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‘The Full Monty' is 20 Years Old: Where is the Cast Now?

The cast of The Full Monty (Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures/Channel Four Films)

Hard to believe but this week marks two decades since movie-going audiences were introduced to a group of unemployed misfits from Sheffield, England desperate to make a few quid. So bad are their prospects, in fact, that the impulsive idea to form a local Chippendale-esque troupe morphs into a reasonable money making idea.

In case you don't recognize it, this is the premise for British underdog comedy, The Full Monty. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the film's release this past August, we thought it might be fun to see what has happened in the careers of a sampling of its cast members.

Dunkirk On-Screen

2017's Dunkirk movie poster (Photo: Image courtesy of Warner Brothers and Syncopy)

The narrative of the Dunkirk evacuation has graced the big screen since the 1940s. Telly Visions takes a look at the cinematic history of this military rescue from Mrs. Miniver to Christopher Nolan's epic take on this historical event.

'Remember Me' Recap: Episode 3

Hannah Ward (Jodie Comer) & Tom Parfitt (Michael Palin)   Photo Courtesy of © ITV plc (ITV Studios Global Entertainment)

In this final installment of mini-series Remember Me, we learn more about the women in Tom Parfitt's past.

The true meaning of "Scarborough Fair" is finally revealed and Tom must make an almost unimaginable decision that could impact the lives of those trying to save him.

'The Great British Baking Show' Season 4 Episode 8: Tudor Week

Jane's Marzipan Swan Showstopper (Photo: Courtesy of Tom Graham)

In the quarterfinals of The Great British Baking Show, the five remaining bakers attempted to re-create dishes fit for the Tudors. 

The signature bake was a display of savory stuffed pies; the technical challenge was an unusual Tudor biscuit that had the bakers tied up in knots; and the showstopper was a marzipan centerpiece fit for a very large king. Check out our recap to see who was crowned Star Baker and who was bansihed from the kingdom.

'Remember Me' Recap: Episode 2

Tom Parfitt (Michael Palin) and Hannah Ward (Jodie Comer) Photo: Courtesy of © ITV plc (ITV Studios Global Entertainment)

So old Tom Parfitt has fled the hospital. Young Hannah Ward is being visited by unwelcome visions of her own drowning and an ominous, shrouded woman at the seaside. And middle-aged Detective Fairholme is left with a mysterious death, a missing witness and an empty trailer where he's left to work the case on his own. Much is revealed and more questions are posed as Hannah inevitably takes her search for Tom to Scarborough.