivities with historical re-enactments, a reading of the Emancipation Proclamation, live music by Follow the Drinking Gourd, and craft-making activities. Supplement these activities with the African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights era, and Beyond exhibition and pre-register for a genealogical workshop. Saturday, June 16, 11:30am – 3:00pm at the Kogod Courtyard in the American Art Museum. Pre-register by emailing AmericanArtProgram@si.edu


New films opening Friday, June 15, 2012:

Rock of Ages

That’s My Boy

Your Sister’s Sister

Safety Not Guaranteed



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Lace Up Your Saddle Shoes & Stroll Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia reigns supreme in Magic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop tonight at 8:00 pm on WETA TV26 and WETA HD. Bringing together the greatest artists from the 1950s pop era, this reunion features a mix of new live performances along with archival footage of the performances that made you first fall in love with them. Hosted by Mary Lou Metzger (The Lawrence Welk Show), Phyllis McGuire (The McGuire Sisters), Pat Boone (Love Letters in the Sand), Debbie Reynolds (Singin’ In the Rain) and Patti Page (Tennessee Waltz), Magic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop brings together your favorite stars to perform in concert once again. Hear from The McGuire Sisters, The Chordettes, The Crew Cuts, The Four Lads, The Four Aces, Don Cherry, Gogi Grant and take a stroll down memory lane with these culturally iconic tunes and voices.

Magic Moments: The Best of 50s Pop



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Hammerstein and I

Tonight at 8:00 on WETA TV26 and WETA HD, meet the man behind some of our all time favorite musicals including Carousel, South Pacific, and Show Boat. This evening’s Pledge event, Oscar Hammerstein II: Out of My Dreams celebrates the legacy of Hammerstein’s ingenious works that have made their way into the hearts of millions of people for several decades. Join Glee’s Matthew Morrison as he takes us for a closer look at the iconic lyricist-librettist and his classic masterpieces that will surely continue to be loved by generations to come. The PBS special features interviews with award-winning composer Stephen Sondheim along with several of Hammerstein’s closest friends and relatives.  Take a trip down memory lane with scenes from Rodgers and Hammerstein film musicals Oklahoma!, The King and I, and The Sound of Music.

Watch Matthew Morrison sing “Younger Than Springtime” from South Pacific.


Glee's Matthew Morrison in South Pacific



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The Secret Life of a Tiny Speed Demon

Watch Nature: Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air tonight at 8:00 on WETA TV26 and HD! As the smallest warm-blooded creatures on the planet they are also among the fastest. Hummingbirds live in fast forward so their fascinating world is generally lost to human perception but Nature set out show that these tiny powerhouses are not only delicate nectar gatherers, but also deadly predators.

Check out this PBS behind the scenes video with Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air filmmaker Ann Prum. 

NATURE | Behind the Scenes of "Hummingbirds" | PBS



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The Queen of Soul Hosts Soul Rewind


Tonight on WETA TV26 and WETA HD, join Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, in a celebration of original artist soul hits of the 1960s and some special 1970s tunes. Dedicated researchers have recovered long lost material and one-of-a-kind live performance footage to create this fantastic collection which has been compiled for this musical Pledge presentation Aretha Franklin: Soul Rewind. Delve into the history and roots of soul tonight at 8:00!


Aretha Franklin Presents: Soul Rewind



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Send Your Kids Around the World with Super Why!


Super Why! Around the World Adventure is the new hour-long special episode is premiering on WETA TV26 & WETA Kids Monday June 18, 2012 at 7:00am! WETA Kids is providing families with this Super Why! special episode to encourage learning, reading, and keeping kids’ minds sharp this summer. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and babysitters can watch the Around the World Adventure with their kids and follow it up with these exciting, educational activities which cross multiple platforms.
Make learning more entertaining and have your own reading camp at home! Start off the day by watching the episode to get inside the Super Why! series and the literacy skills it teaches. Kids will activate their imaginations and transform into Super Whys to get ready to play the educational activities. 
Next, get behind the computer and play the online Super Why Right On Reader Matchup game together. Take turns picking two cards to try to find matching synonyms. 
Travel across continents and climates as your child practices reading and writing skills. As they create their own postcards, kids will learn how to complete sentences by using words and illustrations to express themselves creatively. 
To help elevate their sentence construction for the postcards, kids will work on sentence picture dictionaries. Matching words with pictures will help them learn new vocabulary while also stimulating their knowledge of the alphabet to find the letters in words. 
Now kids will have to use their reading power and context clues to figure out which blank space the Super Why’s Mystery Box word goes in. Afterwards, the kids should try to act out the sentence to show the effects that different words have on the meaning of a sentence. 
Conclude your homemade reading camp by singing the Hip Hip Hooray song to celebrate a day well-spent!

SUPER WHY! | "Hip Hip Hooray!" | PBS KIDS

Find materials for each of these activities here.
And watch the Around the World Adventure here on WETA!
Tuesday June 19, 2012 at 6:30am
Monday June 18, 2012 at 7:00am & 6:00pm
Sunday June 24, 2012 at 8:00pm
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An Evening at the Queen’s Theatre, Here in D.C.

This evening take a trip to the theatre without leaving your home. Join WETA TV26 and WETA HD tonight at 8:00 pm for the pledge event, Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 starring Alfie Boe and Nick Jonas. Filmed in 2010, this Victor Hugo novel transforms on the stage for the 25th year in a row with its exquisite look at justice, religion, grace, and romance. For an inside look at the process in which a musical is transformed and brought to life, check out this article by Les Misérables producer Cameron Mackintosh, and for more about playing Jean Valjean in this iconic musical read this article with Alfie Boe from Broadway.com.


Les Miserables in Concert

Go behind the scenes with Les Misérables' Scott Garnham and Graham Miller at the Queen's Theatre in London's West End.

Les Miserables - Behind The Scenes @ the Queen's Theatre


Alfie Boe sings 'Bring Him Home' @ The O2 25th Anniversary Concert



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WETA UK Movie | Place of Execution


This Saturday at 8:00pm on WETA UK, join us for the mysterious Masterpiece Contemporary Place of Execution. In 1963, the young and vulnerable Alison Carter left her home in the small English village of Scardale and quite literally vanished into the mist. As his first missing person case, Investigator George Bennett is captivated by this unsettling disappearance. Now we’re in contemporary London and journalist Catherine Heathcote is concluding a documentary about this mysterious case when Bennett suddenly pulls out of the film, adding fresh intrigue to a supposedly closed case. This interview with Val McDermid, the author of the book Place of Execution will give you an inside look at the author, the story, and how it came to the screen. 

David Tennant Hosts Masterpiece Contemporary - Place of Execution (11/01/09)

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Everything You Need for WETA UK


Tonight’s the night, folks! Take your power-nap after work, grab your cuppa and settle in at midnight for the launch of WETA UK, the first 24/7 all-British broadcast television channel. But don’t worry! We’re starting our new channel with a special marathon where we’ll air the very first episode of the shows on WETA UK so you have the proper introduction to each show. Below you’ll find the schedule for the WETA UK Premiere Weekend.

In case you’re wondering why we replaced WETA How-To (Create) with WETA UK, Station Manager and Vice President of WETA TV explains the change here. If you’re thinking WETA UK is the same as BBC America, we explain why it is incredibly different here. Finally, for the FULL WETA UK schedule with promotional clips and sneak peaks, check out our posts under “schedule”.


WETA UK is available free over the air on Channel 26.2 in the DC area. On subscription services, the channel can be found on Comcast 265, Cox 800, FiOS 474 and RCN 39.