Get Your First Look at ‘Endeavour’ Season 4

Roger Allam and Shaun Evans in "Endeavour" Season 4 (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc and MASTERPIECE)
Roger Allam and Shaun Evans in "Endeavour" Season 4 (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Plc and MASTERPIECE)

Get excited, mystery fans – it’s almost time for a new series of Endeavour! The fourth season of the popular Inspector Morse prequel is set to premiere on PBS' Masterpiece beginning Sunday, August 20 at 9pm.

Shaun Evans is back as the young Endeavour Morse, alongside Roger Allam as his mentor, Detective Fred Thursday. Other returning cast members include Anton Lesser, Sean Rigby, Dakota Blue Richards, Caroline O’Neil, James Bradshaw and Abigail Thaw, with new guest stars including Chris Fulton, Adam James, Tristan Sturrock and Gillian Saker.

Season 4 is once again comprised of four episodes, all penned by writer Russell Lewis. They’re entitled ““Game”, “Canticle”, “Lazaretto” and “Harvest”, though it’s obviously not at all clear what any of that may mean. (If anything.)

As the new season begins, it’s the summer of 1967, and the effects of the Cold War and sixties counterculture are being felt in Oxford. Barely two weeks have passed since the events of the Season 3 finale, and we find Oxford’s finest picking up the pieces of their personal and professional lives. Endeavour waits to hear the result of his Sergeant’s Exam, and self-medicates to numb his heartache over Joan with whisky and Tännhauser. Meanwhile, Thursday and his wife, Win, deal with their own sense of grief. Their home is empty, Sam gone to the Army and Joan…who knows where? Throwing himself into his work to mask the heartache of Joan leaving, Endeavour is quickly consumed by his duties with an array of new, perplexing cases landing on his desk.

Watch the first Masterpiece trailer below: 

If you’d like to get a look at a bit more footage from the new season, try the UK trailer for Season 4, which aired on ITV back in January of this year.

It’s a bit darker and more atmospheric than its American counterpart, featuring almost no dialogue, but a palpably rising sense of tension. 


Endeavour was renewed for a fifth season back in January, and filming got under way in April. So even after this latest season concludes for us (Season 4 will run into early September), we still have more young Morse to look forward to next year. Hurrah! 

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