Preview ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special ‘The Time of the Doctor’

"And now it's time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now. The clock is striking Twelve's."

With an opening line like that, you almost don’t need to bother with making the rest of an actual trailer, but, we’ll certainly watch it anyway if you do.

Yes, the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special, called The Time of the Doctor, but better known as The Episode Where Matt Smith is Leaving, has arrived, and it’s pretty fantastic.  This episode marks the end of Smith’s run as the Eleventh Doctor, and the dawn of the Peter Capaldi era, and that transition seems to be a fairly major plot point in this episode.

Watch for yourselves below and then let’s engage in some rampant speculation shall we?

The Time of the Doctor: Official TV Trailer - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013 - BBC One

Many of the Doctors greatest enemies are present: the Silence, the Weeping Angels, the Daleks. And, from this clip, that doesn’t seem like it’s an accident.

The voiceover comment about the Time Lord entering a trap, combined with the Dalek’s dialogue, certainly seems to indicate that forces have been drawing the Doctor to Trenzalore again on purpose, as part  of what appears to be some kind of plot to end his life at the end of this regeneration’s lifespan. (Which, as we learned in Turn Left, back in Series 4, is possible if a Time Lord doesn’t have enough time to regenerate before dying.)

Mostly, it’s the return of the Silence that are most intriguing to me. We’ve not really seen or heard of them since Series 6 and all that business about the silence falling when the question is asked blah blah fall of the Eleventh. At last, it would appear that we’re finally (finally) going to get to see what all that meant.

Thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for The Time of the Doctor? Sad to say goodbye to Matt Smith?