Get Your First Look at the Lavish New 'Little Women'

The ladies of "Little Women" (Photo: Courtesy of MASTERPIECE on PBS, BBC and Playground)

The first image is here from the highly anticipated new television adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic Little Women.

The three-part drama will follow the story of four sisters on their journey to adulthood. Set against the backdrop of the U.S. Civil War, the March girls must deal with everything from simple sibling rivalry to first love to gender roles in a rapidly changing society.

'Poldark': Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

Drake and Morwenna are my new favorite thing. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously, on Poldark: Ross stages an overly dramatic trip to France, where he gets kicked out of the country and fights a pack of dudes all so he can get a list confirming that Dwight’s being held prisoner there. Elsewhere, Drake and Morwenna flirt adorably some more, Demelza helps her brothers secure a meeting house for their church, and George becomes the worst magistrate in the world in record time.

It seems worth saying: This week’s episode of Poldark finally seems like a return to form. There are multiple interesting subplots, some swoony romance, and Ross manages to actually act like a hero again for the first time in what feels like a year. More of this, please, show, and thank you. 

'The Durrells in Corfu': Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The Durrells in Corfu are back for a second season. A year has passed since Season 1, and we find that Gerry has yet to set free his menagerie of animals, Lawrence has writer’s block, Margo is apparently no longer employed as the Countess’ companion and Leslie still has a perpetual case of bad luck and (along with Larry) a very cheesy mustache. Meanwhile Louisa remains single and struggling to make ends meet.

Join us as we recap all the mayhem and merriment this transplanted family can generate!

'Poldark': Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

Ross, dramatically riding to save the day. Maybe. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously, on Poldark: Season 3 kicked off by introducing us to a bunch of new faces, including Demelza’s two eye-candy brothers, Sam and Drake, as well as Elizabeth’s sweet, but poverty-stricken cousin, Morwenna. In the way of star-crossed youths everywhere, Drake and Morwenna immediately hit it off, as tensions continue to rise between Trenwith and Nampara. Elsewhere, Elizabeth continues to hope that her vile husband won’t notice that her baby is due about a month earlier than she told him it would be, and throws herself down some stairs to provide an excuse for her son’s early birth. In happier news, Dwight and Caroline finally tie the knot, but he’s only gets 24 hours to spend in England before he’s back on a boat and getting taken prisoner by the French. Time for Ross the rescue, obviously! 

(Need more than just a paragraph? Check out last week’s full recap here.) 

So, it seems fair to say that Season 3 of Poldark really is going to be a whole new thing, this time around. Episodes seem deliberately less focused on Ross, at least at this point, and actively encourage us as viewers to invest ourselves in other characters. I think this idea is working, as I’m actually curious to see where the show goes this season, and I’m actively thinking about things other than the various ways that Ross Poldark has made me angry of late.