The Friday News Roundup: The Short and Sweet Edition

Happy Friday, folks! Let’s jump right in to this week’s News Roundup – pausing only briefly to express relief that we seem to be actually back on a weekly schedule again, hurrah! It’s a bit on the shorter side this time out – but there’s some great little nuggets about all sorts of shows to make up for it.

So, click through for this week’s dose of interesting news from the land of British (and British-related) entertainment, including Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Absolutely Fabulous, The Only Way is Essex, Being Human and more!

CBS has picked up modern Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary as one of their new series for Fall. I still think this is a bad idea, but well, let’s see how right I turn out to be.

You can also see the first official Elementary promo pic with stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. I’m just going to put it out there: that scarf is a mistake. ETA: There’s a first behind-the-scenes/preview thing out now too.

Sherlock, Great Expectations and Frozen Planet led the field with three awards apiece at this weekend’s BAFTA Television Craft Awards.

The Doctor Who Experience officially moves to Cardiff. If you’re going to be in Wales anytime soon, the opening date for the new exhibit has been set.

Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens is set to make his Broadway debut later this year opposite Jessica Chastain in a revival of The Heiress.

Are Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry planning to work together on another project sometime soon? Maybe!

An exceptional interview with Benedict Cumberbatch about Sherlock and loads of other things. Warning: it’s outstanding, but it might make you cry.

BBC America is planning loads of Beatles-related programming in June.

Ashleigh and Pudsey (a dog dancing act, believe it or not) win Britain’s Got Talent 2012.

Karen Gillan tweets that she and Arthur Darvill have officially wrapped their last day of filming on Doctor Who.

In more Karen Gillan news, apparently the (now former) Companion would like to make an appearance on NBC comedy Community and be part of their on-going Inspector Spacetime spoof. But, hey she got to the Cannes Film Festival this week, so, not too shabby!

An intriguing tidbit of info has surfaced about Doctor Who’s River Song, straight from the mouth (er..Twitter) of Steven Moffat.

Even the British Press is covering the fact that Sherlock had eight minutes edited out for American broadcast.

Get the official details on ITV’s new upcoming drama Homefront with Claire Skinner.

For those of you who are into Banksy: there’s a new one in north London.

“Why Can’t Americans Watch British TV Shows as Soon as They Air?” – an interesting read from The Atlantic.

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley teases the show’s upcoming Olympic special.

Production has started on Being Human Series 5 this week – the official blog promises it will be “bigger, bolder, braver” than ever. (Warning: S4 spoilers if you’ve not seen it yet, though!)

Sam Faiers apparently has hinted that she may be about to leave The Only Way is Essex.

Sherlock co-creator (and star) Mark Gatiss says Mycroft is the cleverer Holmes brother.

Here’s a new interview with Downton Abbey newcomer Shirley MacLaine, in which she discusses the show’s fashions and what it’s like working opposite Dame Maggie Smith.

This roundup from The Seattle Times has a few good tidbits about what various members of the Downton cast are up to these days.

In case you missed the news earlier this week: BBC hit Call the Midwife will be coming to PBS stations here in the States this Fall.

Sherlock Holmes now holds a Guinness World Record: He is now the most portrayed literary character ever in TV and film.

The BBC is officially moving all its children’s programming – including the iconic Blue Peter which is something like 50 years old – off of BBC One and BBC Two.

In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, an interesting look at how people watch Royal events, from 1953 to the age of Twitter.

Doctor Who Series 6 was the most downloaded show on iTunes in America for 2011.