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This Week on WETA UK | WETA UK Schedule March 3 - 10

This week we introduce a brand new detective series to the WETA UK schedule! You’re invited to the Monday night premiere of Scott and Bailey! We continue many of our best British shows and begin new seasons of our favorites. Read on for more highlights this week and click here to watch video trailers of these shows!


Monday at 9:00pm join us for the WETA UK premiere of Scott and Bailey. This show is a thrilling 

investigative drama exploring the personal and professional lives of two female detectives, DC Janet Scott and DC Rachel Bailey both of whom are members of the Major Incident Team of the fictional Manchester Metropolitan Police. Rachel and Janet are close friends with different personalities: Rachel is impulsive and free-thinking, whereas Janet is subtle and wise. Each episode sees Rachel and Janet face a serious crime that is both challenging and emotionally difficult as well as cope with their own complex personal lives. Scott & Bailey is an honest, powerful and funny crime drama series. Also airs Tuesday at 3:00pm.

Tuesday at 9:00pm Rumpole of the Bailey continues with episode 2: Rumpole & the Alternative Society. Rumpole is in west England defending Kathy Trelawney, a woman charged with selling marijuana to a federal agent. Rumpole tries to connect with an old friend from his time in the Royal Air Force, Sam 'Three Fingers' Dogherty. Also airs Wednesday at 4:00pm.

Wednesday at 6:00pm begin season 5 of BallyKissAngel. Paul Dooley, a shady figure from Brian Quigley's shady past, returns to the village with a business arrangement that brings him into direct conflict with his old rival. Despite the best efforts of his wife, Oonagh, and his two children, Dooley is destined to cross swords with his former nemesis. But any wheeling and dealing is likely to be carefully scrutinized by the new garda in town, the very rigorous Frankie Sullivan. Also airs Saturday at 3:00pm & Sunday at 11:00am.

Thursday get your mystery fix on WETA UK! Kick off at 8:00pm with Sherlock Holmes: The Greek

 Interpreter. An nasty gang kidnaps a Greek interpreter and forces him to relate their demands to abductees who know only the Greek tongue. Also airs Saturday at 2:00pm. Then at 9:00pm Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Cornish Mystery. Much to Poirot's disappointment, he arrives too late in Cornwall to prevent Mrs. Pengelley's death. She had asked for his help, suspecting her dentist husband to be poisoning her so that he could marry his young assistant. After conducting preliminary interviews, Poirot is sure that Mrs. Pengelley was not murdered by her husband and sets about finding the real killer. Also airs Saturday at 4:00pm.

Friday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm watch four back-to-back episodes of My Family. This is a British

 comedy about a family just trying to stay afloat in a crazy world. Dad, Ben is a dentist struggling to understand his wife Susan the terrible cook, daughter Janey the selfish shopping addict, youngest son Michael the brain, and eldest son Nick the lazy goof. Although loving and caring parents, Ben and Susan have a little trouble showing their children these true intentions since the kids are always up to something. This series also airs Mondays – Fridays at 7:00pm.

Saturday afternoon catch up on all your favorite WETA UK shows from the week. 
10:00am  Yes, Prime Minister
10:30am  May to December
11:00am  Fresh Fields
11:30am  Last of the Summer Wine
12:00pm  New Tricks
1:00pm   Prime Suspect
2:00pm   Sherlock Holmes
3:00pm   BallyKissAngel
4:00pm   Agatha Christie’s Poirot
5:00pm   Inspector Morse
6:00pm Death in Paradise
7:00pm  Dalziel and Pascoe

Sunday at 10:00pm Doctor Who season 4 episode 1. Award-winning actor Catherine Tate is 

 the Doctor’s new companion, returning to her role as Donna Noble who featured in the 2006 Christmas special The Runaway Bride. Donna mysteriously vanished as she prepared to marry her boyfriend in a glittering ceremony on Christmas Eve. She reappeared, much to her astonishment, in the TARDIS with the Doctor. As the TARDIS raced to the church, it soon became apparent that Donna was the key to an ancient alien plan to destroy the Earth. The episode ended with the Doctor inviting Donna to travel with him – an invitation which, at the time, was declined… Now reunited, the Doctor and Donna travel back to Pompeii in AD 79 on the eve of the infamous eruption where people are slowly turning to stone, investigate a series of grisly murders with the help of Agatha Christie, journey to the home world of the sinister Ood and come face to face an old enemy of the Doctor’s. 

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This Week on WETA UK | WETA UK Schedule January 14 – 20


WETA UK provides the Washington, DC area with 24/7 British television shows. Here is our weekly list of WETA UK schedule highlights. Check out our full schedule so you see when your favorite shows re-air during the day! Find out where you can watch WETA UK here!

Where is WETA UK?


Monday at 10:30pm begin season 3 of Ashes to Ashes. This is the final season of the thrilling drama so be sure to tune in as we conclude this viewer favorite. The show finally unravels many of the mysteries from the previous two seasons as well as those first experienced by the initial time-travelling copper, Sam Tyler, in the groundbreaking series Life on Mars.

Tuesday at 8:00pm experience season 2 of the popular costume drama that everyone’s talking about: Masterpiece Classic Downton Abbey. Repeats Wednesday at 3:00pm

Wednesday at 8:00pm join Inspector Morse for the mystery Deceived By Flight. Morse and Sgt. Lewis investigate the apparent suicide of an old acquaintance of Morse, who happens to be a member of the Clarets XI cricket team. When Lewis is sent in to work undercover, a second man is murdered and Lewis himself is attacked. Repeats Thursday at 3:00pm & Saturday at 5:30pm

Thursday at 8:00pm watch the great Sherlock Holmes solve the crime of The Dancing Men. Holmes and Watson investigate mysterious drawings outside the estate of Mr. Cubitt, whose American wife has been acting very odd since they appeared.

Friday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm laugh through the first four episodes of the modern comedy My Family season 2.

My Family


Saturday at 9:00pm tune in for the first two hours of Garrow’s Law season 2. Garrow argues the case when 133 Africans are thrown overboard from a slave ship and Garrow takes a capital case involving a man accused of sodomy. Repeats Sunday beginning at 1:00pm

WETA UK Event: Garrow's Law


Sunday from 8:00pm – 10:00pm enjoy the best of British comedies! Yes, Minister, Miranda, BlackAdder, and Mr. Bean back-to-back! Don’t let the idea of returning to work tomorrow ruin your night, laugh along side these great comedies and finish off your weekend strong.