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WETA Around Town Events: July 26-28

This weekend get outside and enjoy the summer air with a campfire nature walk, a local carnival, or a trip out to Soloman's for Oyster House Day! Here are our suggestions for things to do this weekend with the whole family.

Campfire and Nature Walk
Campfires have been important for mankind since the invention of fire. They provided light in the dark and warmth in the cold, and they’re places where songs, scary stories, and s’mores

are shared among groups of friends. Spend a summer evening under the stars and around the campfire at Locust Grove Nature Center’s Campfire and Nature Walk, and enjoy roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. After the picnic, go on a tour with the local naturalists and experience a relaxing walk through wildlife.
Friday, 6:30-7:30pm
Cost: $6.00
Locust Grove Nature Center
7777 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland 20817

Glen Burnie Carnival
There’s no better way to celebrate summer than with a good old-fashioned carnival! This weekend, Glen Burnie’s annual carnival is back and bringing fun for the whole family. Enjoy

rides for all ages, from the Merry Go Round to the Tilt-a-Whirl. Enter a raffle for the chance to win cool prizes and play a variety of classic carnival games. There’s no need to break for dinner because there will be plenty of great food options on site. Entrance is free and each ride ticket costs only $1.25. The carnival is sponsored by the Glen Burnie Improvement Association and all proceeds go to local non-profits and maintaining the GBIA community building. Don’t miss out on this exciting weekend!
Friday & Saturday, 6:30-11:00pm
Cost: Free
, $1.25 per ride ticket, 30 tickets for $33, 50 tickets for $50
19 Crain Hwy Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Lore Oyster House Day
Take a trip to the shore and experience the thrill of working with freshly-caught oysters! This

Saturday, the Calvert Marine Museum is teaching kids about these magnificent creatures with its Lore Oyster House Day. Learn about the biology of oysters and refine your shucking technique. Sing songs and pack oysters just like a real seaman! Kids will also learn about the local Crassostrea virginica oyster and how to replenish its depleted population.
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
Cost: Free
Calvert Marine Museum
14200 Solomons Island Road Solomons, MD 20688

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This Week on WETA UK: July 22-28

It’s the perfect time to catch up on all your favorite shows from across the pond! This week,

settle into your couch and tune into WETA UK to enjoy the best of British television in the comfort of your own home.

Monday at 8:00pm watch Henry Crabbe crack another case while maintaining his restaurant in Pie in the Sky. While Henry investigates a murder in a neighboring village, Steve tries to get to the bottom of a burglary at the restaurant. Watch the trailer!

Tuesday at 8:00pm
catch an exciting episode of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates! In this episode, it’s up to Hetty to crack the case when two escaped mental patients stumble upon of a dead body. Watch the trailer!

Wednesday at 10:30pm tune in for the

WETA UK premiere of Masterpiece Mystery! Endeavour! In this thrilling prequel to the well-known Inspector Morse series, follow the inspector in his college years. Endeavour Morse, a rookie detective caught between school and police work must use his unique skills to solve the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl. Can he fight his own demons and get to the bottom of the case? Watch to find out! Watch the trailer!

Thursday at 1:00pm
watch the beginning of Monarch of the Glen season seven! In the season premiere, Golly adjusts to life as a single parent while Paul deals with Iona, a feisty shepherdess.

Friday at 10:30pm catch a hilarious episode of the hit comedy Men Behaving Badly! A bearded Tony returns from his trip around the world to find huge changes in the flat. Meanwhile, Gary must choose between his best friend and his girlfriend.

Saturday at 8:00pm tune in for the WETA UK Event: Masterpiece Mystery! Case Histories – Part Three! In this third installment of the suspenseful series, Jackson is injured in a train accident and makes a shocking declaration to a former colleague while in the hospital. Meanwhile, the teenage girl who saved his life needs Jackson’s help to find her missing employer. Stick around to watch Bletchley Circle at 10:00pm.

After losing track of the killer, Susan follows a string of clues that could lead her right into a trap. Watch trailers for Case Histories & Bletchley Circle!

Sunday at 8:00pm watch WETA UK’s Sunday Lineup! We’re showing back to back episodes of Fresh Fields, Lead Balloon, Worst Week of My Life, Doctor Who, and Red Dwarf. There’s no better time to catch up on all your favorite comedy and science fiction shows.

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WETA Kids Block Party | The Cat in the Hat: Let’s Get Wet Week!

Summer is in full force and it’s that time again for The WETA Kids Block Party! What better way

to cool down than with a week of water-themed episodes in The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Let’s Get Wet Week? Starting Monday July 22 on WETA Kids, catch a different episode each morning at 9:00am that teaches important things to know when on any aquatic adventures!

If you miss an episode during the week there’s no reason to fear, since all of the episodes air together for your convenience on the WETA Kids blog party Sunday June 28 from 1:00am-3:30am. Set your DVR for the entire week’s lineup and watch them at your own leisure!

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! features The Cat in the Hat and his young friends Sally and Nick as they go out on adventures to answer fascinating questions about the natural world. Whether the topic is animals from a far away land or the science of water, The Cat in the Hat is here to teach you all you need to know. No matter how far the destination, The Cat in the Hat’s trusty “Thinga-ma-jigger” has what it takes to get you there!

Watch the trailer for The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Let’s Get Wet Week here!

No Night Today / Fun in the Sun
Airs Monday July 22nd at 9:00am on WETA Kids
Airs Monday July 22nd at 8:30am on WETA TV26

No Night Today: We all know that it’s light in the daytime and dark in the night, but why does the sun go away at night? In this episode, we visit the International Space Station to learn a bit more about this phenomenon from Astronaut Audrey! Find out how the constant rotation of the earth creates nighttime.
Fun in the Sun: Playing outside can be dangerous when the heat is up! Sunburns are a serious risk when you stay in the sun without protecting yourself. Sunscreen is an important part of keeping yourself safe when you spend time in the sun, and Hilda the Hippo is here to teach you about the importance of sunscreen and how hippopotamuses can create their own natural kind!

Manatees and Mermaids / The Last Chocolate
Airs Tuesday July 23rd at 9:00am on WETA Kids
Airs Tuesday July 23rd at 8:30am on WETA TV26

Manatees and Mermaids: It’s

fun to pretend you’re a sea creature like a dolphin when you swim, but an often overlooked animal is the Manatee. The Cat brings Sally and Nick off to see Matilda the Manatee, who proves to be quite a graceful swimmer! Learn more about these majestic creatures and how you can help keep their habitats safe!
The Last Chocolate: Have you ever wondered how your favorite chocolate bar was created? After the Cat mistakenly eats the last of Nick and Sally’s chocolate, the crew enters the Cocoalicious Forest to create some more from scratch! Learn how this sugary treat goes from simple beans to delicious confection!

The Toughest of All / How Cool is Coral
Airs Wednesday July 24th at 9:00am on WETA Kids
Airs Wednesday July 24th at 8:30am on WETA TV26

The Toughest of All: What do you think is the toughest animal in the world? You might think lions or sharks are tough, but neither of them stacks up to the amazing waterbear! The Cat sets off to prove that his pal Wally the Waterbear is tougher than them all, testing him with snowy landscapes and arid deserts. He even survives the harsh conditions of space travel and lives to tell the tale! It’s time to see who the true king of the jungle is!
How Cool is Coral: The crew goes on a quest to help a fish named Ting Tang find his way home. Along the way they see plenty of amazing things at the bottom of the ocean, including a couple of coral polyps who tell them all about the fascinating lives of coral! Learn how these tiny polyps continually grow and evolve to form reefs!

Super Cleaner Uppers/Itty Bitty Water
Airs Thursday July 25th at 9:00am on WETA Kids
Airs Thursday July 25th at 8:30am on WETA TV26

Super Cleaner Uppers:

man’s trash is another animal’s treasure! In this episode we visit Sandy the sand hopper, who shows us how some creatures can use things we might think of as trash for another purpose! But be careful: sometimes trash can be extremely harmful to animals and needs to be disposed of correctly!
Itty Bitty Water: Even though there is water all around us, it’s still a precious resource for all life! The Cat teaches us about conserving water and how creatures in the desert can find water in the most unlikely of places!

Amazing Eyes / Water Walkers
Airs Friday July 26th at 9:00am on WETA Kids
Airs Friday July 26th at 8:30am on WETA TV26

Amazing Eyes: While playing hide-and-seek with their friend Katie the guinea pig, the crew enlists the help of some animals who have unbelievable seeing skills! Animals that can see far distances, behind themselves, and through body heat all come together to help find Katie. Learn all about these super powered eyes that exist in the wild!
Water Walkers: Swimming is fun, but what if you could walk across the water instead? The Cat brings us to visit a creature that can do just that: Walker the Water Strider! Learn how pockets of air allow the feet to stay on top of water without sinking into it!


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Free Movies in DC | WETA Movies July 20

Enjoy the old with the new this Saturday on WETA with back-to-back movies.

The Sunshine Boys (1975)
Walter Matthau and George Burns headline this Neil Simon comedy as the two halves of an old vaudeville duo. Having broken up after 43 years of working together, the two begrudgingly agree to put their differences aside and perform as part of a TV special on the history of comedy. But tempers flare and they battle each other every step of the way in this funny and touching film.
Tune in to WETA TV26 & HD Saturday at 9:30pm for The Sunshine Boys. Watch the trailer!


POV: Only The Young

Relive the uncertainty of youth with this documentary about three Christian teenagers in an idle Southern California town. Watch Garrison, Kevin, and Skye balance their decaying

environment with budding relationships. Filmmakers Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims have created a portrait of modern adolescence that is sure to warm your heart.
Tune in to WETA TV26 & HD Saturday at 11:30pm for Only The Young. Watch the trailer!



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WETA Around Town Events: July 19-21

This weekend is full of great family activities just in time for the weather to cool down. Whether you're interested in culture, food, movies, or shopping, there's something for everyone here in our weekly WETA Around Town Events highlights!

Living Earth Festival 2013
In our fast-paced 21st century lives, it’s often easy to forget about the environment outside of

the comfort of our homes. Our environment provides us with amazing things, and the Living Earth Festival is a celebration by the National Museum of the American Indian that brings you closer to the roots of life. The festival features plenty of primal activities such as cheese-making, native dances, and family activities that make this an ideal event for any age. If you’re a fan of popular Food Network shows, there’s even a high-paced all-natural cook off between local chefs!
Friday 1pm, Saturday 10am, Saturday 10am
Cost: Free
The National Museum of the American Indian
4th Street & Independence Ave SW Washington, DC 20560

Christmas in July
December may be five months away, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating Christmas! Come out to Old Town Alexandria this weekend for the city’s annual Christmas in July Celebration. The Christmas Attic and the businesses of Union Street are providing a fantastic

variety of Christmas themed activities perfect for all ages. Kids can take pictures with “summer” Santa and Mrs. Claus, visit story time stations, decorate their own cookies, and make cool arts and crafts. Beat the summer heat with an ice cream social and enjoy live musical performances. Local businesses will be offering special promotions all day and donating a portion of their profits to children’s charity The Reading Connection. Make sure to stop by this Saturday for what’s sure to be a festive day of holiday fun!
Saturday 12-5pm
Cost: Free
Union Street between Cameron & Duke Street - Old Town Alexandria, VA

Clifton Film Festival
Summer is always a great time for movies, but how about watching some local talent? This

Saturday, the 4th annual Clifton Film Fest provides an opportunity to watch original films, listen to live music, and eat food. The festival showcases the efforts of the community near the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA. An award ceremony will honor the best student and regular films from the festival.
Saturday 4pm
Cost: $5
(Day Showings in the theater at 4:00pm); $10 (evening showing on the quad, 7:30pm)
Workhouse Arts Center  9601 Ox Road, Lorton, VA 22079

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Nazi Mega Weapons | Military Engineering History

During World War II, Hitler believed that one of the keys to victory was the manufacturing of new weaponry. Germany had some of the most brilliant scientific minds of all time on their side, and the Nazis put them to work in the creation of elaborate machines of death.  Though these technological innovations wouldn’t be enough to win them the war, their advancements were successful in advancing the world’s approach to war. We all know that history is written by the victors, but this month on WETA watch Nazi Mega Weapons and see the groundbreaking engineering that happened on the losing side.

Episode 1: Atlantic Wall

Watch the trailer! In 1942, the Nazis began work on an elaborate fortification

along the western coast of Europe that was meant to defend against a possible attack from Great Britain. This massive set of buildings was unlike any defensive structure that the world had ever seen, and some of Germany’s top commanders were stationed in its forts. See an in-depth look at the 3 year building process and the overall fate of the Atlantic Wall. Airs Wednesday, July 17 at 10:00pm.

Episode 2: U-Boat Pens

Germany is well-known for their advanced U-Boat submarines that they used extensively during

World War II. As the war progressed, the Nazis realized that advancements in bomb technology left their boats extremely vulnerable to aerial attack. As a result, the Germans created concrete pens that housed their submarines. These pens were very resistant to bombings, but their creation was anything but a simple process. Airs Wednesday, July 24 at 10:00pm.

Episode 3: V-2

Wernher von Braun was a rocket scientist who did extensive research for the Nazis during World War II. After receiving a grant from Germany, he created the prototype for what would

eventually become the V-2 rocket. The V-2 eventually became extremely important to Hitler, who wanted a weapon that would be seen as a morale changer. After the war, other countries raced to recover and research the intact V-2 rockets in order to develop their own versions of this technological marvel. Airs Wednesday, July 31 at 10:00pm.

NOVA: 3D Spies of WWII

Watch the trailer! If you can’t get enough of the fascinating history behind World War II, watch the direct response to Germany’s mega weapons on NOVA: 3D Spies of WWII. As the Allies realized how

powerful the new Nazi weapons were, they began an espionage expedition into German territory. Spies took photographs of potential German bases using cutting edge 3D technologies, and the photographs allowed them to interrupt German weapon development with strategic missile strikes. Witness the dangerous missions of World War II’s unsung heroes. Airs Wednesday, June 24 at 9:00pm


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The Week on WETA UK: July 15-21

This week on WETA UK, we’ve got the perfect mix of tense mysteries and hilarious comedies to

keep you entertained. Kick back with your favorite British characters as their adventures play out before your eyes.

Monday at 10:30pm catch the latest episode of Foyle’s War. While investigating a murder, Foyle is unexpectedly pulled from the case accused of crimes he didn’t commit. As the mystery unfolds, Foyle fights to maintain his innocence.

Tuesday at 9:00pm watch the series 4 premiere of Rumpole of the Bailey. Barrister Horace Rumpole continues to take on a wide variety of criminal law cases, but complications arise

when he finds out his friend is attempting to prosecute one of his clients.

Wednesday at 6:00pm see the beginning of Father Peter Clifford’s journey in the series premiere of Ballykissangel. Father Clifford moves to a new town, where people’s ideas of the clergy are a bit different than his own. Though they don’t always see eye to eye, Father Clifford begins to adapt and integrate into his new home.

Thursday at 10:00pm watch part 1 of the series 6 finale of Waking the Dead. Boyd receives a

mysterious package that leads him towards a string of murders and cover-ups. As the case starts becoming clearer, he realizes that it hits much closer to home than he expected.

Thursday at 11:00pm catch the series 8 premiere of New Tricks. The Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad is back to investigate the murder of an employee at the National History Museum and how it may have been a result of a fuel company’s greed.

Friday at 5:30pm watch the series premiere of Good Neighbors. Tom and Barbara Good are

fed up with their corporate lifestyles, and they decide that they’d be much happier if they started fresh with a simple farm in the suburbs. Follow them on their quest for a minimalist way of living.

Saturday at 8:00pm see the second part of Case Histories in this week’s WETA UK Event. New private investigator Jackson Brodie’s case becomes increasingly complex, and on top of everything else, he has to deal with growing instability in his home life. Watch the trailer!

Saturday at 10:00pm watch episode 2 of Bletchley Circle. The women discover that a group of

closed murder cases may have been incorrectly solved while the murderer continues to roam free. As they investigate the true identity of the murderer, they get a bit closer than they expected. Watch the trailer!

Sunday at 8:00pm watch the series 4 premiere of Fresh Fields. The ideal suburban lives of William and Hester Fields continues, but not without its share of problems. Hester becomes increasingly cranky as the neighborhood sounds keep her from sleeping.

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Free Movies in DC | WETA Movies July 13

WETA has two back to back films for you this weekend and each one presents you with a man and his journey. Though these men are in very different situations, they both grow over the course of their respective films. Watch Jerry Landers unusual relationship with religion in Oh, God!, and immediately afterwards watch the touching tale of a prisoner who gets a taste of freedom in POV: Herman’s House.

WETA Movie: Oh, God! (1977)

Jerry Landers, an ordinary grocery store manager, unexpectedly finds himself face to face with God himself. To his surprise, he is chosen to be the vessel that spreads the message of the Lord to the people of Earth. Unfortunately, the world around him doesn’t believe his story, and he starts to seem like nothing more than a crazy man. Even as his family and friends begin to question his sanity, he perseveres in order to complete his heavenly task. Watch the trailer!
Oh, God! (1977) airs Saturday at 9:30pm on WETA TV26 & WETA HD.

POV: Herman’s House

Most of us have an idea of what our dream home would be if we could live anywhere we

wanted, but what would your dream home be if you spent most of your life in a solitary confinement cell? After hearing about Herman Wallace, a man who has spent more than 40 years in a Louisiana prison, artist Jackie Sumell decided she wanted to attempt to build Herman’s dream home. Through letter correspondence, Jackie puts together the fragments of Herman’s ideal home and works to create this home as a symbol of freedom. Though she faces her own life struggles, she pushes forward to make a forgotten man’s dreams come true. Watch the trailer!
POV: Herman’s House airs Saturday at 11:30pm on WETA TV26 & WETA HD.

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Egypt | NOVA & Secrets of the Dead

Travel down the Nile and back in time this Wednesday July 10 on WETA TV26 and HD. Starting at 8:00pm, we’re bringing you two special programs all about ancient Egypt!

First, NOVA brings you Building Pharaoh’s Chariots at 8:00pm. In this episode, a team of

archeologists and engineers explore one of the ancient Egyptians proudest traditions: their state-of-the-art horse-drawn chariots. It is clear through their prominence in ancient art that chariots were iconic in Egyptian culture. Some claim the chariot marked a turning point in ancient military history. Even by modern standards, these marvels of engineering are highly sophisticated. Watch the team recreate the Egyptians’ revolutionary design and put the chariot to the test.

Watch the preview!

At 9:00pm catch the new two-hour Secrets of the Dead special, Ultimate Tut and learn the

fascinating story of Egypt’s most famous pharaoh. Egyptologist Chris Naunton has created a comprehensive portrait of the life of the boy king using new research and technology. With the help of archeologists and historians, Naunton launches an in-depth discussion of King Tut’s life, from his relationships with his family and closest advisors to his political legacy. New models and graphics aid in analyzing the king’s burial and offer new possible answers to the questions surrounding his death. Make sure to tune in for this exciting episode!

Watch the preview!

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This Week on WETA UK: July 8-14

Sit back with a spot of tea and enjoy the all-star lineup of British shows all week on WETA UK.

Monday at 10:30am catch up with Hyacinth in the classic series Keeping Up Appearances. The relentless social climbing continues with the first episode of season three: Hyacinth tries to get her newly retired husband an executive position at a frozen foods company.

Tuesday at 8:00pm watch an unlikely team solve crimes in the Lancashire countryside with Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. In this episode, Hetty is hired by the prime suspect to find the true culprit in a string of poison pen letter crimes.

Wednesday at 10:30pm Dalziel is convinced that a supposed suicide is really murder in the first half of a Dalziel and Pascoe thriller.

Thursday at 8:00pm catch a double dose of mystery starting with Sherlock Holmes, followed by Agatha Christie’s Poirot at 9:00. Watch these legendary detectives solve crimes as only they can! Sherlock investigates the death of a gold-digging wife in “The Problem of Thor Bridge,” while Poirot investigates the death of his host at a hunting party in “The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge.”

Friday at 11:00am hang out with a mischievous elderly trio in Last of the Summer Wine. In this

episode, Barry tries to learn Karate to outduel his show-off neighbor.

Saturday at 8:00pm don’t miss the WETA UK Event of the week with part 1 of Case Histories! Jackson Brodie is a new kind of detective, dealing with his traumatic military career as he transitions to being a private investigator.

Saturday at 10:00pm the code-cracking women of Bletchley Park reunite to track down a serial killer in the popular series

The Bletchley Circle!

Sunday at 10:00pm WETA UK is giving science fiction fans just what the doctor ordered! The first episode of the fifth season of Doctor Who finds The Doctor trying to save the world from an alien race known as the Atraxi. Then at 11:00, catch two episodes of the cult phenomenon Red Dwarf, following the last man alive and his non-human companions.