Splashy New Trailer for the 'Downton Abbey' Series 4 Christmas Episode Has Arrived


The Crawley family has a bunch of great outfits for the holiday special. (Photo: ITV)
ITV has released a trailer for the forthcoming Downton Abbey Christmas special, and it is beautiful.

The clip gives us our first look at the return of the indomitable Shirley MacLaine as Cora’s mother Martha Levinson, as well as the debut of award-winning actor Paul Giamatti as Cora’s brother Harold.

The clip is not terribly spoilerish for those who have seen nothing of Series 4, but depending on your own personal tolerance for such things, you might want to think about it for a moment before clicking play. 

Doesn’t everyone just look gorgeous? What amazing costumes.

The Christmas special will see the Crawleys head to Buckingham Palace, as Lady Rose (Lily James) is to be presented as part of her “coming out” into the social season.

Take a moment and imagine Martha Levinson anywhere near the monarchy.  Obviously, this will be fantastic.

This episode will air on Christmas Day in the United Kingdom, and as the finale to our Series 4 run here in the US, which begins on Masterpiece Classic on January 5.