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Jesse Remedios is one of those rare born and raised DMV natives people hear about yet much too seldom actually meet. His love of history started at a young age, visiting the plethora of monuments, national parks, and random historic sites around the area with his mom and grandma on weekends. As a student at Duke University, Jesse split his time between cheering for the Blue Devils with the iconic Cameron Crazies and rummaging through the Duke University Archives in the library with his slightly less iconic fellow history majors. He returned to his hometown after graduating in 2017 to teach third grade English in D.C. through the AmeriCorps City Year program. He hopes you will enjoy his articles as much as his students enjoyed his attempts at mastering all of D.C.'s greatest dance fads. 

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The Goodman League: Comedy, Cookout, Church, and Basketball

Capital Punishment - Goodman League vs. Drew League (Source: GAMEFACE-PHOTOS on flickr. Used via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.)

In the summer of 2011, basketball fans across the country weren't sure when they would ever get to see their favorite NBA players in action again due to labor strife. Luckily for those right here in the District, a community streetball league based in Southeast offered up the perfect solution to get some of the game's top talent on the court and competing again, and managed to turn a small gym in Northeast, D.C. into the center of the basketball universe for one special night.