Revisiting ‘The Paradise’: Series 1, Episode 7

Welcome to the next installment in our recap series that takes us back through the first season of The Paradise before Series 2 begins this Fall!

Previously, on The Paradise: The Paradise adds a counter selling birds (yes, really) and of course Pauline loses one and of course that’s an actual storyline. Moray and Katherine get engaged because of course the secret to a happy relationship is a couple wherein one is disinterested and one is a masochist. Denise confesses to Miss Audrey that she’s in love with Moray because I guess she must really like close talking. She eventually confesses the same to Moray and they kiss and the music swells triumphantly only five minutes later she finds out about his engagement and that’s awkward. Creepy Mr. Jonas tricks Denise’s Uncle Edmund into punching him in the face, we hear way too much (again) about how perfect Moray’s dead wife was, and Denise quits The Paradise because she can’t face being around Moray now. But that’s okay, in a way, because now she’s going to get to try all her wackiest entrepreneurial schemes over at her uncle’s failing dress shop and surely that’s going to go well.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we? 


A Five Item Wishlist for ‘Downton Abbey’ Series 5

The highly anticipated fifth season of global period drama phenomenon Downton Abbey premieres in  the UK this weekend, and everyone who is not in Britain has yet another reason to add to their presumably already long list about why they are sad about their current location.

While we Yanks will again be waiting until January to see the latest adventures of the Crawley clan for ourselves - the drama premieres on Masterpiece Classic on January 4 – I wanted to take the chance to get my hopes and dreams for the new series before someone manages to inadvertently spoil me on Twitter. (Trust me, I thought about waiting until December to write this post, and making myself look like a genius. But where’s the fun in that.)

And don’t get me wrong – I’m over the moon that Downton’s returning and I can’t wait to watch the new episodes. So, here are the five things that I’d most like to see in Series 5. 


Ben Whishaw to Star in BBC Two Espionage Thriller ‘London Spy’

Award-winner actor Ben Whishaw is set to return to television in a new five-part drama for BBC Two called London Spy, a contemporary thriller set in the world of British espionage.

Commission of the series was originally announced back in February, and the drama is described as gripping and emotional, featuring a chance romance between two people from the opposite sides of a street in the centre of London, which happens to have the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service on one side, and the headquarters of gay clubbing on the other.

Whishaw, who picked up a Best Actor BAFTA for his performance as Richard II in Shakespeare series The Hollow Crown and charmed audiences everywhere as James Bond’s Quartermaster in Skyfall, will play a man named Danny – gregarious, hedonistic, romantic and adrift – who falls for the anti-social, enigmatic and brilliant Alex. Per the official press release, just as the two realize they’re perfect for one another, Alex disappears, leaving Danny ill equipped to take on the complex world he inhabited. Will he be able to fight for the truth – and find Alex?


Revisiting ‘The Paradise’: Series 1, Episode 6

Welcome to the next installment in our recap series that takes us back through the first season of The Paradise before Series 2 begins this Fall!

Previously, on The Paradise: Moray is considering how best to handle his planned expansion of The Paradise when one of the neighboring shop owners won’t sell. He manages to convince him by making him a junior partner in the shop, but everyone ends up hating him and wants him out. But everything’s okay because it turns out that Creepy Jonas probably just murdered him anyway. Katherine and Moray get back together sort of I guess after she makes a spectacle of herself shopping at a bunch of other stores. (No really, that happened – oh no, not store adultery!) Denise has a failed entrepreneurial idea, which she then redeems thanks to her standard creative brilliance, and Moray remains impressed with her.

What can we expect in Episode 6? Well, since we have already had murder, it would seem anything at all is fair game. Let’s see what happens, shall we?


Miss Marple and the Lady Sleuths Who Have Followed in Her Footsteps

This weekend, fan favorite series Miss Marple returns to Masterpiece Mystery with two back-to-back episodes - A Caribbean Mystery premieres at 9pm EST, followed by Greenshaw’s Folly. In these new installments, Julia McKenzie reassumes her role as Agatha Christie’s beloved spinster who just so happens to be more adept at solving murders than the police.

(If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch a preview of the new episodes here.)

An astute and intelligent woman of independent means, Miss Marple first appeared in a Christie short story in 1926. Since then her sleuthing skills have been on display in books as well as on the radio and stage. In addition, Jane Marple has been portrayed on the big and small screens by no fewer than seven different actresses, including Dame Angela Lansbury in a film version of The Mirror Crack’d.

No doubt Agatha Christie’s creation has inspired other non-law enforcement related detective characters of the female persuasion. Let’s look at few who carry on the proud Miss Marple tradition.


The ‘Sherlock’ Stars Get Silly in This Series 3 Blooper Clip

One of the most frequently mentioned items on any Sherlock fan’s wishlist – besides the obvious answers like more episodes or the possibility of Cumberbatch clones – is the chance to see more bonus material and behind-the-scenes clips from the series’ filming.

Well, Sherlock fandom, occasionally wishes do come true – the first official blooper clip from the show has made its way online – with the promise of more to come! 


Revisiting ‘The Paradise’: Series 1, Episode 5

Welcome to the next installment in our recap series that takes us back through the first season of The Paradise before Series 2 begins this Fall!

Previously, on The Paradise: Miss Audrey has a midlife crisis because she’s getting older and everyone can see that Moray has a thing for Denise and her constant promotional ideas. She actually makes herself ill about it and, as a result, Denise gets to run ladies’ wear for a bit and show off all her sales talents. (Of course she does a great job, because hello, have you seen this show.) Katherine and Dreamy Peter Adler go on dates and are adorable together, but since everyone on the show can’t shut up about her thing with Moray – including Dudley, who shows up at her house specifically to tell her that his boss might stoop to get with her if she tried again because he has the sads – they break up by the end of the episode. I hate everything. Clara tries to sleep with Moray again, we learn more about Edmund’s past with Miss Audrey, and this is probably the only episode where you actually legitimately thought Lord Glendening was awesome.

So, onward, then, I guess. Let’s see what happens next. 


Get a Look Behind the Scenes at the Upcoming ‘Poldark’ Remake

The highly anticipated BBC remake of classic series Poldark is currently filming in the UK and interest in the series is understandably high. The original Poldark starring Robin Ellis – which also screened on Masterpiece Theatre in the 1970s – was one of the BBC’s first costume dramas, and was massively popular on both sides of the pond.

This time around The Hobbit and Being Human star Aidan Turner is taking on the role of Ross Poldark, opposite The White Queen’s Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza. Several other familiar faces, including Blandings’ Jack Farthing and Whitechapel’s Phil Davies are also part of the sprawling cast. Set in 1793, the drama follows the story of a brooding British officer returning from the American Revolutionary War who finds his home life much changed with his father dead, the family mine closed and his sweetheart pledged to marry his cousin.

Filming on the new Poldark began in April across Cornwall and Bristol, and thankfully several official outlets have been tweeting some sneak peek photos over the course of the summer on how things are getting along.

Have a look at some of the most interesting snaps below. And since what everyone’s clearly waiting for is a look at Turner in period dress – yes, that’s there too.


Revisiting ‘The Paradise’: Series 1, Episode 4

Welcome to the next installment in our recap series that takes us back through the first season of The Paradise before Series 2 begins this Fall!

Previously, on The Paradise: The gang legitimately finds a baby in The Paradise and I hope you didn’t want to find out who it belonged to at any point in this episode because you won’t. Moray uses the abandoned child for advertising purposes, because of course he does, while Arthur has an identity crisis about not being the only Paradise-born kid anymore and Clara has several rage-related meltdowns because it turns out that she had a daughter that’s being kept on board at the local orphanage. Katherine and Peter Adler, the guy who runs the orphanage hit it off, because he is perfect and dreamy. Denise has another brilliant entrepreneurial idea which she pitches to Moray via Katherine, because she has to hide her light under a bushel since Miss Audrey’s forbidden her from having ideas. Moray is angry she went behind his back because I don’t know, it sort of makes no sense. And Clara finally, tearfully decides to let her daughter be adopted out of the orphanage because she can’t give her a good life as an unmarried shopgirl I guess.

So, what can we expect this week? Who even knows. Let’s see, shall we? 


The Trailer for 'Scott & Bailey' Series 4 Indicates Changes Are in Store

Female-led detective drama Scott & Bailey is set to return for its fourth season shortly on ITV in the UK. The show follows the personal and professional lives of two detective constables who are close friends with very different personalities, as they solve crimes and navigate the pressures of modern-day policing as women.

The fabulous Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp are back as the titular crimefighting duo, alongside Amelia Bullmore as DCI Gill Murray. (Fun fact: Bullmore is also pulling double duty as a scriptwriter again, penning four of the scripts.) They’ll be joined by newcomer Danny Webb, who takes on the role of family man DC Chris Crowle, and Emmerdale’s Danny Miller returns as DS Robb Waddington.

Series 4 will be comprised of eight episodes, and change certainly seems afoot for the Manchester Police’s Major Incident Team, as both DC Rachel Bailey and DC Janet Scott compete for a promotion to Detective Sargeant. Dun dun dunnnnn. 


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