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This Week on WETA UK: June 17-23

Check out what’s happening on WETA UK this week! Make sure to tune in for all your favorite British sitcoms and dramas. 
Monday at 7:00pm tune in to watch the sometimes dysfunctional, always hilarious Harpers in 

My Family. Watch two back-to-back episodes of My Family every weeknight from 7-8pm! Watch the trailer!

Tuesday at 11:00pm season 2 of Hustle begins Tuesday at 11:00pm. Watch as Michael Stone and his team of con artists attempt to pull one over on a man who claims he can’t be deceived. Watch the trailer! 
Thursday at 10:30pm tune in for a suspenseful episode of Waking the Dead! Follow the team 

as they investigate a former psychiatric unit patient accused of a string of murders in “Mask of Sanity, Part 1.” Watch the trailer!

Friday at 8:30pm watch your favorite gardening detectives get to the bottom of another case on Rosemary and Thyme! In this episode, someone is sabotaging competitors in the local gardening competition and it’s up to Rosemary and Thyme to put a stop to it. Watch the trailer!
Saturday at 8:00pm The WETA UK Event: The Complete Call the Midwife continues with the first

 three episodes of the second season! Watch as midwife Jenny Lee tends to London’s poor Poplar District in this hit drama series. Watch the trailer!

Sunday at 11:00pm catch the first episode of season two of Red Dwarf on Sunday night! Join space technician Dave Lister and his non-human companions as they traverse the galaxy in this cult science fiction sitcom. Stick around afterwards for episode 2 at 11:30! Watch the trailer! 
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This Week on WETA UK: WETA UK Schedule November 26 – December 2

You don't have to live in England to watch TV from the UK! Right here in DC, MD, and VA, watch British television 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all for free and without commercials on WETA UK! Read on for our highlights in this week's WETA UK schedule!

Monday tune in for the conclusion of I, Claudius at 8:00pm! All the drama and excitement will come to a close in this last episode of the series Old King Log. We hope you’ve enjoyed this rare and monumental series.

WETA UK: I, Claudius


Tuesday at 6:00am, we begin All Creatures Great and Small season 2! This wholesome series is a family favorite and British classic. Download or print our WETA UK ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL SEASON 2 EPISODE GUIDE. This show also airs Sundays at 8:00am, Tuesdays – Fridays at 6:00am, and Mondays – Thursdays at 2:00pm on WETA UK.

Tuesday at 7:00pm, you can find your laughs with Last of the Summer Wine season 17 episode 1! This series is so funny it ran for 32 seasons. Don’t hesitate, jump right in!

Tuesday at 8:00pm, continue watching the period drama Call the Midwife. In this episode, a baby girl recently delivered by Jenny is snatched from her baby carriage. The local community unites as they search for the missing child. Meanwhile, Cynthia witnesses another type of loss as she assists soon-to-be parents David and Margaret.

Call the Midwife


Wednesday is full of thrill, drama, and crimes! At 8:00pm, catch part 2 of Inspector Morse: Happy Families, then at 9:00pm the final installment of Prime Suspect: The Last Witness, and on Hustle at 10:00pm, the team cons a pair of ruthless venture capitalists by posing as a PR company.


Thursday we want to feed your mystery and crime fix with the best of British dramas. First at 8:00pm Rosemary & Thyme are on to a new case, at 9:00pm Waking the Dead concludes the mystery In Sight of the Lord, and at 10:00pm on New Tricks, the team takes on Powerhouse.

WETA UK | Rosemary & Thyme


Friday start watching the light-hearted comedy My Hero from the very beginning! We’re airing season 1, episode 1 at 4:30pm on WETA UK! Check out this WETA UK MY HERO SEASON 1 EPISODE GUIDE for an outline of the season!

Friday is the last day of back-to-back episodes of Doc Martin. Return to this blog soon to see the new WETA UK Friday evening lineup and remember to watch back-to-back episodes of Doc Martin on WETA TV26 and WETA HD every Saturday at 8:00pm!


Saturday starting at 8:00pm, we conclude the most recent season of Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock during the WETA UK Event: The Complete Sherlock! The Hounds of Baskerville is a twist on the classic tale: A gigantic hound is legend around Baskerville, a top-secret military compound where, it's rumored, chemical and biological weapons experiments are conducted on genetically engineered animals.  Henry Knight has just seen the hound's footprints in the very location where it killed his father decades before. Sherlock Holmes gleefully sets off to track the demonic hound with John Watson in tow. Then the big finale The Reichenbach Fall: Insane criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty is busy plotting the crime of the century. But bringing Britain to its knees is just a prelude for Sherlock's arch-nemesis, who orchestrates a perilous cat-and-mouse game with the object of his obsession.

WETA UK Event: The Complete Sherlock


Sunday starting at 8:00pm get your laugh on with Yes, Minister, Miranda, Black Adder, and Mr. Bean