Naomi Watts Plays the People’s Princess in Trailer for New Diana Biopic


Naomi Wats as Princess Diana (Photo: Embankment Films)
British actress – and Academy Award nominee – Naomi Watts will be playing Princess Diana in an upcoming feature film. Titled simply Diana, the movie will explore the two years leading up to the sudden and tragic death of the “People’s Princess” in a car crash in France.

Watts – who seems possessed of an uncanny ability to look nothing at all like Diana in one moment, then completely resemble her the next – is a rather superb choice of actress. She is possibly most recognizable to American audiences from her turn in horror film The Ring, the British actress is nevertheless a two-time Oscar nominee, most recently for 2012’s tsunami survival film The Impossible. Given how dramatic the last two years of Diana’s life became, don’t be surprised to see an awards season push around this role too. You know how Hollywood loves to reward actors who play real people. 

eOneFilms acquired the biopic at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and will also be distributing it in the US, though no release date has been announced yet beyond “late 2013”. They released a trailer for it this week, which you can watch below: 

Diana - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) Naomi Watts

Thoughts? Would you go see a film about Diana’s life or do you still feel like it’s too soon? (Did anybody else get a little emotional along with the super-dramatic music?)