Downton Abbey Series 3: See a New Cast Photo and Get Some Plot Details!

New details about the highly anticipated third series of Downton Abbey have started to emerge following the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. Stars Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, Brendan Coyle, Joanne Froggatt and cast newcomer Shirley MacLaine were all on hand to discuss the new episodes, drop a few hints about upcoming storylines and just be generally amazing. Then today, to keep the Downton mania flowing, we also got a first look at the official Series 3 promo art.

Click through for all the latest Downton dish, and a bigger version of that picture you see up top. As some plot of these plot-specific items could be consider spoilery, even if they are all plastered on every major entertainment outlet there is this morning, I’m still dumping them all under a cut in their own clearly labeled area and wishing all of you trying to avoid them good luck and Godspeed on that particular journey.


Watch a Scene from Tonight’s Brand New Inspector Lewis Mystery, “Fearful Symmetry”

The new series of Inspector Lewis continues tonight on Masterpiece at 9pm. In tonight’s installment, Fearful Symmetry, Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of a suburban babysitter who seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time – and may have been leading a secret life.

Click through for a full synopsis of tonight’s episode, as well as a sneak peek clip. Enjoy!

Watch the First Trailer for Red Dwarf X!

Smeg-heads, rejoice the first trailer for the highly-anticipated new series of Red Dwarf is here! The popular sci-fi comedy will be back this fall for a six-episode run, complete with original cast members Robert Llewellyn, Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules on board.

Red Dwarf will air on UK network Dave, which was also behind the comedy’s three-part Back to Earth special that aired in 2009. (Prior to that, the sci-fi seires aired on the BBC.) No word on whether we’ll see this air at some point in the States, but here’s hoping!

While this first trailer is a bit on the “short and sweet” side – clocking in at just under a minute – but it’s still got a couple of funny gags, including Lister managing to lose Rimmer in a poker game.

Click through and take a look for yourselves – what say you, Red Dwarf lovers? Does this look like the series has still got it?

Doctor Who at Comic Con 2012: Whovian Adventures in San Diego

I had the best time at Comic Con – largely because it was so awesome to be surrounded by so many devoted fans of shows like Doctor Who and other things that are awesome. I spend the most time at the Con doing Whovian-related things, so that’s the first story I’ll tell you guys – but keep an eye out for an early review of CBS’ Elementary, my favorite outfits I saw at SDCC, and some general flailing about getting to see a bit of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. (Spoiler: Incredible).

To the surprise of no one, I imagine, Doctor Who is one of the most popular series at Comic Con, year in and year out – whether it’s an official panel, a screening or just fans dressing up as their favorite characters, you’ll see the Doctor everywhere in San Diego. This year was no exception, with several exciting events taking place over the course of the long weekend. I went to two separate Who panels featuring various cast and production team members, saw countless Elevens on the exhibit floor, and even ran into a Dalek or two. It was awesome.

Click through for a recap of all the exciting Whovian activities at SDCC, including video clips and highlights from both cast panels. (Seriously, can we have Series 7 now?)

2012 Emmy Nominations – Lots of Love for Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Other British Hits!

I have returned from the magical land known as San Diego Comic Con International. I am still kind of jet lagged and tired and, yes, I may have slept on the ground more than once a bit over the course of the long weekend, but I saw some amazing stuff – so much that I’m not entirely sure what to write up first. Keep an eye out for Comic Con stories starting later today. But, first, - EMMY NOMINATIONS!

The 2012 Primetime Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning – and it’s basically a great day to be a fan of British television, as some of our favorite series from the past year were all honored.

All that controversy surrounding Downton Abbey’s graduation from the Miniseries to the full Drama Series category now seems much ado about nothing, as the move seems to have completely paid off for all involved. The period drama scored sixteen nominations this morning, including nods in the Best Drama, Best Actor (Hugh Bonneville), Best Actress (Michelle Dockery), Best Supporting Actress (Joanna Frogatt and Dame Maggie Smith), Best Supporting Actor (Jim Carter and Brendan Coyle) and Best Writing (Julian Fellowes) categories.

Sherlock also finally got some love from the Emmys – the series was nominated for Best TV Miniseries or Movie. (Weird Emmy categorization strikes again, but I’ll take it this time!) Everyone’s favorite consulting detective Benedict Cumberbatch snagged his first nomination for Best Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie. (In case you didn’t know, today is the Sherlock star’s birthday – so, I suppose someone’s basically having the Best Day Ever.) His co-star Martin Freeman also received a Best Supporting Actor nod, though BAFTA winner Andrew Scott was shut out. Sherlock also scored nods for Best Writing and Directing ((Steven Moffat and Paul McGuigan respectively, for A Scandal in Belgravia) among its thirteen total nominations.

Other British series getting some recognition include Luther, The Song of Lunch, Great Expectations, Page Eight, Frozen Planet, and The Hour. Click through for a full list of nominations, and let us know what you think of this year’s awards field in the comments.

Telly Visions Goes to Comic Con!

If it looks a little sparse around this blog for the next few days – please bear with me, I promise we’ll be back and up and running at full strength next week.

Why so quiet, you may ask? Well, I’m off to the infamous San Diego Comic Con in the morning! It’s very exciting – this will be my second official SDCC and while I’m technically going for fun once again this year, there’s no reason that I still can’t report back to everyone about all the relevant and exciting Brit-related news from this year’s convention.

Panels and screenings that might be of interest to you all that I’m going to do my best to attend:

Screening of CBS’ new Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary and panel Q&A with Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu and more. Takes place Thursday evening.

The Hobbit panel with Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Peter Jackson and more. Takes place Saturday afternoon.

The Nerdist podcast live event with Torchwood’s John Barrowman. Takes place Friday night.

Doctor Who panel with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner. Takes place Sunday, mid-afternoon

There’s also a Merlin panel happening which is, yet again, unfortunately scheduled so that it conflicts with Doctor Who. We’ll see if I can swing it though. The full schedule is here - if you have suggestions for things you’d like me to try and cover (no promises, but if I can, I’ll see if I can swing it!), let me know.

If you're interested you can keep up with the action as happens on Twitter either here or here. Keep your fingers crossed that my phone battery lasts a good long while. (Either that or I luck into an open power outlet fairly often; that's the real unicorn of SDCC!)

We’ll be back to business as usual next week!

Preview BBC America’s First Original Drama, “Copper,” Coming This Summer

BBC America is set to debut its first original scripted series this summer, a period crime drama called Copper.

Set in 1860s New York, Copper stars Tom Westen-Jones (MI-5) as Detective Kevin Cororan, who works in the city’s notorious Five Points neighborhood and tries to maintain his moral compass despite the turbulent times the city finds itself in. (Think Gangs of New York, it would seem.) Westen-Jones will be joined by a strong supporting cast comprised of Kevin Ryan (Tripping Tommy), Franka Potente (Run Lola Run), Kyle Schmid (Blood Ties), and Anastasia Griffith (Royal Pains).

Sound interesting? Click through for a bit more background on the series and a look at the extended trailer. Then leave your thoughts in the comments.

The Friday News Roundup: The "I Hate Storms" Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers! And welcome back to the News Roundup. What a week for us DC folks, huh? Huge storms, record-breaking heat and lots of us stuck with no power for days. Hope all of you reading here in our local area are staying safe and cool in the aftermath of all this mess. (And if you haven’t gotten power back yet, my heart goes out to you. Here’s hoping it gets fixed soon!)

Sadly, my home internet is still a victim of this whole storm situation, so if content is a bit lighter than normal around here this weekend, bear with me for a bit. (And thanks in advance!)

Anyway, onward! Click through for some of the latest bits and bobs from the world of British entertainment, including goodies on Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Primeval, Elementary, Doctor Who, The Inbetweeners, The Hollow Crown, Broadchurch and more!

Outnumbered Renewed for a Fifth Series and Christmas Special

Award-winning sitcom Outnumbered is officially set to return for a fifth series, the BBC and producers Hat Trick have confirmed.

The comedy’s fourth series was rumored to have been its last, given the fact that its child stars are rapidly growing up. However, Outnumbered will return for a Christmas special later this year, followed by a full six-episode run sometime in late 2013.

The series stars Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as two stressed-out parents who are often overwhelmed by the chaos caused by their three children. The series is known for its semi-improvised scripts, most particularly the bulk of the parts of its three child stars Tyger Drew-Honey, Ramona Marquez and Daniel Rouche. Ostensibly this move was meant to get more realistic performances from the child actors, and, to be fair, it has generally worked a treat. Though, this style is probably the main reason that Outnumbered is certainly one of those series that you either love or you hate, almost instantly.

Tyger Drew-Honey, who plays eldest child Jake, will be 17 when the series starts filming next year. The young actor had previously speculated that he didn’t think the comedy would go much further than a fifth series, if that, because it will lose some of the “madness” that comes naturally to a show centered around the children’s school lives. To be honest, I sort of agree, and am hopeful this fifth series will be an opportunity to wrap things up and give the show the proper send-off it deserves.

Outnumbered won Best Comedy at this year’s National Television Awards, and has also scored prizes from the Royal Television Society and British Comedy Awards. It was the 16th most popular program on BBC One last year.

We’re currently airing Outnumbered Fridays on WETA UK, if you’ve never seen this series before. While it’s the sort of show that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – I think it’s rather hilarious and worth giving a try, if you haven’t yet.

Amazing Internet Things: A Very British Quiz on a Very American Holiday

Happy Fourth of July to us Americans! Hope everyone has a safe and happy celebration today, whatever your plans are. I wondered a bit about what I should post today, but ultimately decided - what would be a more appropriate post on this very American holiday than an exceptionally British edition of Amazing Internet Things?

While we may have rejected the monarchy on this day in history, it's certainly true that we're still fascinated by the British Royals and Royal traditions to this day. (As evidenced by the huge ratings for things like William and Kate's wedding last year.) So, why not head on over and take the British Royal Family Quiz at and see how much you really know about the Windsors and their history. It’s a pretty simple quiz – and to be honest, it won’t challenge the serious Royal enthusiasts among you too greatly – but it’s pretty fun.


Plus who doesn’t want the validation of being called a “Monarch”? (That was my score, by the way. And I'm apparently vain enough that I was super pleased about it!) Let me how you do!