Preview Martin Clunes’ New Project: ITV’s “A Mother’s Son”

ITV has released the first teaser for upcoming drama A Mother’s Son. The two part effort stars MI-5’s Hermione Norris, Doc Martin’s Martin Clunes and Doctor Who’s Paul McGann.

Norris plays Rosie Haleton, a mother who comes to suspect that her son Jamie may be involved in a murder after a young girl is found dead in their small community. Rosie is tormented by the thought that her son may be guilty, and wrestles with the question of whether to tell the police about her suspicions. Clunes plays her new husband Ben, and McGann her ex David, and everyone’s relationships grow increasingly strained as Rosie’s suspicions grow and evidence stacks up. Did Jamie commit this terrible crime? It’s impossible to make a solid guess based on what we’re given in the press release, but this certainly sounds like a solid psychological drama to me. (I love watching people freak themselves out by going round and round about some central uncertainty. I think I may be strange.)

While there is very little to go on in this clip – and if you’re watching it just for Clunes, his presence is probably less than a second of it – it is enough to give you a feel for the series’ tone, which is pretty dark and foreboding. For Clunes, particularly, this is certainly a departure from his signature roles in lighthearted fare like Doc Martin or William & Mary.. I’m intrigued to see him in a gritter sort of role – especially as he’s told the Mail in the past that he wasn’t being asked to do a lot by ITV these days other than play Martin Ellingham. (I’d love him to actually play a full out evil villain one of these does – does such a thing exist? Has that happened and I just don’t know?)

To be honest, and I wish this clip showed us more than just Hermione Norris, like her though I do. Fingers crossed we get a longer look at this next week.

A Mother's Son

A Mother’s Son is slated to screen on ITV starting Monday, September 3.