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An August of Entertainers on WETA | Pledge Highlights

We all have our favorite larger-than-life entertainment figures that help to put a smile on our face. Whether it’s a favorite musician or the television actor, we’ve got something for everyone this August on WETA. This month, WETA TV26 & HD presents programs that give behind the scenes looks at influential entertainers through intimate live performances and interviews. Read on for brief but informative synopses of each show.

60s Girl Grooves
The 1960s were an extremely influential time in music history, and this iconic period featured some of the greatest musicians of all time. This decade also produced the summery jams of the female musicians that helped shape modern pop music. On 60s Girl Grooves hear some of the best original performances from these groups, and witness rare archival footage that was almost lost to time. Watch a preview here! Airs Saturday, August 3rd at 8:00pm.

Emeli Sandé: Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Since her career began back in 2008, Emeli Sandé has become one of the top singer-songwriters in modern music, winning awards for her songwriting and her solo performances. Sandé was most recently featured on the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film The Great Gatsby. Emeli Sandé: Live At The Royal Albert Hall features a live performance with songs from Our Version of Events, Sandé’s debut album. Airs Saturday, August 3rd at 10:00pm.

Inside Foyle’s War
Detective Christopher Foyle has been awing audiences with his cases for more than 10 years now. After 10 years of production, there are plenty of behind the scenes stories to tell, and you can get them all on Inside Foyle’s War. Hear exclusive interviews with series creator Anthony Horowitz, show directors, actors, and more. Read interviews with the cast of Foyle’s War here! Airs Sunday, August 8th at 9:30pm.

Sarah Brightman: Dreamchaser in Concert

Sarah Brightman’s illustrious career includes two Olympic singing performances and numerous Broadway credits, including the first musical portrayal of Christine Daaé of The Phantom of the Opera fame. Sarah Brightman: Dreamchaser in Concert features a live performance from Elstree Studios in London, where Brightman performs both classics and new music from her album Dreamchaser. Airs Monday, August 5th at 10:00pm.

Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii
Elvis Presley is a legendary performer who needs no introduction. In addition to his many career accolades and countless hit songs, he was also the first performer to be broadcast around the world through early satellite technology. The program Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii features a 1973 performance in Honolulu with some of Presley’s most famous songs in the expansive set list. Airs Tuesday, August 6th at 8:00pm.

The Jimmy Dean Show – Country Classics

The late Jimmy Dean was responsible for bringing country music into the world’s public eye on The Jimmy Dean Show in the 1960’s. Dean brought Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, and many more onto his show and helped them gain the exposure they needed to become stars. Relive some of these classic episodes on The Jimmy Dean Show – Country Classics and catch performances from some of the greatest country singers of all time.  Airs Thursday, August 8th at 8:00pm.

Gloria Estefan: The Standards

For her 27th album, Gloria Estefan has created a series of covers of her favorite songs. The album, entitled The Standards, doesn’t release until September, but you can catch live versions of her covers on Gloria Estefan: The Standards. Airs Saturday, August 10th at 10:00pm.

A Salute to Vienna
Building on the 60-year tradition, A Salute to Vienna continues to make waves with opera performances that feature award-winning musicians, Academy Award winning actors, and music from the legendary Johann Strauss Jr.  Airs Sunday, August 11th at 9:00pm.

Great Performances: Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy
West Side Story, Wicked, and Bye, Bye Birdie are some of the most beloved musicals of all time, and they each have something in common: Judaism played a central role in their creation. In theatre’s history, many Jewish songwriters drew inspiration from their religious values in order to create award-winning musicals that are still celebrated today. On Great Performances: Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy, get an in-depth look at their history with interviews and performances. Watch a preview here! Airs Wednesday, August 14th at 10:00pm.

David Garrett: Music - Live in Concert

David Garrett is a Julliard-trained violinist who holds the Guinness World Record for World’s Fastest Violinist. On top of that he has also released 8 studio albums, the latest of which was released this past April. On David Garrett: Music - Live in Concert, watch his live performance at the TUI Arena in Hanover where he combines a wide variety of styles into one breathtaking performance.  Airs Friday, August 16th at 10:30pm.

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WETA Around Town Events: August 2-4

Can you believe that yet another weekend is upon us? It's the first weekend in August which means it's getting close to the end of summer. Embrace the DC heat this weekend with these three outdoors events and one indoor concert. If you attend any of these events this weekend, take a photo and share it on our Facebook page!

River Arts Workshop: Exploring Our Rivers

Skip your beach getaway this year? Make up for it with this summer-themed art workshop at the Anacostia Community Museum! Visual artist Jay Coleman heads a workshop based on an imagined scuba dive through our local waterways. Inspired by the exhibit Reclaiming the Edge: Urban Waterways and Civic Engagement, the workshop will guide participants into creating a work of art related to our watersheds. All materials will be provided! Photo courtesy of americanforests.org
Friday, 10:30am-12:30pm
Cost: Free
Anacostia Community Museum
1901 Fort Pl. SE Washington, DC

DC Drive-In
This Friday, come enjoy a movie under the stars at the DC Drive-In! As a summer treat, Union Market is bringing you an '80s classic movie projected on the market’s three-story wall for no charge. Watch the movie from the comfort of your own car or bring a picnic blanket to sit on the lot. No need to pack dinner because many of the market’s vendors will be open with rollerskating carhops bringing tasty food right to you. This weekend’s film is 1987 No Way Out starring Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. Costner plays a naval intelligence officer with only 48 hours to cover-up a violent crime within the organization. Stop by for what’s sure to be an exciting night! Watch a trailer of No Way Out here.
Friday, Picnic area opens at 7pm, car lot open 8-8:45pm, movie starts at 9pm
Cost: Free
Union Market
1309 5th St. NE Washington, DC
Line for car entrance on 6th St

Rolling Stones Tribute
Fifty years after the release of their self-titled debut album, The Rolling Stones remain near and dear to the hearts of millions of music fans. But hearing their music live is another experience altogether. Relive the British Invasion at The Fillmore Silver Spring with BandHouse Gigs’ Tribute to the Rolling Stones. Catch nearly 40 of the best musicians from the DC area playing from the Stones’ deep library of hits and lesser known tracks. For old fans or new, this concert is sure to thrill!
Saturday, 7:30 PM
Cost: $20.00-$25.00
The Fillmore Silver Spring
8656 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Bike rides are a great way to explore your environment and enjoy the outdoors. This weekend go on a biking excursion through the city that ends at the Anacostia Arts Center for a cool down movie screening. See the Sundance award winning documentary Chasing Ice, which explores a man’s journey to find evidence that humans are causing monumental climate shifts. At the end of the bike ride, enjoy icy treats and calming music that perfectly balance out the summer heat. Watch a trailer for Chasing Ice here!
Sunday, 2:30-6pm
Cost: $10 per film ticket
1019 7th St. NW Washington, DC

Heading out to the movies? Here are three WETA Around Town film discussions to give you a better preview of movies than a trailer can.

Before Midnight
Click here to watch the discussion!

The Act of Killing
Click here to watch the discussion!

Fruitvale Station
Click here to watch the discussion!


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This Week on WETA UK: July 29-August 4

Whether you’re a diehard fan or are just looking for something new, WETA UK is a great place to sample the best of British TV. We’ve got you covered all week with a dynamite lineup of comedy and crime.

Monday at 9:00pm we’re sandwiching two episodes of Midsomer Murders into an hour and a half block of mystery! Watch DCI Barnaby investigate the decapitation of a promiscuous postman that turns into a string of related crimes.

Tuesday at 11:00pm there’s no better time to start watching Hustle! Catch the start of season 3, and watch this team of thieves as they plan and execute amazing heists.

Wednesday at 8:00pm the legendary detective and his partner investigate the disappearance of a baronet in this new case from the hit series Inspector Morse.

Thursday at 10:00pm watch a crack team of detectives and scientists investigate cold cases when season 7 of Waking The Dead begins!

Friday at 2:00pm discover the classic British show Good Neighbors! This comedy follows a suburban couple who decide to start a farm, much to the chagrin of their neighbors.

Saturday at 8:00pm don’t miss the WETA UK Event: The Complete Downton Abbey! Watch the first 2 episodes of the international sensation. We’re playing a pair of episodes each weekend so you can be all caught up when season 4 premieres!

Sunday at 9:00pm end your week with the antics of comedian Jack Dee in the hysterical Lead Balloon! Catch Dee playing a down and out comedian named Rick Spleen with the first episode of season 3.

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Free Movies in DC | WETA Movies July 27

See the contrast between China’s past and its emerging future with back-to-back free movies without commercials this Saturday on WETA TV26 & HD.

The Last Emperor (1987)
The film tells the life story of China’s last emperor, Pu Yi. From a lavish childhood to his capture by the Soviet Army, the ups and downs of his astonishing life story are told beautifully by director Bernardo Bertolucci. A portrait of China’s transition into a communist society, the film won 9 Academy Awards and was the first movie to be given access to use the Forbidden City as a location. Watch the trailer here!
Tune in for the WETA movie The Last Emperor  this Saturday at 9:30pm on WETA TV26 & HD!

POV: High Tech, Low Life
See the impact of China’s economic boom in this compelling documentary. Two citizen reporters, one a farmer and the other a retired businessman, investigate the corruption and poverty that are hidden from mainstream media sources by the nation’s strict censors. Watch as modern technology encourages a generation of Chinese people to protest the negative aspects of their society. Watch the trailer here!
Tune in to WETA TV26 & HD this Sunday at 12:00am for POV: High Tech, Low Life.


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WETA Around Town Events: July 26-28

This weekend get outside and enjoy the summer air with a campfire nature walk, a local carnival, or a trip out to Soloman's for Oyster House Day! Here are our suggestions for things to do this weekend with the whole family.

Campfire and Nature Walk
Campfires have been important for mankind since the invention of fire. They provided light in the dark and warmth in the cold, and they’re places where songs, scary stories, and s’mores are shared among groups of friends. Spend a summer evening under the stars and around the campfire at Locust Grove Nature Center’s Campfire and Nature Walk, and enjoy roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. After the picnic, go on a tour with the local naturalists and experience a relaxing walk through wildlife.
Friday, 6:30-7:30pm
Cost: $6.00
Locust Grove Nature Center
7777 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland 20817

Glen Burnie Carnival
There’s no better way to celebrate summer than with a good old-fashioned carnival! This weekend, Glen Burnie’s annual carnival is back and bringing fun for the whole family. Enjoy rides for all ages, from the Merry Go Round to the Tilt-a-Whirl. Enter a raffle for the chance to win cool prizes and play a variety of classic carnival games. There’s no need to break for dinner because there will be plenty of great food options on site. Entrance is free and each ride ticket costs only $1.25. The carnival is sponsored by the Glen Burnie Improvement Association and all proceeds go to local non-profits and maintaining the GBIA community building. Don’t miss out on this exciting weekend!
Friday & Saturday, 6:30-11:00pm
Cost: Free
, $1.25 per ride ticket, 30 tickets for $33, 50 tickets for $50
19 Crain Hwy Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Lore Oyster House Day
Take a trip to the shore and experience the thrill of working with freshly-caught oysters! This Saturday, the Calvert Marine Museum is teaching kids about these magnificent creatures with its Lore Oyster House Day. Learn about the biology of oysters and refine your shucking technique. Sing songs and pack oysters just like a real seaman! Kids will also learn about the local Crassostrea virginica oyster and how to replenish its depleted population.
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
Cost: Free
Calvert Marine Museum
14200 Solomons Island Road Solomons, MD 20688