'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 9 Episode 6

Shelagh (Laura Main), May (April Rae Hoang) and Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann) set off for an anxious reunion   Credit: Courtesy of BBC / Neal Street Productions

I don’t know whether Call the Midwife is getting more heartbreaking or if I’m extra emotional due to the state of the world today, but I bawled my eyes out watching this episode.

There was the lovely, but let’s face it, increasingly habitual community event organized by one or more members of the Buckle family and Dr. McNulty returned to give Dr. Turner some much needed help in his busy surgery. On the more upsetting side, the Turners’ adoption of little May hit an unexpected snag. And then Valerie’s cousin Maureen and her family weathered an unimaginable and heartwrenching ordeal. Okay here we go…

'Belgravia': Episode 3 Recap

(Photo: Carnival Films)

Part of the reason the third episode of Belgravia feels a bit lackluster is simply the fact that the series’ two best characters are largely absent from it. It’s not that Caroline and Anne are particularly heroic or good people. But they’re at least complex enough to make good television.

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 9, Episode 5

Welcome back to a Call the Midwife episode that was both gleeful and touching. Folks in Poplar are certainly aquiver about the arrival of the nun-centric The Sound of Music! Meanwhile, our actual Nonnatus Sisters are front and center in the plotlines this time around. Frances and Hilda strive to provide services and reassurance while Sister Julienne must examine the accusation that she is out of touch with the population she has vowed to serve.