January 2013

Ripper Street Renewed for Series 2

The gentlemen in H Division will apparently be sleuthing out violent killers a bit longer – a second series of period crime drama Ripper Street has been confirmed by the BBC/BBC America co-production team. The series stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg as detectives in Victorian London’s East End, solving crimes in the wake of the grisly Jake the Ripper murders.

Production on the eight-episode second series is slated to begin sometime this Spring, and new episodes will premiere sometime in 2014. Given the fact that the American airing of Ripper Street is only about three weeks behind the UK, it seems safe to assume we can expect a similar set up next year. (Not perfect, but easily manageable. And, hey, it could be worse.) Details below.

Sherlock Series 3: First Production Hints and Tidbits

So, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of us out here are all waiting intently anxiously rabidly patiently with a great deal of longing for the return of Sherlock for Series 3. With the news that Series 3 production has been pushed back until March, we’ve all been vaguely despondent and increasingly starved for any information about the new episodes. (This is why stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman get asked about the show whenever they do a public appearance, even if it’s for some other project. People are dying for any new tidbit no matter how small.)

What do we know? The basics: Series 3 filming starts in March, will probably run into some point in May, and we’ll likely see a UK transmission date of very late 2013 (my personal guess is Christmas). America, despite everyone’s best intentions, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Sherlock on our side of the Pond until 2014.

But fear not, fellow Sherlock fans, though we’ve all got a significant wait still to go no matter where we live, the wheels have finally started to turn a bit on Series 3. (FINALLY!) Though principal photography doesn’t start until March, the magical people behind-the-scenes are starting to get things rolling. Click through for the latest behind-the-scenes news on the return of everyone’s favorite consulting detective, including confirmation of our first Series 3 director, early details on what sorts of villains we might see and some fun photos from production team.

Amazing Internet Things: Downton Abbey as a Nintendo Game

Because obviously, you’ve wondered – what would Downton Abbey be like as a video game? Well, that’s exactly the kind of question the internet (and our Amazing Internet Things series in general) is there to answer for you. (Spoiler: Get ready to miss your old school video console a whole lot.)

This little gem of a clip re-imagines everyone’s favorite costume drama as a Super Nintendo-style quest RPG. In theory, you’d play a new footman who must complete various tasks for members of the Crawley family and their staff, including fetching fancy cigars for Robert and fluffing pillows in the guest rooms with Anna. In short: I would give anything for this to be a real game!

Downton Dish: Let's Talk Everything You Need to Know About Episode 4

Previously, on Downton Abbey: Tom’s behavior means he and Sybil have to flee Ireland, Ethel gives her son to his grandparents, Anna and Bates have a whole episode where their main storyline is whether they get letters from each other (zzzzzzz…), Carson hires the most attractive footman in Northern England, and Robert should not be trusted with Monopoly money, let alone an estate fortune.

Series 3 rolls on this week with an episode packed with emotional moments large and small and one shocking, unexpected twist. Click through and let’s get to chatting.

Supernatural Drama Being Human is Back for Series 5: Your First Look

Supernatural drama Being Human returns for its fifth series this winter with a whole new feel thanks to the fallout from last year’s cast changes. Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken are back as the central trio of vampire Hal, werewolf Tom and ghost Alex, but this season will be the first without any of the original core Being Human cast members taking part. Dun dun dunnnn….

If you think that feels like a reboot, well, you’re probably right. Given the strange limbo feeling of last season, which tried its best to mix the old and the new Being Human together and threw in an apocalypse on top, it’s a move that’s probably for the best. It’s still a pretty big change to take in though, especially for those of us who’ve been here since Series 1. It’s going to take some adjusting. However, in the good news department, Phil Davis, formerly of Whitechapel and Sherlock, joins the cast as new (fairly disgusting) bad guy Captain Hatch. The first full trailer for Series 5 has also just arrived and even skeptical me has to admit that it looks pretty good. Here’s hoping!

It’s Official: Doctor Who Series 7 Returns on March 30 on Both Sides of the Pond

It’s official: the second half of Doctor Who Series 7 will premiere on March 30 on both BBC One and BBC America. This means that we’re only a couple of months away from finding out answers to some of the questions posed by Christmas special The Snowmen - most importantly, just what exactly is going on with the mysterious identity of new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character. (Is she reincarnating through time? A particularly pretty robot? An alien? Who knows, but here’s hoping the twist is an interesting one.)

The back half of Series 7 will be comprised of eight episodes, which will include installments from several fantastic writers, including showrunner Steven Moffat, Sherlock scribe Stephen Thompson, Luther creator Neil Cross, and (amazing) fantasy author Neil Gaiman, who penned unforgettable Series 6 episode The Doctor’s Wife, which is maybe my favorite thing this show’s ever done.

First Look at Sherlock Star Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange

Production has officially begun on That WikiLeaks Movie with Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Now known as The Fifth Estate – presumably to avoid having to pay the licensing fee to David Bowie to use previously rumored title The Man Who Sold the World - the film is set to dramatize the controversial life of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the 2006 launch of the WikiLeaks website. (Personally I’m rather sad about the loss of the previous title, if only because it seems a much better fit.)

Written by The West Wing alum Josh Singer, the film is based on the books Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website and Wikileaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy. Bill Condon, most recently of The Twilight Saga, is directing and has assembled an all-star cast that’s positively bursting with familiar faces and talent, including Daniel Bruhl, Laura Linney, Anthony Mackenzie, David Thewlis, Peter Capaldi, Dan Stevens and more. Translation: it’s got “awards bait” written all over it.

Still and all though, since this movie is basically the reason that production on Sherlock Series 3 got pushed back, it better be excellent, right? Weigh in for yourself below and get your first look at Cumberbatch as Assange – yes, complete with trademark white-blonde hair. It’s a bit of an adjustment to be sure (and a look that I doubt will set many teenage girls screaming a la his appearance in Star Trek), but oddly, creepily Cumberbatch really does looks like Assange. It’s merely unfortunate that Assange himself is, in fact, a bit creepy looking. See the larger version below.

British Soap Coronation Street Now Streaming on Hulu

Popular streaming site Hulu announced last week that they have officially acquired the popular, long-running soap opera Coronation Street for broadcast in America. The site started streaming the drama for free online as of January 15 and already has over twenty episodes available, with more to come. Affectionately referred to as Corrie by its fans, the soap chronicles the lives and loves of the residents of Coronation Street in Weatherfield, a fictional town based on a real place in Greater Manchester. The series premiered in 1960 and has been something of a British institution ever since.

Episodes are currently being posted about two weeks behind the UK timetable, which isn’t bad at all – though there are no current plans to add archival episodes to the mix.

Downton Abbey’s Rob Thomas-Collier was once a star on Coronation Street and other faces you may recognize who have appeared on the show in years past include Bernard Cribbins, Patrick Troughton, Kevin Whatley, Suranne Jones and more. (Even Prince Charles has made a cameo.) Celebrities ranging from Sir Anthony Hopkins to Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch have all admitted that they are addicted to the show’s twists and turns. That’s good enough for me!

This is the third British program that Hulu has contracted to offer to American audiences. The most recent seasons of The Thick of It and Misfits have both streamed day-and-date here in America. While, yes, we’ll have to adjust to still being a tiny bit behind on Corrie, the fact that Hulu’s experiment with putting UK programming online is clearly seen as successful business model for the video streaming site so far – well, that’s certainly something to be celebrated. Who knows what else we might see pop up there in the future. Keep your fingers crossed!

Are any of you Coronation Street fans? I might actually try it out for myself now that it's so easily available. (Though I suppose I am going to need to do some research on who all the characters are!)

Downton Dish: Let's Talk Everything You Need to Know About Episode 3

Previously, on Downton Abbey: Edith has the worst wedding ever, Carson is a supersleuth, Vera Bates had a super creepy neighbor, Matthew got a letter from his dead almost father-in-law, Isobel went on about prostitution a lot, Mrs. Hughes turned out to be okay so everyone can breathe again and apparently we won’t be needing that dreadfully tiny Downton Place after all.

How is Downton going to top all this? Let’s find out, as Series 3 rolls on with another exciting episode. We meet some new faces, new storylines begin and Carson finally gets to hire more staff. (Huzzah!) Click through and let’s discuss all the dramatic twists and turns from this week’s episode.

Something for the Sherlock Fans: Maybe the Best Benedict Cumberbatch Interview Ever

MTV News caught up with Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch at the Golden Globe Awards last weekend – the actor was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for his turn as the world’s only consulting detective. Sadly, he lost out to Kevin Costner’s performance in Hatfields and McCoys (a fact that deserves another whole post/rant on its own), but, nevertheless, this carpet clip is worth a look for all the Cumberbatch fans out there, just because it’s kind of fantastic.

In theory, the thrust of this interview is that Cumberbatch finally shares a favorite line from his upcoming turn as [Mysterious Big Bad Villain to Be Identified Later] in the upcoming Star Trek sequel. Full disclosure: if you’re a Trekkie watching this clip specifically for this moment, prepare yourselves for disappointment now, because the only line the actor utters is something that’s already shown up in the film’s promotional materials. (Dull. /Sherlock voice.)

However, if you’ve ever wanted to watch the man who’s mostly famous for playing an aloof, anti-social genius get super excited because Adele passes by on the red carpet? Then this is the video for you.


Get a Better Look at Ripper Street, Premiering in America This Weekend

BBC One’s new crime drama Ripper Street makes its way across pond this weekend to BBC America, giving US viewers a chance to see the gripping, often grisly, period drama for themselves.

The eight-part series stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothberg (among others) and is set in London’s ll focus on the investigations of the H Division of the London police department and their attempts to battle crime and keep the peace in the East End. It premieres tonight at 9pm on BBC America and I can’t imagine I’m the only Anglophile out there who is curious to check it out.

Watch the opening scene from the gritty looking new thriller under the cut – and let me know what you think, does this look like something you’d watch? Or does it cross the line into too dark?

A Little Bit of Sherlock in 2013: New Two Hour PBS Doc to Explore the Great Detective’s Cultural Impact

Though it would be lovely if this post were actually about the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss-produced brilliance that is the BBC adaptation of Sherlock (trust me – I wish!), it’s not. However, as we round the anniversary of a year since the UK transmission of The Reichenbach Fall, there is at least a tiny bit of happy news on the horizon for all us Holmesians out there. (And, no, it’s got nothing to do with Elementary.)

During their session this week at the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour, PBS announced the premiere of a new two-hour documentary, How Sherlock Changed the World, which will explore the real-world impact of history’s most famous fictional detective. (It may surprise you to know that this goes way beyond our modern day Sherlock’s obsession with his Blackberry!) This special will explore the effect that Holmes has had on the development of real forensic and investigative techniques and will feature noted forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee. Want details? Read on.

Rejoice, Downton Abbey Fans: The Dowager Countess Returneth

Downton Abbey fans, we can all breathe a (gigantic) sigh of relief. Though we already knew that everyone’s favorite costume drama was going to be back for a fourth series, filming is set to begin in just a few weeks – though word on the street from the Television Critics Association Press Tour this week says that Downton Series 4 will still bow in January 2014 in America.

Anyway, yes, that’s all awesome and everything, obviously, but let’s get to the news we really care about – for what is Downton without the acerbic wit and cutting one liners of the Dowager Countess? Well, thankfully, we won’t have to find out anytime soon. TV Line News reported exclusively yesterday that executive producer Gareth Naeme has confirmed Dame Maggie Smith has signed on for the drama’s fourth series. (Warning: Series 3 spoilers are present over at that site so tread carefully if you visit it!)

Smith was originally contracted for the show’s first three series, but there had been some doubt about whether the actress would choose to continue on past that point in the role that’s won her a boatload of acting awards in recent years. In another interview with TV Line earlier this year, creator Julian Fellowes explained that Smith was in charge of her own destiny on the show.

“I can’t tell you, ‘Oh, yes, she’s definitely contracted [for Season 4] — because she isn’t,” Fellowes said at the time. “It’s entirely up to her when she stays and when she goes.”

“With Maggie, you never know,” he added. “Other [actors] sign on for the next series and they sign for this and they sign for that, but she doesn’t. She stays her own person. But as far as I’m concerned, I hope she stays with the show until Downton falls down.”

We do too, Julian. We do too. Series 4 certainly seems like a good start!

Royal Ramblings: It’s Official – the Royal Baby is Due in July!

It’s official! According to a statement yesterday from Clarence House, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka Prince William and Kate Middleton – are expecting their first child this July.

While we already knew that a royal baby was on the way, this is the first public announcement of when the next heir to the throne might make his or her debut and sets the timetable for when we can all expect an outbreak of official Royal Baby Parties among our friends and acquaintances this summer.

”Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July,” the palace said in a statement. “The Duchess’s condition continues to improve since her stay in hospital last month.”

Meanwhile, a BBC News report goes on to confirm that Kate is expecting just one child, and not twins, as had been previously rumored due to her struggles with severe morning sickness. (This is apparently often a sign of having twins. File that right under things I never knew.)

The royal baby will be third in line for the British throne, after Prince Charles and Prince William. Thanks to some changes to the current rules of the monarchy and its practice of primogeniture, the sex of the baby will not determine whether he or she wears the crown. (Which is really quite awesome if you ask me.)

Anybody want to make a guess at when the royal baby will be born? I must admit to a certain level of sentimental personal fondness for the prospect of July 1 – which was also the birthday of Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana.

And while we’re taking polls – do you think the baby will be a boy or a girl? Weigh in on this in the comments below.

Just Announced: The Bletchley Circle Coming To PBS This Spring!

Just announced during today’s session at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, critically acclaimed ITV drama The Bletchley Circle will be coming to PBS stations near you this Spring.

The three-part 1950s murder mystery follows the lives of Millie, Lucy and Jean, ordinary women with extraordinary ability to break codes, a skill honed during World War II when they worked undercover at Bletchley Park, site of the United Kingdom’s main decryption establishment. Now, in 1952, the four have returned to civilian life, keeping their intelligence work secret from all, including family and friends. A series of ghastly murders targeting women, however, reunites the team as they set out to decode the pattern behind the crimes. The Bletchley Circle stars South Riding’s Anna Maxwell Martin alongside Rachael Stirling, Sophie Rundle and SurvivorsJulie Graham.

Want to know more? Click through for a quick synopsis and a look at ITV’s trailer for the show.

Downton Dish: Let's Talk Everything You Need to Know about Episode 2

Series 3 of Downton Abbey rolls on this week with a (sadly) shorter second episode that was (amazingly) packed with almost as much drama as last week’s premiere!

We had another wedding, a mysterious letter, downstairs squabbling, downstairs sleuthing, lots of adorableness and some sadness too. Whew. You know what to do – click through and let’s discuss all the twists and turns from this week’s episode!

Royal Ramblings: The Duchess of Cambridge’s First Royal Portrait Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

The first official Royal portrait of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was unveiled yesterday (January 11) and…honestly, it’s a bit (a lot?) of a hot mess. The polite phrasing is probably to say that the future Queen of England’s first portrait has drawn mixed reviews from Royalists and members of the press both in the UK and abroad, but if you ask me, it’s really a bit of a disaster all the way around.

While the portrait is incredibly lifelike, it is also pretty unflattering. It makes the Duchess look much, much (much) older than her 31 years, thanks to the bags under her eyes, dull complexion and preponderance of facial lines. It also displays none of her famed charm, none of charisma that has charmed the world nor the style that’s made her a fashion icon. It’s basically like looking in a fun house mirror, except we’re all supposed to take it seriously and not apparently laugh hysterically and look around for the camera crew that’s surely punking us. But, perhaps I’m overreacting. Click through and take a look for yourself, and share your opinions in the comments. Should the Duchess ask for a do-over? Or do you her portrait is lovely the way it is?

It’s a Doctor Who Reunion (Sort Of): BBC America to Air Eight-Part Drama Broadchurch

What a lovely New Year’s present! BBC America has acquired the rights to ITV’s Broadchurch – an eight-part drama that follows the events that unfold in a small town after the murder of a young boy places their peaceful community smack in the glare of a major media spotlight. This series is supposedly inspired by Swedish drama The Killing (which had an infamous – and unfortunate – American remake), so it’s probably safe to assume that’s probably the sort of atmosphere we’re going for here.

Broadchurch made my Most TV Shows Anticipated of 2013 list in large part because of its fantastic ensemble cast, which includes Doctor Who alums David Tennant and Arthur Darvill. (Not even two weeks into the new year, and I’m already getting wishes granted. Good sign? Here’s hoping.) Former Tenth Doctor Tennant plays one of the detectives leading the investigation into the crime alongside his partner, played by Olivia Colman (who’s been in a multitude of British shows including Twenty Twelve and Peep Show). Fresh off his stint as a companion in the TARDIS, Darvill plays the town priest and the ensemble includes several other familiar faces, such as This is England’s Vicky McClure, Garrow’s Law’s Andrew Buchan and Marchland’s Jodie Whitaker.

The eight-part drama is written and created by former Torchwood headwriter and occasional Doctor Who scribe Chris Chibnall. There’s no airdate on either side of the pond for Broadchurch at present, though internet gossip seems to suggest a vague “Spring 2013” premiere for the UK. Given that the series is slated for BBC America’s Wednesday night Dramaville block, previous experience tells us that US transmission should be occurring somewhere roughly 3-4 weeks behind the UK airing. If the recent seasons of The Hour and Whitechapel, as well as new drama Ripper Street, are anything to go by, this would appear to be the pattern. Here’s hoping, at any rate!

Rumor Has It: Dame Judi Dench as Mrs. Hudson in Another Sherlock Holmes Adaptation?

Is there room in the world for yet another Sherlock Holmes adaptation on television, with both the brilliant BBC Sherlock and not-quite-as-brilliant-but-mostly-serviceable-I-suppose CBS Elementary already on the air? Even if your gut response is to say no, this rumor might just change your mind. Because it’s that awesome.

It’s being reported that none other than Dame Judi Dench is under consideration to play Mrs. Hudson in a new TV adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classics. (Yeah, just let that sink in a minute. Judi Dench! Oscar winner and all around amazing actress!) Of course, there is no real confirmation for this story anywhere, other than a bunch of sources linking to Daily Mail piece that’s since been pulled from their website, but the rumor is so fantastic it’s hard to not to want to believe it. Want details? Read on.

David Bowie Celebrates His Birthday By Releasing First New Music in Ten Years

British rock icon David Bowie turns 66 today (January 8) and originally this was just going to be an excuse for me to post a lot of videos of my favorite Bowie songs and gush about my favorite personas (if you’re curious it’s a toss up between the Thin White Duke and whatever we’re calling bizarre electronica Bowie from the Outside era in the 90s.) But, this is SO much cooler than that.

For the first time in a decade, Bowie is releasing a brand new album this spring! YES, REALLY. The announcement was made suddenly on his official website early this morning, complete with album details, a track list and a new song.

Best day ever? It’s possible (or at least until I get a Sherlock Series 2 airdate at any rate). The new album is called The Next Day and is produced by longtime Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti, who handled Space Oddity, Heroes, Scary Monsters and Heathen, amongst other things. The record is due to drop on March 12, but you can give the first single “Where Are We Now?” a listen right now.

Parade’s End Finally Comes to America This February on HBO: Watch the First Teaser

Finally! Critically acclaimed BBC series Parade’s End has at long last gotten an American airdate!

The five-part drama is written by English playwright Sir Tom Stoppard (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Arcadia) and stars Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch alongside The Town’s Rebecca Hall, with Adelaide Clemens, Miranda Richardson, Rupert Everett, Janet McTeer, Freddie Fox and more along for the ride. The drama aired in the UK last Fall and made it onto several critics’ “Best of 2012” television lists (including mine) at the end of the year.

Based on Ford Madox Ford’s quartet of novels, the series follows the story of English aristocrat Christopher Tietjens (Cumberbatch) and his wife Sylvia (Hall) from the last years of the Edwardian era through the end of the First World War.

Parade’s End will officially screen over three consecutive nights – February 26, 27 and 28 – on premium cable network HBO. Even though this news was just announced at the Winter session of the Television Critics Association press tour, HBO has already released a teaser trailer for the series and it’s lovely. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

Downton Dish: Time to Talk the Downton Abbey Series 3 Premiere

Wow. It’s finally here – the long-awaited and highly-anticipated premiere of Downton Abbey Series 3 has made it to America at last and we can see what all the fuss is about for ourselves, talk about plot twists until we’re blue in the face, swoon over Matthew and Mary and just, well, everything.

The two-hour Series 3 premiere introduces us to life at Downton after the war – and the family and estate look a bit different. There are new faces downstairs, wedding planning is underway, Cora’s very American mother arrives and the family faces a financial setback. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot going on!

Click through for a rather embarrassingly in-depth look at all the twists and turns of the Downton Abbey Series 3 premiere and then let’s dish everything in the comments!

The News Roundup: Kicking Off 2013 Edition

Welcome to our first News Roundup of 2013, Telly Visions readers! Though, really, it’s highly likely that the thing most of you are excited about it’s the long-awaited premiere of Downton Abbey Series 3 this weekend. Can’t say I blame anyone though – I’ve seen Series 3 already and I’ll still be watching and tweeting along with everyone else this Sunday!

So, give yourself something to do while you're counting down the hours until Sunday night gets here and catch up on the latest British entertainment tidbits with this week’s Roundup. Click through for bits and bobs on Doctor Who, Ripper Street, The Spies of Warsaw, Being Human, Inspector Lewis, Mr. Selfridge, and, of course, Downton itself.

Enjoy – and stick around to dish all the latest Crawley family developments this weekend. If you’re a DC local, WETA is marathoning all of Series 2 on Sunday, starting from 11:30am!

Downton Abbey Series 3: A Wishlist for This Weekend

This is a slightly modified version of a post that originally ran here at Telly Visions back in September. It was published at that time because I wanted to make sure I got all my Downton desires and thoughts down on paper, as it were, before I was influenced by any reports from British friends or exposed to any aspect of Series 3 at all. As such, it is completely unspoiled (though I’ve now seen Series 3 thanks to DVDs) and, as such, totally safe for all to read and debate amongst yourselves. PLEASE keep the big Series 3 spoilers out of the comments though, as much as you can? I appreciate it!

Since we’re just days away from the long-awaited Series 3 premiere of Downton Abbey, it seems like an excellent time to engage in some wild speculation and discussion about what we’d all like to see happen to our favorite characters over the next seven weeks. As mentioned above, while I’ve now seen Series 3 already, when I originally wrote this post I hadn’t, so what follows are my initial and totally unspoiled desires for the Crawley family and the downstairs Downton crew this year. This list is largely based around addressing some of the problems I had with Series 2 – most particularly as relates to the story’s overall pacing and some of the occasionally inexplicable character decisions (Sybil and Branson, I am looking at you). Will I get everything on my list? Of course not. But even if I only get a portion of the things I’ve laid out here this season, I’m probably going to walk away pretty happy.

Click through for my personal thoughts on what I’d most like to see happen in Downton Abbey Series 3 and add your own dealbreakers and wishlists in the comments. If you are already spoiled for the new episodes and know for certain whether I’m right about certain aspects of this list, please be considerate of those who have been so patiently waiting to see the new episodes for themselves and have avoided any updates on plot twists. I know that there is a big, big spoiler floating around the internet out there, but let’s just not talk about that bit just yet, shall we? We’ll get to it, after all! Why not just tell us what your ideal storyline or plot for the show would be instead? Thanks, guys.


It's 2013: Looking Forward to a Great Year in British Programming

Happy New Year, Telly Visions readers! Wishing all of you all the best in 2013 – hoping you have a wonderful year, full of lots of love, laughter, and, of course, some really great British television. (Technically, I’m a day late sharing these important wishes, so consider them doubled for my tardiness/technical problems at home!)

The New Year is all about new beginnings, so obviously that means that now that we’ve taken a moment to reflect on the year that was, it’s time to look forward to the great things that are headed our way in the next twelve months. Because there’s quite a bit of fabulous British programming headed our way in 2013 and a lot to get excited about. Here’s my list of ten things I can’t wait to see this year – what’s yours?