Get Excited: 'Danger Mouse' is Coming Back!

The best news you will read all day – possibly even all week unless Benedict Cumberbatch does something exceptionally awesome tomorrow - is here.

Animated children’s series Danger Mouse will return to British TV screens in 2015, more than two decades after its original run of more than 160 episodes ended. Children’s BBC has officially commissioned 52 new episodes of this beloved cartoon series, which will once again follow the adventures of an eyepatch-wearing secret agent white mouse who, along with his loyal hamster sidekick Penfold, battles the evil toad Baron Silas Greenback.

The original series ran from 1981-1992 and was incredibly popular on both sides of the pond. (In fact, this was one of the first British cartoons to break into America.) 

Mouse’s headquarters will still be located in a red post box (presumably on Baker Street), but the titular super secret agent will now sport an “i-patch” rather than his previous plain old eyepatch, which will apparently boast several snazzy technological functions.

Sadly, the show will certainly sound a bit different this time around, as actor Terry Scott (who voiced Penfold) passed away in 1994. There’s also no word about whether the amazing Sir David Jason will reprise his role as Danger Mouse, or if any of the other voice actors from the original series will pop up, though I’m sure everyone is hoping for it. 

Behold the best animated intro ever

Danger Mouse 80's Kids TV Show Intro

“Danger Mouse is the last word in debonair and delightfully eccentric heroics and with Penfold at his side the much-loved duo will win over a whole new generation of fans,” said CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor.

[Personal note: This was my absolute favorite kids’ program as a child, I still remember all the words to the theme song, and I may or may not have squealed out loud when I read this news. That is all.]

Anyone else out there love Danger Mouse? Excited about the thought of seeing the show again? Do you think it’ll hold up after all this time?