'Call the Midwife' Renewed for Three Additional Seasons

The cast of the new "Call the Midwife" holiday special.  (Photo: BBC/Neal Street Productions)

In good news you might have missed during the Thanksgiving holiday: popular period drama Call the Midwife is going to be sticking around awhile. The BBC announced last week that the series has been renewed – not just for a single additional season, or even two, but three.

The medical drama follows the story of a group of nurse midwives and nuns who care for the residents of the economically disadvantaged neighborhood of Poplar. Call the Midwife, of course, is so much more than that though – really digging into the personal stories of all the different women involved. (It’s also great if you happen to need a good cry for whatever reason.) 

This Year's Star-studded British Christmas Adverts

Janet McTeer stars as Mrs. Claus in this holiday spot. (Image: Marks & Spencer/RKCR/Y&R)

Christmas advertisements are highly anticipated and closely scrutinized in the UK. So we took a look at this year's offerings and found a celebrity trend. Check out which familiar faces and voices contributed their talents as retail spokespersons and conveyors of holiday cheer.

Watch 'The Hollow Crown Wars of the Roses' Cast and Director Discuss the Show

Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in "The Hollow Crown" (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Viglasky © 2015 Carnival Film & Television Ltd)

After what feels like an excruciatingly long wait, the highly anticipated sequel to The Hollow Crownsubtitled The Wars of the Rosesis finally airing in America on PBS’ Great Performances this December.

The original Hollow Crown adapted four of Shakespeare’s history plays – Richard II, Henry IV Pts. 1 and 2 and Henry V – into a single chronological narrative, with the majority of the relevant actors performing the same roles across all the plays. The three-part sequel takes on the next part of the story, and will feature adaptations of Henry VI (streamlined into two parts) and Richard III.  The plays recount the story of the titular Wars of the Roses, when two families – the Plantagenets and the Lancasters – battled for control of England’s throne.

PBS has released a new video interview where several members of the Wars of the Roses cast and production team – including star Benedict Cumberbatch – discuss the series, Shakespeare’s works, and the history behind the plays.

New ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Photos Released

Amanda Abbington, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the cutest family photo ever. (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films 2016 for MASTERPIECE)

Even though Thanksgiving is technically over for us Americans, there’s still plenty to be thankful for this week. One of the biggest is that we’re just over a month away from new Sherlock episodes (finally!!). And since that’s the case, that means new promotional material is ever so slowly starting to head our way.

There’s already been a rather dramatic trailer for the new season, but now it’s time for some new photos of the series’ main cast. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are prominently featured (obviously), but we also get new looks at Amanda Abbington, Mark Gatiss, Una Stubbs and guest star Toby Jones. Oh, and Baby Watson makes his or her first official appearance! (Sort of.) 

Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 9

Ross and Demelza and dramatic firelight from the local riot. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Ross waffles some more about his feelings for Elizabeth and Demelza. For her part, Demelza has had quite enough of Ross’ awful behavior, and lets him know about it. She also takes herself to a house party where she tries to commit some revenge adultery with Captain MacNeil. She can’t go through with it in the end, but she can’t seem to forgive Ross either. (And his attitude is not helping.) Elsewhere, Elizabeth gets tired of putting her life in limbo for Ross, and marries George Warleggan. And I debate whether I can start a petition to ban all men in Cornwall, and let the women of Poldark build their own matriarchy.

Need more details? You can find last week’s recap here

This Heathrow Ad is the Warm Fuzzy We All Need This Holiday Season

These adorable bears star in the best holiday ad of 2016. (Photo: Heathrow Media Centre)

It's probably not an overstatement to say that, for much of the world, 2016 has been kind of a rough year. And as it (finally) starts to winds down, it's okay to admit that we all maybe need a little extra cuteness to get us through these last few weeks. 

Enter, Heathrow Airport. No, not the way you think, though it'd be pretty great if we all suddenly woke up with round-trip tickets to London as some kind of "Congrats on surviving a pretty awful year" cosmic reward. (Hint, hint, universe.) Instead, Heathrow has actually decided to make its first ever holiday commercial about itself. And, though you may think this is a weird idea, the final product is completely adorable. And provides a much-needed emotional balm for our frayed spirits.

Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 8

Demelza looks amazing - that dress! (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Elizabeth agrees to marry Vile George Warleggan, because she’s a broke widow with a child who’s out of options. Ross, as you might expect, doesn’t take well to this news and barges over to Trenwith to confront his ex about her choices that have no impact on his life at all. The two of them end up sleeping together, in an act that’s in an uncomfortable grey area, consent-wise. (Surprise: Ross is the worst!) Elsewhere, things are looking up for a moment at Wheal Grace when the miners discover a significant tin deposit, but a cave-in destroys all their hopes. (And kills a couple of people.) Dwight gets a letter from Caroilne, asking him to stop writing to her. And Ross admits to Demelza that he “had no choice” but to sleep with Elizabeth, and she knocks him flat.

Need more details? You can find last week’s recap here

New PBS Trailer Promises a New Era with 'Victoria'

Long live the Queen. (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

The wait it almost over, folks! Victoria, the latest big period drama hit in the UKwill finally begin in America in just about two months. It's two-hour premiere is officially set for January 15, 2017. And, honestly, I think a big, old-fashioned splashy costume drama is exactly what we all need right now.