Emma Watson

Maybe We Do Need Another 'Little Women' Adaptation After All

The cast of the upcoming "Little Women" (Photo: WILSON WEBB/COLUMBIA PICTURES)

When the news broke that another adaptation of Little Women was headed our way, some fans were naturally uneasy.

It was kind of hard to imagine that this was a time in which we needed yet another version of this story.

However, once the first trailer for director Greta Gerwig’s new take on the Louisa May Alcott classic arrived, well. Let’s just say some minds were changed. Including mine.

'Downton Abbey's" Dan Stevens to Star in Live Action 'Beauty and the Beast'

Have you been missing Dan Stevens being all dreamy and perfect on Downton Abbey? Okay, maybe you haven't been missing him THAT much, given that he's kept himself pretty busy with a variety of film roles The Guest, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Night at the Museum) and even a bit of stage work (The Heiress) since leaving HIghclere Castle behind. But, that's okay, because he's just landed the dream role we have all known he was perfect for since way back when Downton first began - an actual Disney prince!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stevens has officially been cast to play the Beast in Disney's upcoming live adaptation of the Oscar-nominated animated classic Beauty and the Beast. He will star opposite Brit Emma Watson, who was cast as Belle several weeks ago. (Rumor has it that another up and coming British thespian - Luke Evans - is in talks to take on the role of the nefarious Gaston, but that hasn't been confirmed quite yet.