‘Sherlock’ Plus ‘Downton Abbey’ Equals the Best Sunday Nights Ever in 2014


"Sherlock" and "Downton Abbey" on the same night? Yeah, we're excited.
Basically, we’re all counting down to the New Year not because we want to celebrate turning over a new calendar page or anything, but because crossing into 2014 means that two of the most (if not absolute most) highly anticipated pieces of British television will be just days away from airing. Megahits Downton Abbey  and Sherlock are both set to return to US television screens this January, airing back-to-back on Sunday nights, and fans everywhere are basically beside themselves with excitement.

PBS has put together a special promo touting the fact that Sunday nights in January are about to become a Very Big Deal with the back-to-back airings of two of the networks biggest hits to date.  The new spot features snippets from both shows – sadly, predominantly from earlier seasons – along a similar theme that looks to the future.

How will she manage? This is the question all Downton fans are asking themselves – how will Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) deal with life in the wake of her husband Matthew’s (Dan Stevens) death? How will she manage raising their son alone? Well, alone, being relative in this particular instance, if we’re counting the veritable army of servants and multiple sets of grandparents and great-grandparents.

The question plaguing Sherlock fans is of a slightly different variety – how did the world’s only consulting detective manage to leap to his own death and not, as it turns out, actually die? Though it would be fair to ask ourselves exactly how poor John Watson’s (Martin Freeman) been coping with life whilst thinking his BFF threw himself off of a rooftop. Everyone’s eagerly awaiting Sherlock Holmes’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) return to the land of the living, and wondering how literature’s greatest best friends are going to work out their issues and get back to the whole solving amazing mysteries thing.

Watch the new double-feature promo for yourself below – and start getting excited for Sunday nights! 

MASTERPIECE | Downton Abbey/Sherlock Preview: How? | PBS

It’s possible that we should all just start planning to take most of January as a personal day. Downton Abbey Series 4 premieres on January 5, while Sherlock returns a couple of weeks later on January 19.

Which series’ return are you most looking forward to? Downton Abbey or Sherlock?