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Miss Fisher Personality Quiz Result: You are Phryne Fisher

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The third season of popular drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries arrived in America this Fall courtesy of local public television stations all over the country and Netflix’s popular streaming service.

To the surprise of no one, Season 3 is full of all the things that fans of the show already love: witty banter, thoughtful mysteries, compelling relationships and – of course – gorgeous fashions.

So to celebrate the show that’s become a mega popular topic on the blog over the past year – seriously, this post is still going and Season 3 is actually airing now – we made a brand new character quiz that’s mean to determine your alter ego from 1920s Melbourne.

Are you more of a Phryne or a Jack? Or maybe a Dot or a Hugh? 

Get Your First Look at ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ Season 3

Fans of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries may want to sit down and prepare themselves – there’s finally some news about the show’s third season!

Based on the best-selling novels by Kerry Greenwood, the drama follows the adventures of a glamorous female detective in 1920s Australia who battles injustice with a sharp wit and a pearl-handled pistol. Essie Davis plays the fabulous Phryne Fisher, opposite Nathan Page as Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, Ashleigh Cummings as Miss Fisher’s loyal companion and assistant Dot and Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Constable Hugh Collins.

Miss Fisher has been rather popular in America since the first two seasons started airing on public television stations around the country, as everyone swoons over Phryne’s amazing outfits and ongoing flirtation with Jack. And fans everywhere have been clamoring for more ever since the news broke that the drama had in fact been renewed for a third season. (I’m not kidding. That’s one of the most popular posts on this blog!)

And, now, at long last, there’s an actual trailer for Season 3. Sort of. It’s something, anyway.