This Heathrow Ad is the Warm Fuzzy We All Need This Holiday Season

These adorable bears star in the best holiday ad of 2016. (Photo: Heathrow Media Centre)

It's probably not an overstatement to say that, for much of the world, 2016 has been kind of a rough year. And as it (finally) starts to winds down, it's okay to admit that we all maybe need a little extra cuteness to get us through these last few weeks. 

Enter, Heathrow Airport. No, not the way you think, though it'd be pretty great if we all suddenly woke up with round-trip tickets to London as some kind of "Congrats on surviving a pretty awful year" cosmic reward. (Hint, hint, universe.) Instead, Heathrow has actually decided to make its first ever holiday commercial about itself. And, though you may think this is a weird idea, the final product is completely adorable. And provides a much-needed emotional balm for our frayed spirits.

British Movies You Can Stream to Get Into the Holiday Mood

Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon in "Love Actually". (Photo: Universal/Studio Canal)

Now that we're into December, I feel we can safely proceed full-steam towards all things Yuletide. If you need a little nudge to get you into the spirit of the season, here are a half a dozen films you might want to try out. The bonus is they’re British so you can enjoy Christmas number ones, those little paper crowns and a healthy helping Father Christmas!