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This Week on WETA UK: June 17-23

Check out what’s happening on WETA UK this week! Make sure to tune in for all your favorite British sitcoms and dramas. 
Monday at 7:00pm tune in to watch the sometimes dysfunctional, always hilarious Harpers in 

My Family. Watch two back-to-back episodes of My Family every weeknight from 7-8pm! Watch the trailer!

Tuesday at 11:00pm season 2 of Hustle begins Tuesday at 11:00pm. Watch as Michael Stone and his team of con artists attempt to pull one over on a man who claims he can’t be deceived. Watch the trailer! 
Thursday at 10:30pm tune in for a suspenseful episode of Waking the Dead! Follow the team 

as they investigate a former psychiatric unit patient accused of a string of murders in “Mask of Sanity, Part 1.” Watch the trailer!

Friday at 8:30pm watch your favorite gardening detectives get to the bottom of another case on Rosemary and Thyme! In this episode, someone is sabotaging competitors in the local gardening competition and it’s up to Rosemary and Thyme to put a stop to it. Watch the trailer!
Saturday at 8:00pm The WETA UK Event: The Complete Call the Midwife continues with the first

 three episodes of the second season! Watch as midwife Jenny Lee tends to London’s poor Poplar District in this hit drama series. Watch the trailer!

Sunday at 11:00pm catch the first episode of season two of Red Dwarf on Sunday night! Join space technician Dave Lister and his non-human companions as they traverse the galaxy in this cult science fiction sitcom. Stick around afterwards for episode 2 at 11:30! Watch the trailer! 
WETA UK logoCategory:WETA UK

Coming to WETA UK in December | New British Shows

We're thrilled to announce the WETA UK premieres of My Family, Wallander, and Reilly Ace of Spies! You can watch these new shows plus watch Downton Abbey from season 1 all this December on WETA UK the 24/7 British television channel in DC, MD, and VA! Read on for video previews, descriptions, and more. Come back to the Programmer's Choice Blog every Monday for highlights from the upcoming week's schedule!


Coming in December 2012 to WETA UK


Join us for the premiere of My Family, a British comedy about a family just trying to stay afloat in a crazy world. Dad, Ben is a dentist struggling to understand his wife Susan the terrible cook, daughter Janey the selfish shopping addict, youngest son Michael the brain, and eldest son Nick the lazy goof. Although loving and caring parents, Ben and Susan have a little trouble showing their children these true intentions since the kids are always up to something. Watch this series Mondays – Thursdays at 7:00pm beginning Monday December 3!

My Family


Reilly Ace of Spies is a witty drama based on the incredible escapades of MI6 secret agent, Sydney Reilly. Reilly was a Brit known as the best spy in the world and is also believed to be the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s famous fictional agent James Bond. This series is based on the 1967 book Ace of Spies by Robin Bruce Lockhart, the son Reilly’s fellow agent Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart. With thrill, suspense, drama, romance, and action, this series has it all. Dive into this exciting and legendary series with us! Watch Mondays at 8:00pm beginning December 3.

Reilly Ace of Spies


This month we’re introducing a new complete series for the WETA UK Event on Saturday nights: WETA UK Event: The Complete Wallander! Although his personal life is in shambles due to a broken marriage, a tragic relationship with his daughter, and an aging father, Inspector Kurt Wallander continues to solve heinous crimes as he has for decades. His focus is in high demand as he faces new bizarre crimes that are more complicated than usual. Watch all three seasons Saturdays at 8:00pm. Begin with season 1, episode 1 December 8!

WETA UK Event: The Complete Wallander


Downton Abbey season 1 comes to WETA UK! As season 3 approaches in January, catch up and relive the first season Tuesdays at 8:00pm beginning with episode 1 on December 18!

Hear what Hugh Bonneville (plays Robert Crawley) has to say in this PBS Q&A with the actor!