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British Actresses You Should Know: Helen McCrory

Helen McCrory in the greatest "Peaky Blinders" look ever (Photo: Netflix/Caryn Mandabach Productions)

We all have those actors whose work we’d watch, no matter what it was. Powerful prestige drama? Scary supernatural tale? Super dated period piece? Random episode of some show you’ve never heard of before, just because they have a bit part in it? Check, check and check. We’ve all been there.

British actress Helen McCrory is one of those performers. (At least for me, at any rate.) I will honestly watch this woman do anything, and not feel bad about it for a single second. Luckily, McCrory is not only ridiculously talented, but one of those actors who’s been in the entertainment business long enough to have a rather significant back log of both mainstream and niche sorts of roles. You’d be surprised how many things you’ve probably seen her in without realizing it. Let's talk about a few of them. 

Period Mystery 'Miss Scarlet and the Duke' Coming to PBS Next Year

Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin in "Miss Scarlet and the Duke" (Photo: A&E International)

Worlds are colliding for Masterpiece fans - the worlds of period drama and mystery collide in Miss Scarlet and the Duke, a new series heading to PBS at some point in 2020.

Kate Phillips, probably best known among Americans for her role as Linda Shelby on Peaky Blinders, has also appeared in such familiar production as The CrownWolf Hall, and the Downton Abbey movie. Here, she stars as Eliza Scarlet, the first-ever female detective in 19th century London. Stuart Martin - familiar to PBS fans as Silas Sharrow on Jamestown - plays her partner "The Duke". 


David Tennant to Play Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen in New ITV Drama

David Tennant rocking serial killer nightmare hair in "Des" (Photo: ITV)

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant has been playing all sorts of roles since he left the TARDIS nearly a decade ago now. From a snarky, but soft-hearted demon in Good Omens to a mind-controlling monster in Jessica Jones and a tortured detective in Broadchurchwe already know he can pretty much do anything. And his newest role seems determined to test that theory.

Hayley Atwell's 'Howards End' Will Air on Masterpiece

Hayley Atwell and Matthew Macfadyen in "Howard's End" (Photo: Courtesy of 2017 Starz Entertainment, LLC)

Period drama fans have a lot to celebrate in the new year - the lavish new Howards End is coming to PBS Masterpiece! 

Based on E.M. Forster’s classic novel of the same name, Howards End follows two unconventional and independent sisters – Margaret and Helen Schlegel – as they seek love and meaning in an ever-changing world. That’s the vaguest description of this story possible, which also includes love, loss, matchmaking, poor decisions, class issues, financial ruin and more.

A Brand New 'Emma' Offers a Sly, Intriguing Take on a Jane Austen Classic

Anna Taylor-Joy in the trailer for "Emma" (Photo: Focus Features)

It's true: Maybe we don't actually need another onscreen adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, given the fact that there's already a fairly great feature film version starring Gwyneth Paltrow and an amazing television adaptation starring Romola Garai out there just waiting for us to watch them. (Whether for the first or fifteenth time.) 

But, since we're getting another one whether we like it or not, it's an unspeakable relief to discover that the trailer for this upcoming 2020 update starring Anna Taylor-Joy looks great.

'Poldark' Series Finale Recap

Aidan Turner in the final season of "Poldark" (Photo:  Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: After five years and over forty episodes, the story of Ross Poldark and friends is finally coming to an end. For now, anyway. Oh, and also Ross is also currently pretending to commit treason, because reasons. It’s hard to explain. If you’ve missed something, we’ve got recaps of every episode, including last week’s that set all this up.

This is it, the end of an era.

Here’s the thing. I’m choosing to remember Poldark for all the reasons I loved it prior to this moment, because this finale is…well, it’s a lot of things, and definitely not all of them good. In fact, it’s pretty much a perfect microcosm of everything that’s ever gone wrong with the series and a bunch of the stuff it got right, all crammed into a fifty-two-minute installment.