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Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl

Our PBS wildlife series Nature invites you on a journey north to meet the intriguing snowy owl. Travel to Alaska to investigate these majestic birds without leaving your DC, Maryland, or Virginia home.

The Harry Potter sensation brought magical concepts and highly imaginative creatures to the surface including the grand and noble snowy owl as Harry’s companion Hedwig. There must be more to the snowy owl than a beautiful white coat, laser sharp eyes, and a job as a wizard’s mail courier.  Tomorrow night at 8:00 tune into WETA TV26 and WETA HD for a brand new Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl. Get a close-up look at the species in its tundra home on the North Slope of Alaska and watch as the snowy owl and his family survive the harsh conditions of their natural habitat. A day in the life of this family of snowy owls revolves around getting enough food to make it til tomorrow…and it’s truly a family effort. The snowy owl may not have magic at the tip of his wing, but the beauty, intelligence, resourcefulness and fearlessness of the creature is mesmerizing. 

Tune into WETA tomorrow, October 24 at 8:00pm for Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl.

Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl


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