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Recapping ‘Mr. Selfridge’: Series 3, Episode 4

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: Agnes finally tracks down Henri during his multi-day PTSD episode (yay!) but the upshot of their conversation is that they need to leave London if Henri’s going to have any chance at getting well (boo!) Kitty goes to the police to try and get the guys who almost raped her arrested, and learns that her husband is the reason they were all drunk and riled up. Victor and Violette Selfridge hook up and it’s just as unappealing as you’d expect it to be. Harry Selfridge throws himself at crusading veterans advocate Nancy Webb despite her protestations that she’s not interested, because Harry Selfridge is actually sort of gross sometimes and I don’t understand how he got an awesome woman like Rose to marry him ever. (Also, I miss Rose. Still.)

(If you need more, last week’s recap is right here.)

In short: This season is real weird. Onward! 


Recapping ‘Mr. Selfridge’: Series 3, Episode 3

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: Because for some reason that makes no sense, Selfridge is just allowing a lot of belligerent, unemployed, possibly homeless IDK dudes to hang out across the street from the store and harass his employees and customers. Mr. Edwards gets two of them drunk to interview for his new book and they end up attacking his wife Kitty on her way home. Henri has another extended PTSD episode which ends with him and Agnes having a shouting fight and tears in a Selfridges’ display window. Harry takes out a personal loan to buy the land for his housing project, but Vile Loxley manipulates the auction (i.e. antagonizes Harry into a bidding war) and Selfridge ends up paying double his intended price. Harry’s mom starts investigating Princess Marie in secret because she keeps lying about her living situation. Violette Selfridge randomly shows up at Victor’s jazz bar and flirts aggressively with him, even though I’m not sure they’ve ever actually met before. Look out. (If you need more, last week’s recap is right here.)

Onward to this week! 



Recapping ‘Mr. Selfridge’: Series 3, Episode 2

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: Five years after the conclusion of Season 2, Rose Selfridge dies, and my heart is broken forever. Harry’s not dealing with this well, and becomes obsessed with a new project meant to help build houses for homeless veterans because the thinks it’s what his dead wife would like. Crabb, who is existing in a constant state of near emotional collapse because of Selfridge’s repeatedly poor decisions. openly challenges Harry at a board meeting over money for the project. Loxley is still alive because this show hates me and is busy swearing vengeance on Harry for causing his divorce, despite the fact tha the was an abuser. Oh, and Rosalie’s married some Russian aviator named Sergei who is a huge, inconsiderate jerk with a pushy, over dramatic mother. (If you need more, last week’s recap is right here.)

So, yeah. Business as usual at Selfridge’s, wouldn’t you say? Onward to this week’s episode. 


Recapping ‘Mr. Selfridge’: Series 3, Episode 1

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: There is too much. Let me sum up. If by “sum up” you mean, encourage everyone to just go skim the recaps from last season. There’s a lot.

Welcome back to another glittering, violently well-dressed, occasionally frustrating season of Mr. Selfridge. Let’s just jump right to it, shall we? 


Recapping ‘Mr Selfridge’: Series 2, Episode 8

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: Harry comes back from his Not at All Sekrit Trip to Germany and discovers he’s getting blasted in the English press over the fact that Vile Loxley’s government committee allegedly sold the army poor quality boots on his recommendation. Harry and Agnes join forces to track down Henri’s irritating French ex-girlfriend Valerie, who clears him of embezzlement charges so he can be set free. Henri helpfully used his time in jail to realize he’s into Agnes, who’s busy getting ready to marry Victor. Delphine, who remains the worst friend ever, convinces some obnoxious American film stars to come shop in Selfridges so Harry can feel like a special snowflake. Vile Loxley tries to get Mae to come back to him and she tells him she wants a divorce. She also tries to make things right with Harry, who responds by (awesomely) throwing her out of his house.

How are we already at the season finale? How? At least it’s an extended episode, but still. Anyway, lots to talk about! Onward! 


Recapping ‘Mr Selfridge’: Series 2, Episode 7

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: An entire episode in which Harry Selfridge did not appear happened! However, there was still a lot of drama to be had. Henri has been arrested, because someone turned him in to the police as a spy, but it turns out he’s also a wanted man in America To the shock of zero people, Loxley’s crime-infested military suppliers turn out to be shady, and scandal ensues when the army ends up with shoddy boots. Loxley blames Harry, who can’t defend himself because he’s on a secret mission to Germany. Miss Mardle, whose hairstyle is deeply troubling at this point, discovers that her attractive Belgian lodger has a thing for her. Mae decides she’s had enough waiting to become a statistic, SVU-style, and leaves her vile husband (but keeps her awesome ladies maid).

Well, we have a lot of stuff to deal with this week, huh? 


Recapping ‘Mr Selfridge’: Series 2, Episode 6

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: Harry got picked by the British intelligence service to go basically spy for them in Germany and had to vanish off on a secret mission without telling anyone. Except Delphine for some reason, who has suffered a complete collapse as a character and decided to basically throw herself at Harry because he is rich. Mae reminisces about her days as a showgirl with Alfie Boe, Victor proposes to Agnes and Henri gets arrested at a charity concert because someone’s reported him to the police as a spy.

Lots of stuff going on this week - and the biggest surprise? Star Jeremy Piven actually doesn't appear in this episode at all. Yeah, really. 

Let's get right to it, shall we? 


Recapping ‘Mr Selfridge’: Series 2, Episode 5

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: Women come to work physical labor jobs at Selfridges and everyone (read: Grove) freaks out about it. Rose, who is fast becoming the most awesome person on this show, steps in to handle everyone’s wardrobe difficulties as the men seem to become vaguely faint at the mention of corsets. Oh, and also she’s apparently a crack shot, who knew. Miss Mardle’s plan to take in Belgian refuges in her massive new house seems to mean take in one random Belgian refugee who accidentally turns out to be a young attractive man. Thackeray gets suspicious about Henri’s national pride because he hates him and subsequently stalks him all over the place. Victor decides to take over his recently deceased uncle’s restaurant and finally gets the nerve to ask Agnes out. Oh, and Harry gets invited to a posh card game staffed by government employees and has an awkward public spat with Vile Loxley.  But that doesn’t matter because he’s gotten the attention of a mysterious government minister we’ve never seen before.

Fingers crossed something interesting actually happens in this episode, huh? Onward. 


Recapping ‘Mr. Selfridge’: Series 2, Episode 4

Previously on Mr. Selfridge: A massacre in Belgium has all the Selfridge’s boys itching to enlist, and Harry promises that their jobs will be there for them when they com home. Rose, Delphine and Mae join forces to co-chair a successful chocolate sale for the benefit of Belgian refugees and we learn that Miss Mardle apparently needs a twelve-step group for her chocolate-related feelings.  Henri agrees to come back to work for Harry for six months, but definitely has something weird going on on the side.  George Towler excitedly enlists in a burst of national pride; Victor tries to do the same, only to have his plans derail when his Uncle Joe dies. Lord Loxley is a vile criminal, to the surprise of no one. Harry and Rose work on fixing their marriage, and are oddly adorable together, possibly for the first time in the show’s history. 

Another week, another episode. Let's get to it! 


Recapping ‘Mr. Selfridge’: Series 2, Episode 3

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: Harry continues his campaign to convince Rose he’s a changed man. Mr. Grove finally gets into a spot of trouble for being late all the time.  Loxley uses Selfridge to find out information he can use to help his political aspirations; Mae gets the lock on her bedroom changed. Edwards and Kitty go on a date, because this show hates me. Selfridge and Henri get their bromance back on track, and Henri comes back to the store to help Agnes stage the big display of national pride that is the Empire Exhibition. However, the store celebrations are called off when news arrives that Germany has declared war on France, and England finds itself at war soon after. 

Time for another week of drama! Let's get right into it. 


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