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'Victoria' Season 1: 'Young England' Recap

Victoria's carriage ride look is too cute. (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

Previously on Victoria: The queen discovers – to absolutely no one’s surprise – that she’s pregnant. Everyone’s thrilled, although Victoria’s less than thrilled with the fact that everyone thinks her pregnancy should incapacitate her. She must name a regent, in case she should die herself, but a battle with Parliament looms when she picks Albert. Or at least it does until Sir Robert Peel – who’s now basically BFFs with Albert – decides to back the queen’s choice. Meanwhile, Albert very much wants the crown to embrace technology, particularly locomotives. (No, seriously, Albert is obsessed with trains.)  Victoria, for her part, finally allows Albert to have some input in governing, and puts him in charge of her “industry-related” stack of government paperwork.

This week is the Season 1 finale of Victoria. As with all good period dramas, it feels as though the season has positively flown by. (In case you were worried, the series will return for second season, and production is already under way.) And as finales go, it’s a pretty great one. This episode has a little bit of everything – romance, intrigue, childbirth, tension, and a happy ending. Even the squabbling servants end up making up. It’s a nice note to wrap the season up on. 

'Victoria' Season 1: 'The Engine of Change' Recap

Victoria and Albert on tour, so to speak. (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

Previously on Victoria: The queen and her new husband return from their honeymoon, where they’ve discovered they quite enjoy being married. So much so, that Victoria would also like to discover how to not get pregnant just yet. (She wants children, of course – just, not right now.) Unfortunately, Lehzen gives her completely ridiculous advice on the subject.  Albert struggles to find something to give his new life in England purpose, while Victoria does her best to get him the respect her deserves from her court.  

This week’s episode is quiet, but generally charming, and for all that Victoria and Albert may not exactly be a sweeping romance, they’re becoming a pretty great partnership. And that may be a better thing, in the end. 

'Victoria' Season 1: The Queen's Husband' Recap

Victoria and Albert out on a stroll. (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

Previously, on Victoria: Victoria and Albert tell everyone about their engagement. The queen faces off with her ministers and Parliament itself about what Albert’s title might be, and how much of an allowance he’ll be allowed. The amount ends up being less than he wants, and Albert frets that he’ll be dependent on Victoria for everything. Despite several setbacks, including everyone in the queen’s life explaining to her that aristocratic men tend to have mistresses after they’re married, Victoria and Albert’s wedding takes place. Victoria and Lord Melbourne say a rather heartfelt and heartbreaking goodbye, as he decides to go run the government from Brocket Hall. We’ll miss you, Lord M!

This week’s episode is much slower than last week’s, which is probably natural, after all that romantic excitement. 

'Victoria' Season 1: 'An Ordinary Woman' Recap

Victoria and Albert's wedding is lovely. (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

Previously, on Victoria: Prince Albert arrives in England and virtually overnight everyone Victoria knows is pushing the two of them to get married. Except for Lord Melbourne, obviously, who is busy being sad because he is basically doomed to love the queen from afar.  After a lot of that kind of flirting where two people are repeatedly rude to each other to indicate their interest and that’s declared romantic, Victoria proposes to Albert. Lord M decides its time to hang it up as a politician. And the queen’s hairdresser Skerett has a stolen identity and some kind of secret life going on.

This week, we’re barreling toward Victoria and Albert’s wedding. Since we know these crazy kids are going to get there in the end, what can we expect along the way? 

'Victoria' Season 1: 'The Clockwork Prince' Recap

Queen Victoria and Lord Melbourne in less angsty times. (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

Previously on Victoria: The queen’s Uncle Leopold, the King of Belgium, comes to visit. He and Victoria’s mother immediately start campaigning for Victoria to get married. As for the queen, she’s not terribly interested in any of her current suitors, largely because she’s pretty much head over heels for Lord Melbourne. But, when she confesses her feelings for him, he does the noble thing and rejects her, putting his duty to England first. Though Lord M later backhandedly confirms that he shares Victoria’s romantic attachment, the young queen remains convinced that she will never be happy. But King Leopold has surreptitiously invited his nephew Albert to come to England for a visit, against the queen’s wishes. 

This week, we finally meet Prince Albert. But the show may have waited just a bit too long to introduce the famous love of Victoria’s life. Not only have we all already developed crushes on Lord Melbourne (and the swoon-worthy Rufus Sewell) in the meantime, but his initial arrival kind of said “rude jerk” more than “perfect prince”. 

Will Albert acquit himself a little better this week? 

'Victoria' Season 1: 'Brocket Hall' Recap

Victoria's very fateful piano recital (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc)

Previously on Victoria: Alexandrina Victoria becomes Queen of England at the age of eighteen. As the young monarch struggles to find her feet, we meet her manipulative family (terrible), Lord Melbourne (dreamy), her Prime Minister, and a (pointless) cast of servants who live downstairs. Victoria and “Lord M” immediately become inseparable, forming a close friendship and developing something of a (historically inaccurate) crush on each other, which causes some scandalous gossip.  The young queen also ends up involved in several embarrassing public incidents, including refusing to form a government unless her particular choice can lead it, and accusing one of her mother’s ladies in waiting of an affair. By the end of the day, though, Victoria has established herself, grown up a little bit, and reinstalled Lord M as Prime Minister.

Where do we go from here? Let’s find out this week. 

Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 9

Ross and Demelza and dramatic firelight from the local riot. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Ross waffles some more about his feelings for Elizabeth and Demelza. For her part, Demelza has had quite enough of Ross’ awful behavior, and lets him know about it. She also takes herself to a house party where she tries to commit some revenge adultery with Captain MacNeil. She can’t go through with it in the end, but she can’t seem to forgive Ross either. (And his attitude is not helping.) Elsewhere, Elizabeth gets tired of putting her life in limbo for Ross, and marries George Warleggan. And I debate whether I can start a petition to ban all men in Cornwall, and let the women of Poldark build their own matriarchy.

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Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 8

Demelza looks amazing - that dress! (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Elizabeth agrees to marry Vile George Warleggan, because she’s a broke widow with a child who’s out of options. Ross, as you might expect, doesn’t take well to this news and barges over to Trenwith to confront his ex about her choices that have no impact on his life at all. The two of them end up sleeping together, in an act that’s in an uncomfortable grey area, consent-wise. (Surprise: Ross is the worst!) Elsewhere, things are looking up for a moment at Wheal Grace when the miners discover a significant tin deposit, but a cave-in destroys all their hopes. (And kills a couple of people.) Dwight gets a letter from Caroilne, asking him to stop writing to her. And Ross admits to Demelza that he “had no choice” but to sleep with Elizabeth, and she knocks him flat.

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Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 7

Ross and Demelza's relationship needs some work. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Ross and his miner friends locate Mark Daniels, but his knowledge of Wheal Grace doesn’t help them find any copper. Dwight and Caroline make plans to run off together and get married, even though he’s struggling with leaving his village life behind. Elizabeth has complicated feelings about Ross. Demelza weirdly seems angry at Elizabeth for existing than she does at Ross for being a jerk. Dwight discovers the identity of the informer that’s been telling the local soldiers about the smugglers running in and out of area coves, he leaves Caroline waiting to go help his friends. The soldiers and the smugglers scuffle, but all the locals manage to get away without being captured. Well done, Dwight! Unfortunately, Caroline doesn’t think so, and heads off to London with her Uncle Ray. She says she expects she’ll never see Dwight again, since its obvious his art is really with his patients and their village.

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Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 6

Dwight looks quite heroic this week, unless you're his girlfriend. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Demelza is irritated that Ross is spending so much time helping Demelza, who’s still reeling in the aftermath of her husband’s death. The Warleggans call in Ross’ debt, and the threat of debtors is real when he can’t pay. Happily, Caroline Penvenen, who has come into her majority, decides to secretly buy out Ross’ loan so he doesn’t have to go to jail. Caroline’s romance with Dwight is also moving along. Her Uncle Ray tells him to leave his niece alone because she’s above his station, but Dwight and Caroline continue to go on what appears to be daily rides together and talk about what their life together might look like. Oh, and Ross and Demelza finally make up when he buys her some pointless and expensive stockings. Yay?

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