The First Trailer for ‘Poldark’ Season 3 is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE
Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson in "Poldark". ()

Good news: The countdown to a new season of Poldark is officially on!

Bad news: We’re not going to see it until October here. Which, we’re Americans who love British TV, we’re pretty used to waiting. Heck, we’re pretty good at it, at this point. (We’ve even got a long list of things you can watch in the meantime while you’re waiting for more Poldark, should you need suggestions.) But doesn’t mean it’s not rough. The only real bright side is that at least we will probably get double the amount of promotional material to look at while we wait. And more photos of star Aidan Turner are pretty much never a bad thing, right?

In advance of Season 3’s U.K. premiere, which will happen this June, the BBC dropped its first trailer for Poldark’s return. And the lovely folks at Masterpiece were kind enough to make an American version of it for us. Which, let’s be real: It’s the same thing with different logos attached. But not too long ago, no one would have thought that US fans would be hungry for this stuff as much as their UK counterparts. So, it’s progress. 

The new Season 3 promo features the introduction of a bunch of new characters, including Demelza’s hot brother Drake, who is apparently also fond of taking his shirt off at various places around Cornwall. (This appears to be a Poldark trend.) A new female character, and possible love interest for said brother, also appears, and though she is unnamed, she appears to be related to George Warleggan in some way. Which will doubtless help keep the Poldark and Warleggan feud rolling merrily along, even if it involves George and Ross less directly.

Watch the promo for the new season for yourselves: 


Here’s hoping that Ross’ insistence that he can do anything with Demelza by his side means that their marriage is on more solid ground in Season 3. (That seems unlikely to some degree, given that someone will probably figure out that Elizabeth’s baby is Ross’ eventually.) Fingers crossed, though, because it would be kind of fun to like Ross again. Or to at least not actively be angry with him the majority of the time.

The third season of Poldark will be based on the next two installments in Winston Graham’s series of Poldark novels: The Black Moon and about half of its sequel, The Four Swans. The show has already been renewed for a fourth season despite the fact that its third hasn’t aired yet. Everything seems to be trucking right along, if you can harness your inner zen about the gap between US and UK airings.

What do you think of the new Poldark trailer? What are you hoping to see in Season 3? Let’s discuss.