The Tenth Doctor and an adorable kitten, courtesy of Tennant's time on "Doctor Who". (Photo: BBC)

David Tennant Narrates Soothing Anti-Stress Videos for Pets

Bonfire Night is almost upon us - that annual UK tradition which involves fireworks, general merrymaking and, yes, bonfires, all in celebration of that time that a 17th century plotter named Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament and failed. As the description implies, the evening is filled with some fairly loud celebrations, all of which can terrify our beloved four-legged friends who have no idea what's going on. 

Luckily, the Doctor is here to help. 

Telly Tour of the UK Episode 2: Wales

Stella (Ruth Jones) looks out over her South Wales village of Pontyberry. (Image credit: BBC Worldwide)

Do you dream of taking a grand tour of the United Kingdom, but don't have the cash on hand to make the trip? Join our blogger Carmen as she traverses this island that enchants us while presenting examples of television series set in each region of the country. You'll get a taste for the diverse natural beauty, history, landmarks and people of each unique area and no passports are required. This time we venture to Wales with stops in Cardiff, Barry and the South Wales Valleys.

Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 5

Caroline and Dwight sure are cute together though. (Photo:  Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: The timeline of our story jumps forward roughly a year. Vile George Warleggan and his equally Vile Uncle arrange to purchase Ross’ debt from the bank, with plans to call it in and ruin him. Elsewhere, Ross and Elizabeth have a weird personal conversation at a big dinner party, where they talk about their feelings for each other in front of like 20 other people. Which is apparently not weird at all. Elizabeth says it’s definitely possible to be in love with two men at once, and they skirt around admitting that they still wish they had gotten a chance together. Caroline and Dwight reunite and talk about how bad they both are at dating. They also manage to kiss though, so things turnout okay. What does NOT turn out okay is Francis’ storyline because he ends up drowned. 

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Anna Maxwell Martin as Midwinter of the Spirit's Rev. Merrily Watkins  (Image courtesy of Ben Blackall/ITV)

Haunting Telly to Stream this Halloween Season

If the leaves are turning and jack-o-lanterns are making an appearance in your neighborhood, chances are good that Halloween’s on its way. At Telly Visions that means it’s time to roll out our list of spooktastic telly. This year our recommendations focus on the paranormal - ghosts, poltergeists, possessions, haunted houses, etc. We’ve got a nice little mix of UK-based frights and they’re all ready to thrill you at just the click of a mouse.

Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 4

Kyle Soller as Francis Poldark. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Desperate to get out from under the thumb of Vile George Warleggan, Ross and Francis decide to go into business together and reopen the mine at Wheal Leisure. They’re pretty excited about it, and it’s very cute to watch the whole Poldark clan mend fences and reunite with one another. Francis even decides to finally forgive Verity for marrying Andrew Blamey! Elsewhere, Dwight Enys teaches Caroline Penvenen about how hard it is to get medical treatment as a poor person. As a result, she donates several batches of oranges to help those villagers stricken with scurvy and she and Dwight flirt some more. Elsewhere, Demelza goes into labor in a rowboat, before being rescued by Ross and giving birth to a boy.

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Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 3

 Ross and Francis, best friends forever. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: The feud between Ross and Vile George Warleggan intensifies, now that Ross has managed to escape prison. Warleggan manages to buy up more shares in Wheal Leisure, install his creepy flunky on the board, and has Jud nearly beat half to death. To make matters worse, it turns out that the Poldarks are flat broke, and have to sell almost all of their early possessions to come up with enough money to pay the interest on the loan. Elizabeth manages to get Ross and Demelza to attend Francis’ harvest party, and the family finally mends fences. While they’re at Trenwith, though, Ross and Elizabeth share a weirdly intimate conversation, where he decides to reminisce about how perfect Elizabeth is and how great they were together. Which of course Demelza overhears. She’s not happy about it, but somehow Ross manages to figure out that she’s pregnant, which smooths things over between them for now.

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Thankfully, Poldark Season 2 seems to be building into a much more entertaining experience the further away we get from Ross’ trial. The bulk of this week’s installment is built around the main Poldark family foursome, and it’s really pretty great to watch.