Watch: Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren in the Trailer for Hitchcock

Who knew British director Sir Alfred Hitchcock would be such a big deal in 2012? BBC Two drama The Girl which chronicles the making of his classic film The Birds (and Hitchcock’s obsession with actress Tippi Hedren) is already set to premiere later this month on HBO, and now a feature film version of his struggle to get horror masterpiece Psycho filmed is due in theaters this November.

Hitchcock stars Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins as the famous director, alongside the equally formidable Dame Helen Mirren as Hitchcock’s wife Alma Reville. Avengers star Scarlett Johansson plays the infamous Janet Leigh, destined to be knifed to death in the shower of the Bates Motel (a.k.a that scene from Psycho everyone knows even if they’ve never seen Psycho). Click through to watch the trailer for Hitchcock, and tell us how you think Hopkins stacks up against The Girl’s Toby Jones.

Going by this trailer, Hitchcock does not have nearly the same creepy/disturbing vibe that The Girl offers – it actually got a laugh out of me more than once -and both Hopkins and Mirren seem incredibly awesome in their roles. In fact, I’m much more interested in just seeing them act with/around/near each other for two hours than I am in whatever this movie’s got to say about how Psycho came to exist. And, given the fact that The Girl focuses so heavily on Hitchcock’s rather intense relationship with Hedren, it’s almost nice to see that this film spotlights his relationship with his wife so strongly, particularly when she was such a driving force behind his films. (And also when she’s being played by Mirren, whom I love in any capacity.)

Hitchcock - Official Trailer (HD)

For comparison’s sake, here’s another look at Toby Jones as Hitchcock in The Girl:

HBO Films: The Girl - Trailer

Which of the two performances do you think is more accurate?