Watch the First Trailer for Red Dwarf X!

Smeg-heads, rejoice the first trailer for the highly-anticipated new series of Red Dwarf is here! The popular sci-fi comedy will be back this fall for a six-episode run, complete with original cast members Robert Llewellyn, Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules on board.

Red Dwarf will air on UK network Dave, which was also behind the comedy’s three-part Back to Earth special that aired in 2009. (Prior to that, the sci-fi seires aired on the BBC.) No word on whether we’ll see this air at some point in the States, but here’s hoping!

While this first trailer is a bit on the “short and sweet” side – clocking in at just under a minute – but it’s still got a couple of funny gags, including Lister managing to lose Rimmer in a poker game.

Click through and take a look for yourselves – what say you, Red Dwarf lovers? Does this look like the series has still got it?

I’m still working my way through Red Dwarf, so I don’t know that I’m entirely prepared to fully judge this yet, though my gut says it looks entertaining. Will be interested to see what others think of it.

Source: Digital Spy