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This Week on WETA UK | October 9-14, 2012


Continue exploring some of the most remarkable architectures in the British country side as Country House Revealed continues this Tuesday at 8:00pm with a look at Easton Neston. Architectural historian Dan Cruickshank takes us on a journey to Easton Neston where ingenious construction is just one of the secrets hidden behind its elegant facade. Along with its rich history, recently it has hosted a Formula One racing team and it is now the headquarters of a global fashion brand.



New show alert! Beginning this week, every Wednesday at 8:00pm tune into WETA UK for Inspector Morse! This week we kick-off Morse with Greeks Bearing Gifts part 1. The murder of a chef at Lewis' favorite Greek restaurant causes the Greek community of Oxford to close ranks. Morse turns to the cream of the University's Greek scholars to help solve the murder.

WETA UK | Inspector Morse


Inspector Morse isn’t the only thing that’s new this Wednesday! Start watching series 4 of Hustle at 10:00pm. DOWNLOAD OUR WETA UK HUSTLE SERIES 4 EPISODE GUIDE HERE to prepare yourself for all the excitement, action, and drama that Hustle has in store this series.

We’re piling on the “new” this Wednesday adding the beginning of Allo, Allo series 4 at 11:30pm. DOWNLOAD OUR WETA UK ALLO, ALLO SERIES 4 EPISODE GUIDE HERE so you don’t miss a second of the laughs.



Can’t get enough animals? Then this Thursday is perfect for you! Start series 7 of All Creatures Great and Small at 5:00pm. Need to catch up or want to follow along with the episodes? DOWNLOAD OUR WETA UK ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL SERIES 7 EPISODE GUIDE HERE!

WETA UK | All Creatures Great and Small


David Attenborough carries on his wildlife adventures Thursday at 8:00pm with Life of Mammals: Opportunists. In this episode, meet some of the most interesting omnivores that walk the earth. They need to be opportunists and have developed skills and features to adapt to their situation. Ranging from raccoons, with their sensitive hands to bears that gorge while the salmon are running up river, you’ll see how animals survive on both plant and animal.



WETA UK Comedy Fridays are always a blast and this week is even more exciting! At 7:00pm begin watching series 4 of Doc Martin with two back-to-back episodes! Get all the details on this series and DOWNLOAD OUR WETA UK DOC MARTIN SERIES 4 EPISODE GUIDE HERE!

Keep the laughs coming on Friday at 10:30pm as we premiere Black Books series 1! Bernard is grumpy and doesn’t understand the rest of the world. He’s created his own safe haven within the grubby confines of his book shop. Bernard loves his books and hates his customers – a combination unlikely to earn him a businessman of the year award but a one that leads to many hilarious encounters. DOWNLOAD OUR WETA UK BLACK BOOKS SERIES 1 EPISODE GUIDE HERE so you can stay on top of the series as it progresses!

WETA UK | Black Books



Stay in and brew some tea this Saturday while you watch more of our WETA UK EVENT: The Complete Downton Abbey beginning at 8:00pm. This week we conclude series 1 with episodes 3 and 4 back-to-back. Get excited for series 2 beginning next Saturday!

WETA UK Event: The Complete Downton Abbey


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This Week on WETA UK | October 1 – 7, 2012

We’re welcoming October with open arms as we begin a new month full of exciting new programs. Be sure to get an overview of this month in our COMING IN OCTOBER blog post and find a detailed breakdown of the week right here on the Programmer’s Choice every Monday!



Tonight, Monday, we continue the saga of I, Claudius with Poison is Queen beginning at 8:00pm. Earlier this year, David Bianculli of NPR wrote a rave review of this series. Read the article and listen to his segment here! If you haven’t joined in on the drama, thrill, and excitement of I, Claudius, there’s no better time to start than now! Catch up on the series so you’re ready for tonight with episode recaps on the KCET guide to I, Claudius



Tuesday at 8:00pm, take a trip to the English country side with historian Dan Cruickshank as he explores the stunning late 17th century property, Kinross House in Country House Revealed. Kinross House has a unique story including that of Sir William Bruce who was imperative to the restoration of King Charles II. With insight from Sir William's descendants, journalists and Scottish aristocracy, secrets long since forgotten are revealed, and offer an explanation into his ultimate downfall.  

WETA UK | Country House Revealed



Wednesday we begin mysteries at 8:00pm! This week, watch Masterpiece Mystery! Endeavour and meet rookie Detective Constable Endeavour Morse before he was the Inspector you know today. This special episode portrays a young Endeavour Morse, the low man on the force returning to Oxford with no track record and his future on the line.

Masterpiece Mystery! Endeavour


Series 3 of Allo, Allo begins Wednesday at 11:30pm! CLICK HERE to view and print our WETA UK ALLO, ALLO SERIES 3 EPISODE GUIDE for all the classic laughs! 

WETA UK | Allo, Allo



Thursday get primal at 8:00pm with David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals: Meat Eaters. Discover the diversity of carnivores, from arctic foxes who cache food for winter, through pack-hunting wolves, to big cats. Using infrared, he trails a lone leopard, and seeks out the biggest cat of all, the Siberian tiger. 

WETA UK | Life of Mammals


Series 4 of Are You Being Served? begins Thursday at 11:00pm! CLICK HERE to view and print our WETA UK ARE YOU BEING SERVED? SERIES 4 EPISODE GUIDE! 



Friday is your appointment with the Doctor of Laughs, Doc Martin from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. The Holly Bears a Prickle and Nowt So Queer air back to back this Friday giving you a double the dose of the doctor for your Friday night funnies.

Series 5 of My Hero begins Friday at 3:30pm! View and print our WETA UK MY HERO SERIES 5 EPISODE GUIDE HERE so you can follow along with this hilarious sitcom!

WETA UK | My Hero


Also, catch the first episode of Waiting for God series 3 Friday at 6:00pm! Use our WETA UK WAITING FOR GOD SERIES 3 EPISODE GUIDE HERE so you can follow along with each episode in series 3!

WETA UK | Waiting for God



Saturday is a BIG night! The WETA UK Event: The Complete Downton Abbey begins at 8:00pm! Every Saturday beginning this week, tune in to WETA UK for two back-to-back episodes of Downton Abbey from 8:00pm – 11:00pm. This week we kick off the WETA UK Event starting from the very beginning with episodes 1 & 2 of series 1. 

WETA UK Event: The Complete Downton Abbey



Sunday get laughs at 8:00pm as Yes, Minister continues with The Right to Know. Are there occasions when a Minister should be kept in the dark? The question takes on new meaning when the Minister's daughter joins a group protesting his plans for administration of the countryside. Then stay tuned for the premiere of Fawlty Towers series 2 at 8:30pm! CLICK HERE to view and print our WETA UK FAWLTY TOWERS SERIES 2 EPISODE GUIDE so you’re always filled in on what’s happened and what’s to come this series. 

WETA UK | Fawlty Towers


Let the SciFi continue with series 7 of Red Dwarf this Sunday at 11:00pm! Download, view, and print our WETA UK RED DWARF SERIES 7 EPISODE GUIDE because when you have 7 series, you need a guide to help you along.  

WETA UK | Red Dwarf


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Coming to WETA UK this October!

We’re thrilled to announce two new additions to the October WETA UK schedule as well as some exciting new series beginning this month. This is your guide to WETA UK October!

DOWNLOAD OUR WETA UK OCTOBER 2012 SCHEDULE HERE and come back to the Programmer’s Choice blog every Monday for a detailed WETA UK schedule for the week including downloadable WETA UK Episode Guides for new series!

Coming to WETA UK in October 2012


The WETA UK Event: The Complete Downton Abbey

Saturdays 8:00pm

Beginning October 6 at 8:00pm, WETA UK is bringing you’re the complete Downton Abbey as a part of our Saturday night WETA UK Event. Start watching this world renowned series from the very beginning for the best in today’s costume dramas. Set in 1912 England, the Crawley household, Downton Abbey, is bustling with both family and servants during the years just before World War I.

WETA UK Event: The Complete Downton Abbey


Inspector Morse

Wednesdays 8:00pm

Beginning October 10 at 8:00pm, invite Inspector Morse into your home as he investigates a new murder each week with the help of Sergeant Lewis. If you’ve seen Inspector Lewis or Endeavour, be sure to watch Inspector Morse, the series that inspired those two spin-offs, Wednesdays at 8:00pm!

WETA UK | Inspector Morse


NEW Series Beginning in October

Be sure to check back every Monday for exclusive WETA UK Episode Guide downloads for these new series.


Watch WETA UK here:

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WETA UK Comedy Fridays | Doc Martin the Complete Second Series


Tune into WETA UK Comedy Fridays for huge British laughs all day long! For a full WETA UK Comedy Friday schedule and some preview videos check out this blog post. 

Doc Martin airs on WETA UK Fridays at 8:00pm and this week, the English humor continues with series 2, episode 4 “Aromatherapy”. Haven’t seen series 2 up til now? Don’t remember what episodes you have or haven’t seen? Wondering what’s to come? Or simply love reading about the Doc? Download our Doc Martin Series 2 Episode Guide. The Programmer’s Choice blog is your go-to for exclusive WETA UK program information so check back right here for more episode guides and videos!

Click here for more WETA UK Episode Guides!

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Waking the Dead – The Complete Second Series

Next Thursday at 9:00pm on WETA UK, the second series of Waking the Dead begins! Follow along with Waking the Dead using this downloadable series 2 episode guide and be sure to tune in to WETA UK Thursdays at 9:00pm for Waking the Dead!


Waking the Dead Series 2 Premieres on WETA UK Thursday August 2, 2012 at 9:00pm


About the Series: Waking the Dead

Recent advances in forensic science, psychological profiling and new technology have revolutionized crime-solving. Now mysteries which have lain dormant for years can be reopened with a good chance of success. The Cold Case squad is a crack team of police investigators. Set up with the specific brief of reopening the files on unsolved cases, they re-examine the evidence and requestion witnesses. If anyone can track down a killer years after a murder, they can.

Leading the hunt is DS Peter Boyd. Haunted by the disappearance of his own teenage son years ago, he is committed to getting at the truth at all costs. Assisting him are a team of expert professionals: psychological profiler Dr Grace Foley, forensic scientist Dr Frankie Wharton, and detectives Amelia (Mel) Silver and Spencer Jordan, Boyd’s second in command. They are the best minds in their field and dedicated to their jobs. But digging up the past can be dangerous. The killer is still on the loose and could strike again…


About Series 2: Waking the Dead

In Series 2, a psychotic killer is the key to an investigation when a victim who survived is harassed by a copycat assailant, a deathbed confession appears to link the hanging of an East End gangster and the assassination of the jury who found him guilty, the team are up against a wall of Whitehall secrecy and a Home Office audit when a petty burglar is acquitted of murdering a prominent Home Officer advisor, and Boyd makes terrible mistakes while under pressure to discover the truth behind the disappearance of an 18-year old girl on Hampstead Heath in 1989.


WETA UK | Waking the Dead