June 2013

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Free Movies in DC | WETA Movies June 29

Our distinctive personal identities are what make us different from the people around us. Though we may look the same or sound the same, it is important to look beyond the surface to get to the core of each individual’s identity. This Saturday, we’re bringing you two free movies dealing with discovering true identities. Tune in at 9:30 and again at 11:30 and enjoy a commercial free WETA movie night.

At 9:30pm, Bette Davis and Karl

Malden star in the classic thriller Dead Ringer. Davis plays long estranged twin sisters Margaret and Edith who have not spoken since Margaret married Frank Da Lorca who Edith was seeing at the time. Eighteen years later, after the two are reunited at Frank’s funeral, Edith is reminded of Margaret’s cruel and deceptive nature. In a fit of rage, she kills Margaret and assumes her identity, staging the scene to look as if Edith herself has committed suicide. While her plan initially seems foolproof, Edith soon realizes her sister was guilty of more than just petty dishonesty. Now, she faces suspicion from Margaret’s lover Tony and Edith’s own boyfriend Jim (Malden). Will Edith be able to escape her own web of lies or is she in too deep? Watch the trailer here!

Watch Dead Ringer (1964) Saturday June 29 at 9:30pm on WETA TV26 & HD.

Cultural identities can bind communities and provide important information on personal

histories. How do you maintain a cultural identity when time seems to have erased yours? We Still Live Here-Âs Nutayuneân tells the story of a Massachusetts Native American tribe who did the impossible. It was the Wampanoag tribe who taught the Pilgrims to fish and cultivate when they arrived in New England. As the Pilgrims expanded their territorial and cultural boundaries, the Wampanoag language slowly disappeared with each passing generation. Nearly four hundred years after the first contact between their ancestors and European settlers, the modern day Wampanoag people embarked on a mission to revive their native language. Through community efforts and determination, a new generation of fluent Wampanoag speakers came to life. Tune in at 11:30 to watch this inspirational journey. Watch the trailer here!

Watch Independent Lens: We Still Live Here-Âs Nutayuneân Saturday June 29 at 11:30pm on WETA TV26 & HD.

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WETA Around Town Events: June 28-30

There's always something going on in the DC area whether a festival, an art show, or a performance. For this weekend, we've found three great events that incorporate all three! Art, music, and education at Wolf Trap, festival of food and culture at Neighborfood, and a music and puppet performance at Strathmore. Read on for more about our featured events! Also be sure to check out what WETA Around Town segments we covered close this weekend!

Freezing Cold in June
Appreciate the summer weather with spectacular images of our planet’s coldest environments.

Frozen Planet in Concert at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center presents a viewing experience for the whole family. The amazing images are scored with live and original music from the National Symphony Orchestra. Academy Award nominee George Fenton composes and conducts the performance. The event builds on the BBC Earth series that provided a gorgeous look at nature. Watch the trailer for Frozen Planet in Concert here!
Friday June 28, 8:30pm
Cost: $22-55
Wolf Trap’s Filene Center 1551 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182

One of the best perks to living near a city like Washington, DC is taking advantage of all the diverse and delicious food options. This Saturday, the food festival Neighborfood is coming to H Street to give you the perfect opportunity to try great food and get to know the community!

Hosted by Dishcrawl, Neighborfood will feature stops at eight restaurants in one of the city’s most thriving neighborhoods. Find your new favorite restaurant while getting to know the H Street Corridor. Dishcrawl is dedicated to helping the community so a portion of proceeds go to nonprofit organizations like First Book DC. Make sure to stop by and taste some of the best food that DC has to offer!
Saturday June 29, check-in 1:30-4pm
Restaurants serving from 2-5pm
Cost: General Admission Pass (1 food/drink ticket, 5 raffle tickets): $10 in advance, $15 day off
Additional Meal Tickets: $5 each
Check-in at Smith Commons, 245 H Street, NE

Photo: Billy Berks / Dishcrawl

Classic Entertainment

The marionette has a long history in children’s entertainment, dating as far back as 2000 BC. Since their early Egyptian roots, these string puppets have evolved from simple clay figurines

into elaborately carved pieces of art. On Sunday, Strathmore presents Cashore Marionettes: Simple Gifts, featuring performances by veteran puppeteers set to famous classical music. For those curious, Cashore himself answers all questions about the entire puppet process in an audience Q&A. Watch this clip of the show!
Sunday June 30,  1pm & 3pm
Cost: $15
The Music Center at Strathmore 5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD 20852


Closing this weekend!

The Hampton Years at Theater J - Closes Sunday June 30

WETA Around Town | The Hampton Years


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This Week on WETA UK: June 24-30

Whether you’re in the mood for a hilarious comedy or a riveting mystery, WETA UK has you covered. Sit back and watch some of the best television Britain has to offer right from your DC area home!

Monday at 9:00pm catch the two episode WETA UK premiere of Pie in the Sky. Veteran police

officer Henry Crabbe is only weeks from retirement, and his dream of becoming a restaurant owner, when an incident forces him to remain an active member of the force. Even with this complication, Crabbe opens the restaurant anyway and begins serving as the executive chef as he continues to take on the cases that require his prowess as a detective. Watch the trailer!

Tuesday at 8:00pm catch the penultimate episode of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. While visiting her long lost cousin, Hetty stumbles upon an unexpected case in a small seaside village. Residents claim that there is a dog sent by the devil himself stalking them at night, but Hetty digs into this mystery to unveil the truth behind the strange sounds.

Watch the trailer!

Wednesday at 10:30pm catch part 1 of the season 4 finale of Dalziel and Pascoe. Dalziel investigates a body found in the woods, while Pascoe looks into the cloudy past of his grandfather, a veteran of World War 1. As they both begin to learn more about their respective mysteries, their cases begin tying together in uncanny way.

Thursday at 11:30am is the first espisode in season 7 of Are You Being Served? The entire department staff receives a shake-up after the retirement of Mr. Tebbs. While Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas are both promoted into new positions, a new employee, Mr. Goldberg, enters Grace Brothers as a junior staff member.

Friday at 2:30pm watch the first episode of season 4 of May to December. The entire office is in a craze as Alec and Zoë return from their honeymoon. Alec discovers that not only is his wife pregnant, but his daughter as well. Tensions between coworkers in the office are beginning to boil, and a showdown appears imminent.

Watch the trailer!

Saturday at 8:00pm is the conclusion to The WETA UK Event: The Complete Call The Midwife. Watch episodes 4, 5, and 6 of season 2, as the midwives continue dealing with tough situations. Jenny is faced with a series of difficult deliveries that cause her to deal with the issues of birth defects and unwanted children.  

Sunday at 9:30pm catch the start of season 2 of The Worst Week of My Life. Howard Steel’s horrendous luck continues in series 2, which brings us one week before Howard’s son is born. Seemingly nothing goes right for Howard as he loses his home, gets arrested for public indecency, and is accused of harassment by a coworker all in the same week. Watch the trailer!

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Free Movies in DC | WETA Movies June 22 - 24

Though there are times when a situation might seem hopeless, there is always a bright side if you persevere. WETA TV presents four films that feature people who attempt to fight for something they believe in. First witness a woman’s fight to escape a criminal life in the Oscar-winning film I Want to Live! Then, watch 3 inspiring children fight for a chance to live out

their dreams in The Revolutionary Optimists. On Monday, learn about a funeral director who is fighting to keep African-American funeral traditions alive in Homegoings, and immediately afterwards watch the first openly gay bishop fight for LGBT equality in Love Free or Die.

WETA Movie: I Want to Live! (1958)
Based on the true story of the execution of Barbara Graham, this film follows the troubled life of a prostitute who spends her time conning men out of their money. After a series of failed attempts to pull herself out of a life of crime, she finds herself wrongly convicted of a heinous crime that is punishable by death.  Susan Hayward brings life to this tragic figure in a performance that won her an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1958. Watch the trailer here! I Want to Live! (1958) airs Saturday, June 22 at 9:30pm and Sunday, June 23 at 11:30am on WETA TV26 & HD.

Independent Lens: The Revolutionary Optimists

Former criminal lawyer Amlan Ganguly witnessed the lack of opportunities that exist for the poor in Kolkata. After leaving his job as a lawyer, he began working with children in order to develop programs that provide education to children who seemed destined to live in poverty. The Revolutionary Optimists follows Kajal, Priyanka, and Salim, three of the children who worked alongside Amlan to break the barriers placed around their lives. Even when their situations may seem hopeless, these children never give up hope. Watch the trailer here!
Independent Lens: The Revolutionary Optimists airs Saturday, June 22 at 11:30pm on WETATV26 & HD.

POV: Homegoings
Death is a part of life that everyone faces at some point, but Isaiah Owens entire life revolves

around it. Owens is a funeral director who specializes in traditional African-American burials. In Homegoings, witness uniquely optimistic funerals that celebrate in the face of sadness, and see how a kid from South Carolina grew up to be the man who creates them. Owens’ customers don’t fear death, as they plan and approach their inevitable return “home” with happiness and humor. Watch the trailer here!
POV: Homegoings airs Monday, June 24 at 10:00pm on WETATV26 & HD.

Independent Lens: Love Free or Die
Gene Robinson, a retired bishop, admitted that he was gay in 2003, a time when

homosexuality was demonized by most Christian religions. Since then, he has made immense strides in the advancement of LGBT equality and their acceptance in the Christian religion. In Love Free or Die, follow Robinson as he faces harsh scrutiny in his journey to help others realize that God does not judge based on sexuality. Through constant death threats and negative comments, Robinson pushes forward as a beacon for everyone in the LGBT community. Watch the trailer here!
Independent Lens: Love Free or Die airs Monday, June 24 at 11:00pm on WETATV26 & HD.


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WETA Around Town Events: June 19 - 23

The DC area is full of excellent events and activities this weekend! From free, to family, and musical, to historical, there's something for everyone to do. Check out our highlights in this week's WETA Around Town Events guide!

DC Glassblowing Exhibition
The DC GlassWorks Studio regularly holds classes and exhibits showcasing amazing work in the

lesser-known field of glassblowing. Glassblowing has roots going back to as far as 50 BC, and though the art has waned, these wonderful artists continue keeping the medium alive. On Friday, watch a free live demonstration of Venetian-style glassblowing to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Sculpture Exhibition. Watch and marvel as 3-dimensional artwork forms in front of your eyes!
Friday, June 21st 6:30pm
Cost: Free
DC Glassworks
  5346 46th Avenue, Hyattsville  MD 20781

Pirate Family Festival
Shiver me timbers! This Saturday, National Geographic Museum is turning your pirate fantasies

into reality with its Pirate Family Festival! See historical re-enactors demonstrate and explain the most notorious pirate activities: pistol duels, sword-fighting, and emergency amputations. Watch an example of falconry, based on the way the pirates used to do it. Enjoy music for all ages, with a nautical touch! Kids also get the chance to make their own pirate props, including canons, sail ships, and maps. Brush up on your pirate skills and learn about pirate history at this family friendly event.
Saturday June 22 at 10:00am
Cost: Free
National Geographic Musuem
1145 17th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20036

National Symphony Orchestra performs Peter & the Wolf

This Saturday at the Kennedy Center, the National Symphony Orchestra will perform Peter & the Wolf as part of its Kinderkonzert series for children age 4 and older. A quintet of woodwind instruments immerses the audience in Prokofiev’s timeless tale. The piece is meant to promote a love for music and introduce children to storytelling techniques. Come an hour early and attend the Musical Intrument “Petting Zoo” to get an up close look at the instruments that will be played in the show.
Saturday June 23 at 11:00am (Sensory-Friendly performance) and 2:30pm
Cost: $18
Kennedy Center Family Theater  2700 F Street NW Washington, DC 20566

History in Cartoons
Political cartoons have proven to be among the most memorable and controversial mediums

for personal expression. The pervasiveness of political cartoons can largely be attributed to Thomas Nast, commonly considered to be a pioneer of modern cartoons. Author Fiona Deans Halloran explores Nast’s life in her new biography Thomas Nast: Father of Modern Political Cartoons and this Saturday, Halloran will be at the National Portrait Gallery discussing her research. At 2:00, Halloran will lead a fascinating tour through the gallery, exploring the influence Nast had on the public’s perceptions of historical icons like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Following the tour, Halloran will sign copies of her book for all interested. Make sure to stop by for a compelling afternoon of American history!
Saturday 22 at 2pm
Cost: Free
National Portrait Gallery
8th and F Streets NW Washington, DC 20001
Meet on 2nd floor at the portrait of Abraham Lincoln in America's Presidents



Stupid F##cking Bird at Woolly Mammoth Theatre closes Sunday June 23, 2013.

WETA Around Town | Stupid F##king Bird


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Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector Lewis Season 6

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, Inspector Lewis is back with three episodes of mystery and murder on WETA TV26 & WETA HD! Watch a trailer here!

Robbie Lewis, now a Detective Inspector, is joined by his brainy partner James Hathaway in this spinoff of Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector Morse. Watch the street smart inspector and his cerebral foil solve crimes in historic Oxford. This Sunday, the duo gets back to work!

Episode 1: “Down Among the


Sunday June 23 at 7:30pm Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of a psychic who is really a psychology researcher at Oxford. The closer they look, the more suspects there are! Also airs Thursday June 27 at 8:00.

Episode 2: “The Ramblin’ Boy”

Sunday June 23 at 9:00 With Hathaway on leave, Lewis is paired up with a novice partner to investigate the discovery of an elderly corpse found in a field. Why was the body prevented from being cremated? Also airs Thursday June 27 at 9:30pm.

Episode 3: “Intelligent Design”

Sunday June 30 at 9:00pm The detectives are back together to investigate the death of chemist recently released from prison. Is the case connected to the body of a lost student?

Watch Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector Lewis Season 6 on WETA TV26 & HD this month!

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This Week on WETA UK: June 17-23

Check out what’s happening on WETA UK this week! Make sure to tune in for all your favorite British sitcoms and dramas. 
Monday at 7:00pm tune in to watch the sometimes dysfunctional, always hilarious Harpers in 

My Family. Watch two back-to-back episodes of My Family every weeknight from 7-8pm! Watch the trailer!

Tuesday at 11:00pm season 2 of Hustle begins Tuesday at 11:00pm. Watch as Michael Stone and his team of con artists attempt to pull one over on a man who claims he can’t be deceived. Watch the trailer! 
Thursday at 10:30pm tune in for a suspenseful episode of Waking the Dead! Follow the team 

as they investigate a former psychiatric unit patient accused of a string of murders in “Mask of Sanity, Part 1.” Watch the trailer!

Friday at 8:30pm watch your favorite gardening detectives get to the bottom of another case on Rosemary and Thyme! In this episode, someone is sabotaging competitors in the local gardening competition and it’s up to Rosemary and Thyme to put a stop to it. Watch the trailer!
Saturday at 8:00pm The WETA UK Event: The Complete Call the Midwife continues with the first

 three episodes of the second season! Watch as midwife Jenny Lee tends to London’s poor Poplar District in this hit drama series. Watch the trailer!

Sunday at 11:00pm catch the first episode of season two of Red Dwarf on Sunday night! Join space technician Dave Lister and his non-human companions as they traverse the galaxy in this cult science fiction sitcom. Stick around afterwards for episode 2 at 11:30! Watch the trailer! 
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WETA Around Town Events: June 14 - 16

This weekend celebrate tradition, history, the world, and Father's Day! Check out our highlighted events for this weekend in the DC area!
The Caribbean is most commonly known for its warm beaches and palm trees but another important part of the culture is its long history of folklore. Caribbean folk tales feature a 

wide range of characters and myths, but none are as popular as Anancy, a clever trickster in the form of a spider. Anancy has become a popular character all around the world, and has made appearances in the television show Sesame Street and the Justice League comic books. The Anancy Festival celebrates the Caribbean hero with story presentations, competitions, and games. There are storybooks for sale so you can pass on these tales yourself. 

Saturday June 15, 10am
Cost: Free
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library 901 G St, NW Washington, DC  
If you’re craving critically acclaimed cinema, excellent food, and thought-provoking discourse on social and environmental issues, check out the Reel Water Film Festival for a day of education and entertainment! The festival was founded last year with the mission of educating its attendees on water-related issues on a local and global scale. This year, the

 festival is in the recently renovated Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club and includes an afternoon of short films dealing with a range of relevant water topics. Stick around in the evening for a buffet dinner and a screening of the celebrated documentary Chasing Ice. At least half of the festival’s proceeds go to charitable organizations dedicated to global water causes (the remainder goes to funding next year’s festival). 

Saturday June 15, 1-10pm
Cost: $10 for short films/$12 for Chasing Ice/$45 for Chasing Ice and dinner/$55 all-day movie and dinner pass 
Buy tickets in advance.
Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club  7719 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda, Maryland
Celebrate this Father’s Day with music and laughter! Newmyer Flyer's “Like Your Dad Did” at the Hamilton Live showcases Washington, DC area fathers performing with their children: Musicians playing together to appreciate the bond of family. Musicians include: Bill & Owen Danoff, Randy & 

Colin Thompson, Mike & Georgia Cotter, Jon & Ben Carroll, The Starks Famdamily, Todd & Ryan Wright, Cal & Cory Everett, Ron & Ryan Newmyer, Randy & Nate Ihara, Chuck & Michael Sullivan, Lea & John Morris, Bill Craig & Taylor Hitaffer. In addition to fatherhood related music, DC comedians Robert Mac and Big Al Goodwin poke fun at all things fatherly!

Sunday June 16, 7:30pm-10pm
Cost: $20
The Hamilton Live  600 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20005
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This Week on WETA UK: June 10 - 16

Whether it’s comedy or crime that you fancy, WETA UK is sure to have your cup of tea. From new shows to new seasons, it’s a great time to see what the best of British television has to offer!

Monday at 10:30pm tune in for the WETA UK premiere of Dirk Gently. Based on the novels by Douglas Adams, Dirk is a detective like you’ve never seen before. Watch Dirk and his Holistic Detective Agency as they dabble in quantum physics, time travel, and other generally bizarre methods to solve seemingly unrelated mysteries.

Tuesday at 5:30 catch up on Ladies of Letters with the first episode of season 2! Watch as these two elderly ladies constantly try to one up each other. In this episode, the two women attend the funeral of a mutual ex and compete to outdo each other.

Wednesday at 5:00pm catch up with England’s favorite outlaw with an episode of Robin Hood. Robin runs into a dying messenger who tells him his skills are still needed in the Crusades. Both Robin and his adversaries search for a mysterious ring.

Thursday at 5:30 watch as the Antiques Roadshow: BBC crew heads to the town of Gloucester in the South West of England. Discover the art, history, and heritage of these fascinating artifacts! You’ll be shocked by how much they’re worth!

Friday at 11:30pm get reacquainted with the hysterical residents of a small town in Nazi-

occupied France. Start the sixth season of ‘Allo ‘Allo! from its first episode: The Resistance builds a subversive communication base in a graveyard. High jinks ensue.

Saturday at 8:00pm is the WETA UK Event: three episodes of Call the Midwife! Witness the efforts of a young midwife struggling to serve the poor Poplar district of East London.

Sunday at 9:00pm laugh it off with the brilliant comedy Lead Balloon. Jack Dee stars as Rick Spleen, a comedian ground out by his career and home life in this delightfully cynical sitcom. In this episode, Rick is lauded as a hero after saving a man’s life and tries to take advantage of his newfound fame. His attempts to further his career go awry when he makes an embarrassing mistake.

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Super WHY! Super YOU Week on WETA Kids

Starting Monday June 10, tune in to WETA Kids for Super WHY! Super YOU Week! Five episodes with “super story answers" in each episode make this week's schedule unique. After watching, go to the PBS Kids website where Super WHY! fans can make themselves SUPER! Don’t forget about the WETA Kids Block Party, where we air every episode of your favorite WETA Kids shows from the previous week back-to-back on the weekend! So to conclude this special 

week of programming, watch the WETA Kids Block Party Super WHY! from 8:00-10:30pm on Sunday, June 16.  If that’s too late for your little one, be sure to set your DVR so they won’t miss out on five episodes of this fantastic reading adventure! 

Super WHY! follows the adventures of four fairytale characters, each with the ability to transform into reading-powered superheroes: Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power, Wonder Red with Word Power, Princess Presto with Spelling Power, Super Why with the Power to Read and Super YOU with the Power to Help. As the “Super Readers,” they explore the world of books and help solve preschool challenges. The show offers viewers an interactive learning experience where they can open their minds to the amazing world of reading and imagination.
George and the Dragon  
Knight George is about to battle a dragon to rescue a princess, but it turns out he isn't so brave.

Monday June 10, 6pm
Tuesday June 11, 7am
Sunday June 16, 8pm
Cinderella: The Prince’s Side of the Story 
Red and Little Boy Blue are playing some music together when Little Boy Blue suddenly disappears!
Tuesday June 11, 6pm
Wednesday June 12, 7am
Sunday June 16, 8:30pm
Little Miss Muffet 
Poor Red wants nothing more than to play with Little Boy Blue, but he keeps running away!
Wednesday June 12, 6pm
Thursday June 13, 7am
Sunday June 16, 9pm
Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure 
The team convinces a witch to trade her gingerbread house for something delicious and nutritious.
Thursday June 13, 6pm
Friday June 14, 7am
Sunday June 16, 9:30pm
Jasper’s Cowboy Wish 
The Super Readers explore the Old West and meet a cowpoke named Jasper who wants to be a cowboy.
Friday June 14, 6pm
Sunday June 16, 10pm
Monday June 17, 7am
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Travel to Europe for Free | Rick Steves' Europe Marathon

Take the European vacation you’ve always dreamt about with three-hours of Rick Steves' Europe Marathon!

Skip the international flights and go right to the cities and sites that make Europe unforgettable. Discover Italy’s diverse beauty, from the bustling and cosmopolitan city of Milan to the quaint hill towns of the countryside. Rick also makes his way to historic Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, and more! See the major attractions that make Europe a tourist favorite and the lesser known sites that give the land its rustic character.

The three-hour marathon airs Saturday at 10:00am, Sunday at 11:30am, and Tuesday at 8:00pm on WETA TV26 & HD.

Watch a preview of Rick Steves' Europe Marathon here!


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WETA Around Town Events: June 7 - 9 (& beyond!)

Here's your WETA Around Town guide to events in the Washington, DC area this weekend! Some of these events begin this weekend and continue well into the month. Check it out!
The largest music festival in Washington, DC is back! The annual DC Jazz Festival draws many

 into the Washington area each year in hopes of educating and entertaining with some of the best local, national, and internationally-known jazz performers. Featuring more than 125 performances in dozens of venues across the city, this landmark occasion will run from June 5 - 16. In addition to a long list of talented artists, two big names this year are the PanAmerican Ensemble Paquito D’Rivera at the Kennedy Center on June 14 and The Roots in concert at Kastles Stadium at the Warf on June 15. Special events through out the festival include Jazz ‘n Families Fun Days in partnership with the Phillips Collection, Jazz at the Hamilton Live, and Jazz in the ‘Hoods.

June 5-16
Cost: $0-75
Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages on Earth. Many Americans have experienced Spanish culture through language, cuisine and music. There’s an important aspect of the culture that not everyone knows about: a long history of poetry. For the 21st 

time, Teatro de la Luna will host a two-day poetry marathon featuring famous Hispanic poets from many different countries. The marathon will also feature other native performances and poetry books for sale. To top it all off, the event is entirely free for the public.

Friday, 1:30pm & Saturday, 2:00pm
Cost: Free
Library of Congress 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington on Friday
Casa de la Luna 4020 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC on Saturday
Friday June 7 - Sunday June 30 is CulturalDC’s sixth annual Source Festival! The festival showcases new and original work, introducing local theatre fans to the exciting talent of the

 future: See them here before they go to Broadway! The three-week event will feature three full-length plays, 18 ten-minute plays, and the Artistic Blind Date program, which groups together artists of differing disciplines to produce unique works. The festival offers theatre enthusiasts an intimate look at the creative process and the opportunity to see a diverse range of productions.

June 7-June 30.
Cost: $10-20
Source Theatre 1835 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20001