Amazing Internet Things: Welcome to Downton Arby’s

It doesn’t look like the trend of Downton Abbey parodies is slowing down anytime soon, which is really just a bonus for those of us that are fans of the show, because they just keep getting better and better. (I sincerely hope these things just keep coming from now until Series 3 screens. I will happily watch all of them!)

This latest bit of Downton fun is a wonderfully clever send up from the folks behind Yahoo’s new series of sketch comedy shorts that transplants the Edwardian drama into the world of fast food franchises. Lord Grantham must find a prospective son-in-law to marry one of his daughters so that the family’s Arby’s restaurant won’t get shut down by Corporate. Hilarity ensues.

Click through and take a look for yourself! The opening shot is priceless and this clip’s take on Thomas and O’Brien is spot-on. All in all, you'll probably be surprised by how funny this actually is - this premise shouldn't work nearly as well as it does. But it's hilarious!

I can only ask though – where is the Dowager Countess/a hilariously fake Maggie Smith? It would really be the, um, “horsey sauce” on top of this experience, I think.

Thanks to reader John Antonelli who tweeted this at us! If you see something that’s a relevant Amazing Internet Thing – do tell! We’ll see if we can’t share it with everyone.  (And, really, I live for these things so I promise to watch them all. You know, for research.)

What was your favorite bit of Downton Arby's? (Mine's a toss-up between Thomas tripping Bates repeatedly with roast beef and Edith's weird obsession with condiments.)