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This Week on WETA UK: October 7-13

Monday at 6:30pm is comedy after work! Watch your favorite groom Howard wake up in a jail cell and finds out some bad news about his best man in Worst Week of my Life. Then on Outnumbered a dinner party turns into something of a catastrophe when the family finds out Angela is planning to return to America. The laughter continues with an episode of My Family where Ben becomes upset when everyone ignores his birthday.

Tuesday at 10:30pm catch up with Rumpole of the Bailey as season 6 begins! Rumpole  
defends a restaurateur whom he doesn’t have a taste for after having when a live mouse jumps from one of his gourmet meals.

Wednesday at 1:00pm is a sleuth afternoon with new episodes of all your favorite mystery, murder, and spies. MI-5 has Juliet blackmailing Harry to support her bid for the Security & Intelligence Coordinator's job. Will Harry get manipulated or will it all be too much to handle? Adam is now convinced he knows the mole's identity but accuses the wrong person. At 2:00pm a 20-year-old case is reopened as new evidence is found in a pub toilet on the next episode of New Tricks. Then at 3:00pm on Waking the Dead, the unsolved case of the disappearance of five-year-old twins Jason and Cindy Murphy is reopened when one of them turns up in a hospital bed. Followed by Hustle at 4:00pm where Mickey and crew come across a diamond whose owner is will do whatever it takes to get it back.
Thursday at 11:30pm tune in for the new season of Waking the Dead. A woman found wandering naked throughwoodland has no recollection of how she got there or why her DNA was found at a murder scene in 1967.

Friday at 10:30pm
catch Rosemary and Thyme. A former boyfriend of Rosemary invites her and Laura to southern Spain where he wants her to restore a Moorish garden in his home located in the hills behind Malaga.
Saturday at 8:00pm the WETA UK Event: The Complete Mr. Selfridge continues with Selfridge in a coma and Ellen Love is recovering from her attempted suicide. Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle has a séance in the store invoking two dead relative’s to show up at a store.
Sunday at 11:00pm season 6 of Doctor Who begins with The Impossible Astronaut. The  
Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song are reunited in the middle of the Utah desert after receiving envelopes each containing a date, time, and map reference and soon to adventure with President Nixon and the Silence.


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4th & Long-Term Brain Injuries | Frontline: League of Denial: NFL’s Concussion Crisis

Are you ready for some football? Prepare to be blindsided with a new perspective on America’s favorite game. In a new 2 hour special, Frontline tackles the issues surrounding concussions in the National Football League. Former players are speaking out against the multibillion-dollar commercial juggernaut claiming that in the past the league has concealed how much it knows about football inflicted, long-term brain injuries. Now, Frontline gives you front row tickets to its investigation of the invisible disease attacking the brains of former NFL players. Don’t miss this shocking inside story that could change America’s beloved game forever. Watch a preview here!

Frontline: League of Denial: NFL’s Concussion Crisis airs October 8 at 9pm on WETA TV26 and WETA HD.

Interested in learning more? Check out this video interview with Frontline producer and director Michael Kirk and Hall of Fame linebacker Harry Carson.


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Free Movies in DC | WETA Movies October 5

Saturday October 5 watch a comedy and light hearted documentary on WETA TV26 and WETA HD! Laugh with the '80s cult favorite Raising Arizona at 9:30pm then on Independent Lens: The Parking Lot Movie at 11:30pm witness an in-depth look at the strange band of misfits in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Raising Arizona (1987)

The 1980s certainly had its fair share of comedies, Nicolas Cage stars opposite Holly Hunter in this cult comedy. Directed by the Joel and Ethan Coen, with their usual movie flair for unconventional characters and camera work, an ex-con and an ex-cop couple want a baby so stanch one up from a family's quintuplets’. Laugh and cry as the couple’s life gets more complicated than they expected. Watch the trailer here!

Independent Lens: The Parking Lot Movie

This is a documentary directed by Meghan Eckman about a parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia where a group of parking lot attendants are actually grad students, philosophers, artists, and middle-age slackers. Hanging out at the parking lot, they shoot the breeze and conduct their own private "war" against pretentious and obnoxious customers who park their BMWs and Hummers there. Could this tiny slab of asphalt in Virginia be a stop on the road to The American Dream? Watch the trailer here!


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New Masterpiece Series on WETA | Masterpiece Classic The Paradise

This new Masterpiece Classic! series premieres Sunday October 6 at 9pm on WETA TV26 & HD!

A clever blend of romance, mystery, and social comedy, this extravagant costume drama explores the lives of the people that worked, shoped, and traded in and around The Paradise, the first department store in Northern England during the 1870s. The story follows a naïve country girl, Denise Lovett, as she becomes immersed in the power struggles surrounding the store including a forbidden romance with the store’s elegant and mysterious owner, John Moray. The Paradise embodies the progress and pain of a new age of commerce in England, but can Denise and John have a future together amidst the personal and political conflicts that envelop this era of progress?

The Paradise airs throughout the month Sundays at 9pm on WETA TV26 and WETA HD!



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This Week on WETA UK: September 30 - October 6

WETA UK brings you the best of British programming from dramas and comedies to new favorites and contemporary series. Featuring classics from BBC and series created by a wide range of major UK producers, WETA UK is the place to go for British television in the Washington, DC area.

Here is what WETA UK has in store for viewers this week!

Monday at 9:00pm hop across the pond to the fictional English county of Midsomer and join Barnaby and Troy in another installment of Midsomer Murders. The partners find themselves caught in the middle of two feuding villages during the investigation of a film star’s death in the episode “Tale of Two Hamlets.”

Tuesday at 8:00pm be the first to see the WETA UK premiere of the new series Father Brown! In the premiere episode of this period drama inspired by the stories of GK Chesterton, join the crime-solving Catholic priest as he attempts to resolve the murder of a local village man who is found dead near the church tower. The case takes an interesting turn when the dead man’s wife confesses to the murder in the premiere episode, “The Hammer of God.”

Wednesday at 8:00pm it’s Mystery Night on WETA UK! Don’t miss “Sins of the Father Part 2,” the conclusion of the thrilling two part episode of Inspector Morse! Join the cranky police investigator as he attempts to solve a case that would drive a man to drink; the murder of a brewery director. At 9:00pm catch three hours of Masterpiece Mystery! First on Inspector Lewis, a psychic is murdered and Lewis and Hathaway must test their mental limits when a trail of clues leads them through the Oxford psychology department in “Down among the Fearful.” At 10:30pm inspect the stunning conclusion of Season 2 of Sherlock! Sherlock’s credibility has been called into question in the media after his inability to solve three ingenious thefts. Can the legendary detective solve these clever crimes and repair his tattered reputation? Find out in the season 2 finale, “The Reichenbach Fall.”

Thursday at 9:00pm tune in for the season 2 premiere of Vera! Join the Detective Chief Inspector as she investigates the firebombing of a former superior’s house that leaves him physically burned and emotionally scarred when it lands his daughter in the hospital in “Ghost Position.”

Friday at 9:30pm explore the simultaneous growth of a young Queen Victoria alongside the birth of the modern world in the riveting documentary Queen Victoria’s Empire. Embark on an educational and emotional journey into the past of a vital figure in Britain’s history, while reflecting on a critical moment of societal growth in the country with the first parts of the series, “Engines of Change” and “Passage to India.”

Saturday at 6:30pm join everyone’s favorite socially incompetent doctor in back to back episodes of Doc Martin! In “City Slickers” Martin and Louisa are working on their budding relationship but its growth is stunted by Louisa’s peculiar new neighbors. In “The Admirer” an elegant hotel owner has her eye on Martin and Louisa is forced to compete for the doctor’s affections.

Sunday at 7:00am spend a full hour with the working class people of Albert Square as they wrestle with the everyday aspects of professional and domestic life in back to back episodes of Eastenders.